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been used to set forth the nature of the have any knowledge, the improper disall-important doctrine conveyed under tinction of which we complain is kepti it; and however much Unitarians may up; and although some of them apaffect to pity the ignorance of those who proximate nearer the truth than others, think so, we are far from envying them we have seen none of them that does their superior wisdom, being well not either directly or indirectly furnish assured that unless such a union do but too much ground for the existence really take place between Christ and of that system, which combines in itself those who are called by his name, they the very essence of stupid ignorance, must be separated for ever. But from a compound of sensual vulgarity, and Mr. Belsham's reasoning on this subject, the rant of extravagance. Our readers it appears that he considers the intro- are aware that we refer to what is known duction of it by Paul as one of his in the world by the name of ANTINOnumerous failings, for he says, “ The MIANISM. This monster of the mud apostle here follows the turn of his has been CHECKED, but as it is his very mind, probably owing to his Pharisaic nature to break through every restraint, education, to pursue analogies from the so he, like the demoniacs of old, has Old Testament." And, in reference to burst his fetters asunder; he has been the opinions of Newcome and Dod-CBased from the abodes of consistent dridge, which are decidedly different Christianity, but his total destitution of from his own, he remarks, notwith- all moral feeling has urged him to standing the folly and affectation of return; and at the present day he is pretending to be without the bias of belching out his pestiferous breath in system: “Surely nothing but attach- raving vociferations about a damning ment to a favourite system could have law, and a saving gospel; a covenant of ever induced these learned and pious works, and a covenant of grace; an writers to have given an interpretation abolished law, a finished salvation, and to the apostle's language, to which a free grace gospel, in every town and neither the words themselves, nor the village of the kingdom. In this reprecontext afford the slightest countenance.” sentation, however, truth and error are In this way the most obvious truths of strangely blended together; for what is the WORD OF God are set aside by men the tendency of such unqualified lanpretending to teach us the way of sal-guage, but to lead to the supposition vation by Christ Jesus; we might have that the whole of our Lord's doctrine is said, who would exhort us to be imitators at irreconcileable enmity with the preof the apostle, whose great desire was cepts of Moses? But, did the apostles to win Christ and be found in him, and say or teach any other things than those who at the same time tell us, that “ With which Moses and the prophets did say Christ himself personally considered, should come? or rather, is not the we can have nothing to do; and the glorious gospel of the blessed God as manner in which many enthusiastic contained in the New Testament, an persons have expressed themselves on amplification of the law of Moses-an this subject is highly reprehensible.” enforcing of it in all its spiritual extent

Although we cannot possibly enter at and bearings on the conduct of men in large on the sentiment, yet we should all the various departments of life? does think ourselves culpable indeed if we the doctrine of Jesus require any thing did not express our most decided and short of the love of God and our neighunqualified disapprobation of the man- bour? and did Moses and the prophets ner in which Mr. Belsham, copying, it is enjoin either less or more ? Let then true, his predecessors, speaks of the such distinctions, as that we have alluded law and the gospel. The language to, be shewn to mean something, or let which he and they use on this subject, them be for ever discarded, as tending plainly implies that between the doc- to destroy the harmony of the Word of tripes of Moses and those of Jesus God. Christ there is a kind of irreconcileable It was our intention to have entered enmity. We are much astonished that particularly into our Author's reasoning this subject has never yet been properly on the Epistle to the Hebrews; but our explained, although we have treatises remarks have already extended beyond without number extant on the nature of the limits we assigned to them at the the law of Moses, and also on that of outset, and we have been under the the gospel. In all of them, of which we necessity of omitting several points of

importance, on which we meant to instance, it is sufficient to observe, once touch. We may just observe, however, for all, that no two objects in the creation that Mr. B. rejects all the evidence ever differed more from each other, than advanced by abler critics than himself, the Christianity for which Mr. Belsham of this Epistle having been written by is contending, does from the Christianity Paul, and ascribes it to socie unknown inculcated in the New Testament; nor Hebrew Christian who lived before the does truth and error, or light and darkdestruction of Jerusalem. He pays ness, or, in their final results, will even him some compliments at the com | heaven and hell, be found to form a mencement of his Exposition of this more striking contrast. Epistle; but before he has proceeded! But we have said enough; we have far, and long before he arrives at the travelled through these four volumes end of it, he endeavours to make it with feelings similar to those of the appear that this uninspired Hebrewman whose fate it is to traverse a barren Christian was little else than a fanatical desert in a cold and inhospitable climate; allegorizer of the Old Testament, a man and never did a weary weather-beaten who did not evince much of the spirit of traveller with more pleasure lay aside Christianity; but who, while he enter- his staff and betake himself to rest, tained a high opinion of himself, could than we now lay down the pen, to pursue treat his brethren to whom he wrote, some object that will yield us intellectual with no small degree of contempt; or, delight. It is with unfeigned regret in Mr. Belsham's own words" This that we contemplate so much talent and writer who was no apostle, and who so much time devoted to such a purappears to be well satisfied with his own | pose. Mr. Belsham's Exposition will, skill in figurative interpretation, speaks no doubt, be highly extolled by his brea disparagingly of the Hebrew converts, thren; but whatever excellencies they because of their want of skill in this may be able to discover in it, to us it sort of learning, and their disrelish to appears destitute of the grand recomit.”

