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posed the whole will be comprized in from 24 to Oct. 10.-Mr. Stephen Deacon was

80 ; at any rate, he engages to give the usual num

ber of sheets (viz. four demy) for a shilling, and solemnly appointed pastor of the Baptist one copy gratis to every one who will subscribe Church at Earls-Barton, Northamptonshire. | for ten: Mr Adams, his pastor, delivered the Intro- Mrs. HANNAH More.-The Portrait of this dis

tinguished lady, painted by H. W. PICKERSGILL, ductory address, and asked the usual ques.

| A. R. A. and exhibited in the Royal Academy last tions ; Mr. Hinds, of Sbarnbrook, offered season, is now in the hands of an eminent engraver the Ordination prayer; Mr. Blundell gave for publication. the charge, from Mal. ii. ñ; Mr. Vorley,

Three dialogues between Evangelicus, 'Credens,

and Gnostics. 1. On the Moral Law, as a rule of of Carlton, addressed the church from I

Life. 8. On Ministerial Addresses to the unconThess. v. 13; Messrs, Knowles, of Hackle verted. 3. On the Spirit and Temper which the ton, and Clark, of Gainsborough, engaged Gospel requires. By John DENNER, 18mo. in prayer; and Mr. Rowlet, of Catunth,

The second edition of the Poor Mechanic By

the Rev. CÆSAR MALAN, minister of the Protestant read suitable hymns. In the Evening, Mr.

church at Geneva. Coleman, of Woolastone, (Independent) The Christian Child, or an Antidote to Atheism, read and prayed, and Mr. Mack, of Clip Deism, Unitarianism. Antinomianism, &c.in a sestone, preached and concluded. This church

ries of Essays, to be completed in twelve num

bers, three pence each. By CHAS, HADDINOTT. had been destitute of a pastor eleven years,

Christian Prudence, consisting of Maxims and during which period they had to contend | Proverbs, Divine and Moral, collected from the with many difficulties; but Mr. Deacon's

sacred Scriptures, the writings of the primitive

fathers, beathen philosophers and eminent divines, labours among them for the last five years

together with many never before printed, 18mo. have been greatly blessed, and six new embellished with many wood cuts. members have ibeen added to the church, An Alpine Tale, suggested by some circumand the congregation is considerably in

stances which occurred towards the close of the

past century, in two volumes, by the author of creased. The number of members is now |

Tales from Switzerland thirty-three. Their meeting-house, a hired Anatomical Camera Obscura, exhibiting Scenes one, is become very inconvenient, if not from Nature, illustrated with sixteen neatly exedangerous, the walls and gallery being

cuted engravings, in 4 vols. By the Rev. T.

TOWNE. propped to prevent their falling ; it is, The second edition in 1 vol. 12mo, with consitherefore, the wish of the church to build a derable alterations and much enlarged, of Christian plain place of worship for their accommo

Fellowship, or the Church Member's Guide. By the

Rev. JOHN ANGEL JAMES, of Birmingham. dation. With this view they are raising

The second volume of Sermons, published money among themselves by a penny a by subscription. By the Rev. Dr. STYLES, of week subscription, &c. and intending, as, they will be necessitated to do shortly, to

Good Servants commended, and Bad Servants

admonished. By the Rev. J. TOWNSEND, Bersolicit the kind assistance of the Christian

mondsey. public. This village contains about 1100 Scripture History, in Verse. By a Lady, 18mo. inhabitants; and there is a great desire for A New Edition of Griffin's Memoirs of a British

Officer. hearing the word not only among them, but

The Twenty-first Edition of Burder's Supplealso among the adjacent villages.

ments, 32mo.

The improved Sunday School' Spelling, part 1, LITERARY NOTICES.

containing an entirely new Picture Alphabet,

Spelling Lessons of One Syllable, and Scripture In the Press.

