Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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Сторінка 741 - Yet more, the Depths have more ! What wealth untold Far down, and shining through their stillness lies ! Thou hast the starry gems, the burning gold, Won from ten thousand royal argosies. — Sweep o'er thy spoils, thou wild and wrathful Main...
Сторінка 228 - American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American...
Сторінка 8 - That, in proportion as suitable arrangements can be made for their reception, all objects of art and of foreign and curious research, and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and mineralogical specimens, belonging or hereafter to belong, to the United States...
Сторінка 745 - This school, of high repute, was established at that place in 1812 as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York.
Сторінка 101 - Report upon the Condition and Progress of the US National Museum during the year ending June 30, 1896.
Сторінка 47 - Association, for the promotion of historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical manuscripts, and for kindred purposes in the interest of American history and of history in America.
Сторінка xxxviii - Congress composed of ten members, five to be appointed by the President of the Senate and five by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Сторінка 405 - The large calorie, or the amount of heat required to raise 1 kilogram of water 1° C.
Сторінка 97 - ... title-page of the report. 4. The reports to be published in separate parts so that persons interested in a particular branch can procure the parts relating to it without purchasing the whole.
Сторінка 550 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.

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