Masculinity and Male Codes of Honor in Modern France

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Oxford University Press, 18 бер. 1993 р. - 336 стор.
Gender studies have become an area of great interest in many disciplines. Here, Nye examines the evolving definitions of masculinity in France since the eighteenth century. Specifically, Nye looks at how the aristocratic ethos of male honor, rooted in a society of landlords, hunters, and warriors, adapted to a society motivated by utilitarian values, town life, and rational law. He focuses on the cultural practices and mentality of middle and upper class males and the appeal of their codes to men throughout French society.

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Ny examines the connection between the need to maintain a show of honor and a show of masculinity. He makes the case that both honor and masculinity are fragily contructed concept. He shows that in a society where honor must constantly be defended, masculinity itself is always suspect. Читати огляд повністю


Sex Society and Identity
2 Honor and Male Identity in the Old Regime
3 The Roots of Bourgeois Honorability
4 Sex Difference and the Separate Spheres
5 Population Degeneration and Reproduction
6 Male Sexual Identity and the Perversions in the Fin de Siecle
Manliness and Fencing in the Third Republic
9 Honor and the Duel in the Third Republic 18601914
Bibliography of Selected Secondary Works
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Сторінка 7 - The body believes in what it plays at: it weeps if it mimes grief. It does not represent what it performs, it does not memorize the past, it enacts the past, bringing it back to life. What is 'learned by body' is not something that one has, like knowledge that can be brandished, but something that one is.
Сторінка 6 - When the properties and movements of the body are socially qualified, the most fundamental social choices are naturalized and the body, with its properties and its movements, is constituted as an analogical operator establishing all kinds of practical equivalences among the different divisions of the social world - divisions between the sexes, between the age groups and between the social classes...
Сторінка 5 - When I speak of cultural constructions of gender, I mean simply the ideas that give social meaning to physical differences between the sexes, rendering two biological classes, male and female, into two social classes, men and women, and making the social relationships in which men and women stand toward each other appear reasonable and appropriate. A social gender dichotomy is present in all known societies in the sense that everywhere anatomic sexual differences observable at birth are used to start...

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