Reading Lessons of One and Two Syllables; the The Fourth volume of THE PREACHER, or, Sket-whole illustrated with thirty-three Wood Cuts, ches of Original Sermons, cbiefly selected from the from Craio and Brooke's designe. Manuscripts of Eminent Divines of the last Cen

Part 2, containing Spelling Lessons from Two tury, for the Use of Lay Preachers and Young

to Four Syllables, and to enable the learner to atMinisters; to which is prefixed a Familiar Essay

tain a correct pronunciation, all the mute letters on the Composition of a Sermon.-A Letter to a

| are printed in Italics. Young Minister on Preaching the Gospel, &c.

Part 3, containing Scripture Reading Lessons, Just Published.-Sin Removed by Christ the

with the Long Words divided into Syllables, and a Lamb of God, and Sinners directed to an all-suf

Dictionary of the Hard Words which occur in the ficient Saviour. The substance of a Sermon, by

Lessons at the top of each : the whole illustrated the Rev. John PEACOCK, price 1s.

with twenty-three Wood Cuts, from designs by Eliza, or the Pious Village Girl; exhibiting

Craig traits of Character for imitation in humble life.

Part 4, containing Words of the same Sound With a plate, price ls 6d.

with different Meanings. Spelling Lessons of Six The Best Choice, or History of Little Mary, A

Syllables, Scripture Naines with their pronunciation, Tale for Sabbath Schools.

and directions for good reading Shortly to be published.-A Quarto DUOGLOTT

Part 5, containing a Dictionary of Words in BIBLE, comprising the Holy Scriptures in the Eng

frequent use, with explanations. A Dictionary of lish and Welsh Languages; every column of each

Theological Terms, and Lessons in Poetry. version corresponding with the other. By J.

Thoughts on the Anglican and American Anglo HARRIS, Editor of the Seren Gomer, Swansea.

Churches. By JOHN BRISTED, 1 vol. 8vo. It will be printed on good paper, with a middle

A volume of Sermons of the Rev. HUGH WORsized new letter, (called Long Primer); and pub

THINGTON, formerly of Salter's Hall, 8vo. lished in shilling numbers, once a month, or oftener, if the subscribers should wish it. A few

Just Published. copies will be printed on superior paper at 19. 60. a number, if subscribed for.-A very large letter Sketches of Sermons, furnished by their reswould render the volume too bulky, and a very pective Authors, vol. 4, 12mo. 4s. small one would make it unacceptable to most Ivimey's History of the Baptists, vol. 3, Smo. readers.

12s. * The Editor cannot now precisely tell to how Hughes's Sermon for the late Rev. J. Owen, of many numbers the work will amount; it is sup: Fulham, price 19. 6d.

392 Poetry.

ON THE NAME JESUS. Originally composed in Latin by St. BERNARD, with an English translation, as literal as the two la no

guages will admit.

“ Thy name is as ointment poured forth." Song i. 3. Most blessed Jesus, dearest Friend,

O Jesu'mi dulcissime, Hope of my longing, panting mind,

Spes suspirantis animæ, I seek thee with my tears and sighs,

Te quærunt piæ lachrymæ, To thee my soul lifts up her cries.

Te clamor mentis intimæ. O Jesus, cordial to the heart,

Jesu, dalcedo cordium, Wbo light and life dost still impart,

Fons vivus, lumen mentium, A living Fountain, full and fresh,

Excedens omné gaudium,
Surpassing every joy and wish;

Et omne desiderium.
When on my heart thou’rt pleas'd to shine,
My soul is cheered with truth divine ;

Quando cor nostrum visitas,
All I contemn but things above,

Tunc lucet ei veritas,
My bosom glows with heav'nly love.

Mundi vilescit vanitas,
Jesus, my chief and lasting good,

Et intus fervet cbaritas,
My Saviour, strength, and precious food,

Jesu, mi bone, sentiam y presence grant, thy glory show,

Amoris tui copiam, "> any boundless love, cause me to know. op He whom the love of Jesus warms,

Da mihi per præsentiam, Approved by Jesus, knows his charms.