mendation which a work of this nature It may possibly be expected by some ought to possess, namely, a tendency to of our readers that we should produce promote genuine religion, by affording specimens of Mr. Belsham's improved exalted views of the character of the translation, and examine their claims to Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. validity; but, did our limits allow of Here then we take our leave of the this being done, which certainly is not author, without a single wish ever to the case, we are at a loss to see what open his volumes again, or to read a valuable end could be answered by it. second time a single page of them; the Every reflecting mind must be fully effect they have already produced on us aware, that to make the New Testament makes us anxious to lay them on the speak the language of Socinianism, end- shelf, and to shrink from their benumbless alterations in the translation are,ing influence as we would from the necessary. But the amount of the whole touch of the torpedo. of what our learned critic produces, has long been before the public, in what is called “ The Improved,” that is, the Socinian Version of the New Testa

he Infant as well as Believers' Baptism proved ment;" a work of which Mr. B. claim to

from Scripture authority and example ; be the foster-father. The peculiar excel

and pouring, sprinkling, or washing,

proved to be the only scriptural mode of lency of the work before us, if excellency

administration, &c. BY A MINISTER OF it have any, must consist in its Ex.

TAE WORD OF GOD. London, R. position and Notes, and the support which these yield to the Socinian system

Baynes, Ivy Lane, 1822, pp. 44.

Price 6d. of doctrines. Whatever variations are introduced into the translation, there. In announcing the new edition of Mr. fore, are obviously made with the view Pengilly's pamphlet last month, we of accommodating it to that system; for, adverted to the strenuous efforts now as the learned Dr. George Campbell per making by the Pædobaptists to uphold tinently observes, the true partisan of that human rite, the sprinkling of in. whatever denomination, never fails to fants. Not a month, indeed, passes accommodate the dictates of the Spirit over our heads, in which we are not to that of the party. And in the present favored with some new pusquinado on this subject, not half of which can we pointed out in the Evangelical Magazine, get time to read. In general, however, 1820, to which he has never dared to give we find the writers are very angry with a reply. But in the New Evangelical the Baptists, whose profession is spread Magazine, of wbich he is the Editor, be has ing every where as the light encreases,

ventured to call Infant Sprinkling one of and men get disentangled from the trai

the trumperies of the Church of Rome,” &c. ditions of their forefathers. We have But begging this writer's pardon, his not selected the pamphlet before us for statement of the matter is not correct; notice, on account of its superior merit, and “A Minister of the Word of God” though for aught we know, it is as good

ought not to misrepresent and tell lies, as most of them; but because we per- even to serve the holy cause of Infant ceive that the author has honoured us | Baptism! The facts are these : Several with a signal share of his regard more papers appeared in the Old Evangelical indeed than we either desire or deserve. Magazine, (August, Sept. and Oct. 1819,) He is not content with exbibiting “ the containing animadversions on the “ Hisfolly and partiality" of the Editor of this tory of the Waldenses, but to all of Magazine, but 'lest any person should them a reply was given through the remain unacquainted with his name, he medium of the same journal, and it was displays it in Capitals ! . At the con- also printed in the New Evangelical clusion of his pamphlet, he very wisely Magazine, vol. V. page 371; such a puts his Podobaptist readers on their reply, too, as fully justified the work guard against certain dangerous writers from the charge of partiality.” This on the subject of Baptism, and here quietus proved exceedingly mortifying to again we come in for a share of his the correspondents and readers of the notice. But we shall print the whole of Old Evangelical, one of whom addressed his advice for the good of the public. a letter to the Editor of that work,

remonstrating with him for allowing the “ Let me put you upon your guard in reading certain authors on the subject of

author of the History of the Waldenses plunging, &c. if they come in your way;

to have the last word! Accordingly such, for instance, as PENGILLY, of New

another paper was' inserted in that castle, whose method is very insinuating,

journal, headed by an intimation from and calculated to mislead the unwary sim

the Editor, that no reply to it would be ple-hearted reader. Beware, especially, of allowed to find admission!! How, then, his very unfair manner of seleciing uncon dare this “Minister of the Word” pubnected sentences from authors of our per- lish such a notorious untruth, as that suasion, who have unfortunately been in- which is contained in his concluding advertent and unguarded in their expressions. There is also Wilson's Manual, which is

paragraph? We now tell him, that if very calculated to blind and prejudice the

he will gain from Mr. Burder a promise young Christian, by his Jaying great stress

that it shall be inserted in the Old on Believers' Baptism, as though we were

-Evangelical Magazine, the Author of opposed to it, &c.

