The Minor: A Comedy. Written by Mr. Foote. As it is Now Acting at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market. ...

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printed, and sold by J. Coote; G. Kearsly; T. Davies; C. Etherington, York; W. Chace, Norwich; P. Wilson, Dublin; R. Fleming, Edinburgh, 1760 - 91 стор.
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Сторінка 73 - Smirk. O dear me ! You did not know the great man, alike in every thing. He had as much to say upon a ribbon as a Raphael.
Сторінка 72 - Smirk, addreffing herfelf to me. I made an acknowledging bow to her grace, as in duty bound. But one flower flounced involuntarily from me that day, as I may fay. I remember, Dr. Trifle call'd it enthufiaftic, and pronounc'd it a prefage of my future greatnefs.
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Сторінка 45 - I was lost in a labyrinth, and nobody to show me the road. One time, I thought of dying a Roman, which is truly a comfortable communion enough for one of us, but it would not do.
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