Tuam videre gloriam.. Bless'd is the man he fills with grace:

Quem tuus amor ebriat, Tis all I crave, to see his face.

Novit quid Jesus sapiat. · Jesus, thou Lord of Angels bright,

Quam felix est quem satiat! Great source of all their radiant light,

Non est últra quod cupiat.
Thy name's to me supremely dear,

Jesu decus Angelicum,
Delightful music to my ear :
The choicest honey to my taste,

In aure dulce canticum,
Celestial nectar, rich repast.

In ore mel mirificum, Nor nature's stores, nor toys of art,

In corde nectar cælicum. -
Afford such pleasure to the heart.

Desidero te millies
A thousand sighs for thee I heave,

Mi Jesu, quando venies ?.
To thee, my Jesus, still I cleave.

Me lætum quando facies?
When wilt thou come, and give me joy;

Me de te quando saties?
A joy that fills, but cannot cloy?
Now what I sought, my eyes descry;

Jam quod quæsivi video,
Bebold ! he comes on mountains high.

Quod concupivi teneo. My arms embrace my Saviour kind, "!

Amore. Jesu langueo,
His love inflames, dissolves my mind.

Et corde totus ardeo.
Happy the flame his love creates !

O beatum incendium,
Happy the soul his grace dilates !

Et ardens desiderium ! How sweet my love for God's dear Son !

O dulce refrigerium,
It makes me feel a heaven begun.

Amare Deum Filium!
Jesus, thou art my heart's delight;
Love rises to perfection's height,

..Tu mentis delectatio, In thee alone, iny song, iny boast,

· Amoris consummatio. Dear Saviour of a world that's lost.

Tu mea gloriatio,
In thee the choirs of heav'n exult,

Jesú mundi salvatio.
To thee my heart doth sing and shout.

Tu verum coeli gaudium, Thy glory, love, and mercy sure,

Jesu cordis tripudium,
My cares dispel, my thoughts allure,

Tollent omne fastidium,
Thou art the martyr's crown, the prize,

Mel, nectar, melos suavium,
Which every Christian soldier eyes.
Thou are the fair, th' unfading flower;

Jesu corona Martyrum,
The lily, fragrant ey'ry hour.

Et flos perennis virginum :
The virgin beart, the soul that's pure,

Tu casti cordis lilium,
In thee finds peace and joy secure.

Tu decertantis præmium. My humble suit, Lord Jesus, hear,

Exaudi preces supplicum, For then Ülive, when thou art near.

Nil extra te quærentium. · Extracted from WITSIUS ON THE CRRED; a work of extraordinary merit, now first translated from the Latin, with Notes critical and explanatory, by D. Fraser, Minister of the Gospel, Kennoway, and publishing in Parts, price 2s. each






Times - Hewlett's Sermons - Hooper's


Addresses to Young People......81-92

1- 5

TICAL-A View of the Evidences of

Divine Revelation--Thoughts on the
Atonement-Essay on Sanctification-Øn

the Use of Instrumental Music in the

Churches of Christ-On Christians attend-

DOCT. and PRACT.-On Preaching
ing Oratorios, &c................5-14

Haldane on the Inspiration of the Scrip.
REVIEW:-Mr. Orme's Memoirs of Dr.

tures, concluded - Mr. A. M'Lean on the

John Owen-Pamphlets on Tufant Bap-

Millennium-Note on 1 Cor. iij. 9....99

tism, &c.-Sketches of Sermons, Vol. I.


Edmeston's Sacred Lyrics, 2nd sett-

REVIEW.-Mr. Orme's Life of Dr. Owen,

Sleigh's Sermon on the death of Mrs.

concludedTreatise on the Faith and

Stoper-Evans's ditto on the death of Mr.

