The Letters and Dispatches of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, from 1702-1712, Том 4

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Сторінка 108 - I am so entirely convinced that nothing can be done effectually without the fleet, that I conjure you, if possible, to take Port Mahon...
Сторінка 142 - I desire the nation may at last be eased of a burdensome war, by an honourable peace ; and no one can be a better judge than yourself of the sincerity of my wishes, to enjoy a little retirement at a place you have contributed, in a great measure, to the making so desirable. I thank you for your good wishes to myself on this occasion. / dare say Prince Eugene and I shall never differ about our share of laurels.
Сторінка 147 - Erle's design upon Abbeville, till we are masters of Lille, and that therefore the fleet, with the troops, should go directly to the coast of Normandy, and land and make what impression they can there, till the siege be over ; and then I shall give you timely notice when it may be proper to come this way. For we are of opinion no attempt should be made upon Abbeville, nor the least jealousy given that way, till towards the end of September, that our people may have the winter season to favour them...

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