the History of the Waldenses will reply Birt's Reply to Burder's excellent Trea- | to that letter without delay, and give it tise, is another that the young Christian such an answer as it deserves. Or if should be guarded against; as we are very the advocates of Infant Baptism like it. sorry to observe how wickedly, or to say the better; he will meet any one of them least, how erroneously he has represented the who is competent to the undertaking, in idea of infant, salvation, ás held by the the fair field of discussion, on the question Pædobaptists, as though we excluded them all from the benefits of eternal salvation,

itself of the divine authority of Infant dying in their infancy, without the ordinance

Baptism, provided the controversy shall of baptism! Let our young friends, there. be carried on through the” columns of fore, be aware of this and every unfounded that Magazine; though he disdains to prejudice raised against us ; and remember enter the lists with this “Minister of that we do not lay that stress upon Infant the Word," who is so incompetent to Baptism, as though it was a saving ordinancé, handle an argument, that the very first and so as to exclude all others from eternal line of his pamphlet contains a gross salvation, dying in their infancy without the blunder '.. ordinance.

Beware also of W. Jones's Biblical Poor man! he is tremblingly alive Cyclopædia on the subject, especially bis

No his, for the honours of Podobaptism, and very partial statement of the baptism of the no doubt, conscientiously engaged in Waldenses, in a History which he has pub- its defence. He has very wisely caulished of them. This partiality has been tioned his friends against reading such


human writings, as are likely to unhinge, and the flow of soul.” And, if the prother minds, and seduce them from the bable time of his return be known, how right way. There was only one para. delightful are the anticipations which graph wanting to complete the climax hope excites in the friendly bosom. Of of his antidotes, and as we are always all the annual publications of the presorry to see any human being labouring sent day, numerous as they are, there in vain, we shall now subjoin for his is not one that we long' so much to see benefit, a sentence of no great length, as Time's Telescope; for there is none which would make an admirable finish from which, in times past, we have deto his pamphlet.

rived greater pleasure and profit. The “ Beware of searching the Bible for volume upon our table is the tenth proofs of Infant Sprinkling; depend which has appeared in annual succesupon it you will labour in the fire for sion; and, if the work continue to very vanity if you do so! The subject be conducted for the time to come, with is never once mentioned from Genesis ability equal to that which has hitherto to Revelation; on the contrary, every appeared in it, the publication bids fair thing that is said by the sacred writers to be as permanent as the Almanack concerning the ordinance of Baptism, itself. But, indeed, its reputation is most clearly evinces that the Lord Jesus now so fully established, that it stands. Christ intended it only for those who | in no need of any recommendation from are made disciples by teaching--that us, or it should certainly have it. We is, such as are born again of the incor- scarcely know a work in which the ruptible seed of the word, through the utile and the dulce are more happily power of the Holy Spirit; and that im- blended. The present volume, indeed, mersion is the only proper mode of is enriched with, 6 AN ODE ON administering it. , Besides, has not Dr.TIME,” composed purposely for the Jeremy Taylor long since remarked this publication, by BERNARD. BARTON, of peculiarity in the case of Infant Baptism, such rare excellence, in point of poetical that truth and evidence take different sides merit, that we cannot resist the tempta · in relation to it. Infant sprinkling, you tion of extracting a few of the stanzas; know, must be right, for how is it pos- and, the more so, as the Poet has sible that so many wise and good men dexterously sketched in them, the procould mistake on this subject! But if minent features of the work to which it you act wisely, you will never perplex is prefixed. The reader will keep in yourselves with hunting for evidence of view that the Address is to TIME. it in the Bible, where assuredly it is not to be found. No, no! read the late Dr.

This annual offering at thy Shrine Edward Williams's volumes on the

May well thy power allest;

“ Precept on Precept, Line on Lir subject, or Dr. Ralph Wardlaw's Lec

By Thee are here imprest!

Man is, indeed, thy Chronicler, tures on the Abrahamic Covenant; or,

But Thou-thy varied Calendar as that pamphlet has been long out of Canst still interpret best; print, you may content yourselves with

And Contemplation must impart !

Its moral uses to the beart. i Mr. H. F. Burder's Sermon on the Right

Unto her pensive, musing eye of Infants to Baptism, which is an Each feast, or fast-appears epitome of Dr. Wardlaw's publication. A fruitless effort to defy Do this, and you will stand fast in the

The silent lapse of years:

And yet some svothing thoughts are blent good old way, and be secure from the With such a transient monument; snare of these plunging brethren.".