Hope of the Gospel-History of Tom

* Thomas Williams. Time's Telescope,

Brag well-Wilks's Memoirs of Queen

for 1822......................15—24

Caroline--Millar's Village Sermons..113

INTELLIGENCE.-Abolition of the In-


quisition in Lisbon-Letter from Astra-

INTELLIGENCE ............121-128



ORIGINAL POETRY..............32




BIOGRAPHY of W W Kine D","DOCT. and PRACT.-M'Lean's Discourse

on the Millennium, concluded-On Minis-

DOCT. and PRACT..On the Evidences

terial Qualifications - On Missionary

of Divine Revelation, No. 2.- Essay on Ordinations--On the use of an Urgan in

Sanctification, concluded-Original Letter

Christian Churches – Query respectivg

of Dr. Joseph Stennett-Note on 2 Peter

the Office of Churchwardens-Soonet,

i. 19........


“ The Mourner."..............132—142

REVIEW.-The Protestant, a Weekly

REVIEW.-Dr. J. P. Smith's Scripture

Paper-Porter's Pleasures of Home-

Testimony to the Messiah-Letters of

Eisdell's First Principles of Christian

Amicus Protestans to Mr. Wilberforce-

Baptism-Sleigh's Infant Hosannas–Mr. Russell's Letters, Practical and Consola-

Gibbs's Defence against Messrs. Hull and

tory- Lily Douglas — The Catechist



Sketches of Sermons, Vol. 2 - The

INTELLIGENCE, &c. &c........60-64

Preacher, Vols. 1 and 2--Psalmo Doxo-


INTELLIGENCE ............. 155-159

BIOGRAPHY of John ALLEN, M.D,...65

ORIGINAL POETRY.--The Publication

DOCT. and PRACT,-Mr. R. Haldane on of the Gospel ......................160

the Inspiration of the Scriptures—On the


Evidences of Divine Revelation, No. 3

Remarks on Preaching and Hearing-On BIOGRAPHY of Joshua OLDFIELD,D.D.

Psalmody--Ou Painting the Sufferings of


Christ- Offer of Prize Essays, &c. DOCT. and PRACT.-Essay on the Lord's

66-80 Supper -- Postscript by the Editor -

+ REVIEW.--Mr. Orme's Life of Dr. Owen Christian Discipline -- Note on 2 Cor.

--Godwin's Discourse on the Signs of the iii. ll......


REVIEW.-Mr. Durant's Memoirs &c. of

bis Son-Dr. Smith's Testimony to the

ESSAY.-Op consistency of Character in
Messiah-Sturtevant's Letters and Con-
versations on Preaching--Mabire's French

Ministers of the Gospel-Letter to the
Conversational Preceptor – Morison's

Editor of the Protestant-On tbe Extent

Lectures on Reciprocal Duties. .174–186

of Man's Ability to do the will of God-

INTELLIGENCE. – Anniversary Meet-

Thoughts on the Divinity of Christ-De-

fence of the Essay on Justification-Letter

ings, &c.....................187-192

to the Editor of the Old Evangelical


Magazine, &c. ...............297–313

BIOGRAPHY of TIMOTHY Rogers, M.A. | REVIEW.-Leifchild's Lectures on the

193—195 Beatitudes -Adam's Select Passages from

DOCT. and PRACT.-Essay on Justifica the Bible-Brewster's Testimonies to

tion—On the nature of Repentance-Note Religion-Godwin's Sermon at Bradford

on Heb. xii, 17—Sonnet, The Penitent" -Goodacre's edition of Watts-Cubitt's

196—204 Sermons on the Evidences of Christianity

REVIEW.-Dr. Smith's Testimony to the


Messiah, continued-Bailey's Carnival of INTELLIGENCE.-Letter to a Separatist

Death-Montgomery's Songs of Zion concluded...... ............323–328

Letters on the Catholic Claims-Life of

Poor Sarah-Award of Prize Essays, &c.


