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tanea Sacra, Vol. I. to which I would refer those who desire a fuller Information of this Matter. ..The principal Thing I had in view from the Beginning to the End of this work, was to set down some of the moft necessary and the most important Matters of Fact recorded in Scripture; amongst which I have chosen out those which would be most entertaining to younger Minds, and would make the deepest and most lafting Impression upon them, and such as would lead them into a Survey of the various and wonderful Transactions of the Providence and Grace of God among Men, the successive and gradual Discoveries of the Will of God to Men, the different Forms of Religion in different Ages of Mankind, the Rules of Duty toward God and toward one another ; together with an Account of their Obedience or Disobedience to him, with their Bleffings and their Punishments, their Ami&tions, Trials and Deliverances, and that from the Beginning of the World to the Promulgation of the Gospel by the Apostles in the first Age of the Christian Church : and this is as far as the History of the Scripture reaches.




THE Introduction.

Page 1 1 An Account of the several Dispensations of God toward Men.

3 Chap. I. The History of Mankind before the Flood, (viz.) of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Enoch, &c.

ibid. Chap. Il. Of Noah, Abraham, and their families after the Flood.

II Sect. 1. Of Noah and his Sons.

ibid. Sect 2. Of Abraham and Lot, Ishmael and Isaac.

14 Sect. 3. Of Efau and Jacob, and their pofterity.

20 Chap. III, The Deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt by Moses and Aaron.

24 Chap. IV. Of the Moral Law.

30 Chap. V. Of the Ceremonial Law of the Jews. 34

Sect. 1. Of the Ceremonies of Purification. ibid. Sect. 2. Of the boly Perfons, viz. Priests, Levites, Nazarites.

38 Sea. 3. Of the holy Places, particularly the Tabernacle,




The NEW TESTAMENT. CHAP. XXI. Of John the Baptift. 266 u Chap. XXII. of the Birth and Childhood of Jesus Chrift.

272 Chap. XXIII. Of the publick Life and Ministry of Chrift.

276 Introduction. His Preparation for his publíck Work.

ibid. Sect. I. Jesus Chrift's Appearance, with the Characters of the Messiah.

278 Sect. 2. Of the Subjects of bis Preaching, his

Parables, Disputes, &c. . Sect. 3. Of the Miracles of Christ. 288 Sect. 4. The Example of Christ. . 290 Sect. 5. His calling the Apostles, and instructing them.

292 Se&t. 6. His Appointment or Institution of two Sacraments.

295 Sect. 7. Remarkable Occurrences or Transactions in the Life of Christ.

297 Chap. XXIV. Of the Death, Resurrection, and

Afcenfion of Christ. , Sec. 1. Of his Sufferings, Death, and Burial, ibid. Sect. 2. Of the Resurrection of Christ, and his

several Appearances to his Disciples. 310 Sect. 3. Of his Afcenfion to Heaven. 313 Chap. XXV. Of the Acts of the Apostles, chiefly

Peter and John, and the Deacons Stephen and Chap. XXVI. The Aets of Paul the Apostle, bis

Travels and Sufferings, his Life and Death. 325


i Philip


The End of the TA BLE..

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