Readers in History: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Contexts of Response

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James L. Machor
JHU Press, 1993 - 285 стор.

The changing landscape of business information has created opportunities for business librarians to move beyond being reactive to business information needs to become proactive participants in business development and entrepreneurship instruction. Libraries are no longer only repositories of books but information -rich sources of business and economic data. The case studies presented within this book highlight a variety of examples on entrepreneurship education and local economic development. The examples presented serve as a catalyst for further entrepreneurial endeavours and highlight the growing need for effective value-added support in finding business information. Business librarians play a critical role in promoting the effective use of business information and in providing significant value-added services within university and community settings.

This book was published as a special doubleissue of the Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship.


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Henry James Margaret Fuller and The Last
Feminism New Historicism and the Reader
PART TWO Reading Communities and the Contexts
The Address of Use Scarlet Letter
Emily Dickinsons
The Limits of Nineteenth
Margaret Fuller and the NewYork
Women Readers and the Quest
Notes on Contributors
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Про автора (1993)

James L. Machor is a professor of English at Kansas State University, editor of Readers in History: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Contexts of Response, also published by Johns Hopkins, and coeditor of Reception Study: From Literary Theory to Cultural Studies and New Directions in American Reception Study.

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