ESSAY.-On the Formation and Influence
INTELLIGENCE.- Anuiversary Meet of Habit-On Missionary Ordinations-
ings, &c.....................219–224

On the title “ Reverend” as applied to

Ministers-Extract from Dr. Campbell's

Lectures, On the Right of Pastors to

ESSAY on BIGOTRY...........225-234 receive support-On the extent of Man's

DOCT. and PRACT.-On Man's Ability Ability to do the will of God, continued

to do the Will of God-Letter from a &c. &c....................... 329–344

Country Pastor-Answered by the Editor REVIEW, -- Belsham's. Translation of
-Note on Romans vii. 6- Essay on the Paul's Epistles — Holland's Hopes of

modification of Matter, &c. ...235-239 Matrimony_Churchill's Pocket Anec-
REVIEW.-Dr. J. P. Smith's Testimony dotes - Pengilly's Guide to Baptism,

to the Messiah, concluded-Scott's Ana. Sixth Edition Shoveller's Plain Dia-

Jytical Investigation of the Scriptural logues, Second Edition-Dore's Letters on

claims of the Devil-Shoveller's Plain Faith, Second Edition-Clark's Chart of

Dialogues--Lawson's Exposition of the the World...................345—

Book of Proverbs- Napoleon in Exile, INTELLIGENCE.............355—359

or a Voice from St. Helena-Marshman's ORIGINAL POETRY...........360

Sunday School Dialogues-On the Sen-
timents of Calvin.............240—257

INTELLIGENCE...... ......258263 / LETTER from Mr. M'Gavin in Defence of
ORIGINAL POETRY.-Monody on the the Protestant-Further Remarks on the

Death of Mr. John Griffin and Mr. Alfred Admission of Members, &c.-Visit to the
Cecil Buckland. .....


Grave of the Dairyman's Daughter-Epi-

taph on her Tombstone-On the Extent

ESSAY.-On the Order of Worship ob- |

of Man's Ability to do the will of God,


served in the first Churches,&c.-Remarks

REVIEW. - Belsham's Translation of
on a late Pamphlet, entitled, “ An Inves-
tigation of the doctrine of Water Bap-

Paul's Epistles, concluded-lafant as well
fisin"-Query on the Essay on Justifica-

as Believers' Baptism proved from Scrip-
tion-Further Remarks on the Admission

ture, &c.—Time's Telescope, for the year
of Members- Extract from Mr. Russell's

1823........................377 390

Catechism“ On the Nature of Repent-

ance"--Queries-Translation of Buchan-

an's “ Hymnus Matutinus”. ....265-276

REVIEW.-Herbert's Sermon on the Divine LIST OF THE PORTRAITS IN VOL. VIII.
Prescience-Mulock's Two Letters on the

January ... Mr. Hansard Koollys.
Mystery of the Gospel-Taylor's Ele February ... Dr. William King.
ments of Thought-Roses from the Gar March . . . ., John Allen.


den of Sharon-Mackenzie's French Pro-


Mr. Benjamin Robinson.


May . . .

Mr. Timothy Cruso.

testant- Burder's. Mental Discipline-

June .

Dr. Joshua Oldfield.

Morning and Evening Sacrifice, &c. &c.

July . . . .

Timotby Rogers, M.A.

277-284 August. ... Dr. Benjamin Avary.

INTELLIGENCE.-Letter to a Separa-

September ... Mr. Jobi Jarman.

October . . .

Dr. Caleb Fleming

tist................. ..........285 295

November .... Dr. Thomas Amory.

ORIGINAL POETRY..............296 December ... Mr. Timothy Lamb.

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Adam's Select Passages from the Bible, Clergy and Laity, an unauthorized distinc-
review of, 318.

tion, 336.
Ability of Man to do the will of God, enquiry Continental Society, correspondence of, 95.

proposed, 238.--answered, 305, 341, 369. - Anniverstry Meeting of the, 22).
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Apochryphal Writings, remarks on, 319. I 377.--Inscription on her tomb-stone, 369.
Astrachan, letter from a Missionary there, Deaconnesses, Remarks on their office in

the Primitive Churches, 266.
Association in South Wales, Breviates of, “ Delivering unto Satan," what intended by

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Baptism, review of pamphlets on, 18, 269, Enquiry into the nature of Man's inability,

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