And noblest hopes and fears
By turns elate, and awe the soul,
As we'thy records thus unrol.
Such fears and hopes may well engage

Our thoughts, in turning o'er
Time's Telescope for 1823; or, a complete

Thy brief OBITUARY PAGE, Guide to the Almanack, 8c. London: Its annals to explore:

There, each succeeding year, we find Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, pr. 9s.

The exit of some mighty mind, boards....:

Whose rich and varied store

Fulfilled the purpose of Heaven, There are few things in human life For which its ample wealth was given, more gratifying than to meet an old There too, perchance, are found enrolled

Some scarcely known to Fame; friend after a temporary absence, with

Of whom, though little can be told whose company you have been pleased, The World's applause to claim,and in whose society you have been ac

A brief inscription points the lot,

And for a while keeps unforgot customed to enjoy the feast of reason,

Their Being's end, and aim

* The single talent-rell employed,-' | To the Editor of the New Erangelicsi Redeems them from oblivion's rojd.

And though that respite may be brie;
Though sach may seem to share

The fate of Astumn's withered leaf,

I have mistaken your candour, And pass- e koos not where! Yet, while their cherished Memory lives,

if you refuse publicity to the following Fresh strength to other binds it gives,

extract from the preface to “ Pocket Life's weary lot to bear: Unveiling to the mental ege

Anecdotes," which you favourably reHopes-feeling-thoughts-shich cannot die. viewed in your last Number. I should But not to Man-his death, or birth

pot request this, but that the idea lies Xor aught by bim designed

plain before your readers, that my book To be bis IDODUmeat on Earth, Thy records are confined :

contains “ a selection of the best", of In them we trace the rise, the fall,

Mr.C. Buck's, while it is admitted, that Tbe ever-restless change of all

a considerable number of the Anecdotes Mortality can bind :And, while thy potent spell is sborn,

is original. See Pover more glorious then thine own.

Estract: The Compiler did not The Power of Hox, whose mighty one

think it right to borrow from other On Sea and Parth sball tread: With face all radiant as the Sun,

books of Anecdotes; and, as far as his A rainboy round his head:

knowledge goes, he believes but very Pillars of fire-his feet shall gleam; Dark clouds of heaven his vesture seem;

few, and they not known at the time of His voice-a sound of dread;

collecting them, will be found in any While thunders, echoing far away,

works in this department of writing." Shall publish thy departing sway.

Wishing you every blessing in proTHES the imputable decree, So long by Heaven deferred,

moting the cause of truth and righteousShall, in the destined close of Thee,

ness, I remain, Sir, Fulfil its solemn word: Through boundless space, by thought untrod,

Yours, obliged, The DELEGSTED VOICE OF GOD

JAMES CHURCHILL. Shail awfully be heard,

Thames Ditton, Surrey, Proclaiming, as foretold of yore,



Religious and Literary Intelligence.

(Old Baptist Meeting, South Street, Exeter. , it with peculiar earnestness, as highly deThe friends of the Baptist Denomination, serving the assistance of all who love our

• South Street, Exeter, have been under the Lord Jesus Christ.” necessity of forsaking their old building, It has been in a delapitated state many | NEW CHAPEL OPENED. years. It is now supported by fifteen props On Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1822, a new to prevent the peighbourhood from destruc-l place of worship was opened in Lake Lane, tion. The friends are exerting themselves | Portsea, for the use of the Baptist Congre to the atmost, yet they will be obliged to gation raised there by the joint labours of solicit the aid of Christian benevolence, and the brethren Tilly and Clay, of Portsea, would with all due deference present their who commenced preaching there some time Petition on the following general groupds. since in a large school-room. The number 1. The case is absolutely necessary, and is of members has increased, in less than two laid upon them in the course of Divine Pro years, to more than seventy, and the convidence. II. For more than a century, they, gregation to nearly 400 persons. The new and their fathers, have never refused one place is a very substantial building, and case of any denomination of christians, and will accommodate 500 persons; it stands in never solicited public benevolence on any a populous neighbourbood, and presents a occasion. Ill. Tbey have done, or are fine prospect of usefulness. At the opening doing to the utmost to help themselves. Dr. of it, suitable sermons were preached by John Ryland, Bristol, writes thus at the Messrs. Miall, of Portsea, - Draper, of head of their case-"I was at Exeter im- Southampton, and Bulgin, of Poole. The mediately after our friends were obliged to devotional parts of the service were conleave their Old Meeting House ; and I am ducted by the brethren Young, Arnot, so assured of the goodness of their case, and Shoveller, Brand, Neare, Mileham, Keen, so well informed of the diligence of their of London, and Headded. The old place is pastor, in his daily labors for the good of used for a Sunday School, in which about souls, that I cannot forbear recommending | 700 children are taugbt.

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