Ingmar Bergman: His Life and Films

McFarland, 15 . 2006 . - 192 .
He always is very, very close to the camera, and he is terribly inspiring. I dont know what his magic is, but it is something that makes you want to give everything you have. He has respect for actors and for everybody. A bad director very often doesnt have that respect. Liv Ullmans words about Ingmar Bergman hint at the consummate director he was, one who knew the business, the strengths and weaknesses of actors and crews, the arrangement of the set, the framing of the camera, and all other particulars of the fine art of directing. This work presents Bergmans life and work, beginning with his youth in Uppsala, Sweden, and covering his formative years, his development as an artist, and his career as a world-renowned director. A brief synopsis for each of Bergmans films is provided, with such information as producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, art director, music sound credits, running time, casts, Bergmans own comments, and the reactions of critics.

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II The Films



Writer Jerry Vermilye is an actor and lives in New Jersey.