108 Best Practices to Build Sustainable Strategic Outsourcing Partnerships

Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd, 8 . 2016 . - 392 .

This book is the essence of authors 30 years of business management experience with highly successful multinational companies, coupled with distilled knowledge of his close interactions with great industry leaders.

The book comprehensively covers - developing a solid outsourcing strategy, deciding what to outsource, negotiating a good deal, keeping the engagement on track, ensuring access to the vendors best resources, or even terminating a deal in a way that does not harm you.

The book helps everyone whether you are from a firm that is looking to outsource or a vendor who seeks to establish his company as first choice partner for clients, to gain the advantage you are looking for in the fiercely competitive marketplace of today.

The book is not just a guide to people who want to benefit from outsourcing. It is a comprehensive account of what all vendors must do if their goal is to establish trust, grow the engagement, and be known as a trusted partner. And 108 required knowledge and skill areas so that one can develop an action plan to build a sustainable partnership for competitive advantage.


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Evaluate rightshoring benefits
Consider a portfolio approach to transfer costs to lowcost regions
Focus on supply chain efficiency over lowcost labor
Understand total cost of ownership
Recognize that vendors are growing through geographic diversification
Visit vendor facilities
Determine the flexibility of vendor methodology
Analyze vendor qualifications

Clean up before you outsource
Evaluate nearshoring benefits
Evaluate offshoring benefits
Understand the corruption and intellectual property IP risks
Evaluate risks and barriers