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I. Subscribers of One Guinea annually, being duly elected, shall be Ordinary Members.

II. Subscribers of Ten Guiveas, being duly elected, shall be Ordinary Life Members.

III. Members annually subscribing Two Guineas, and Life Members who have subscribed Twenty Guineas, shall be also Members of the Committee.

IV. Subscribers of Half-a-Guinea per Quarter, being duly elected, shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Library as regards the use of books; but shall not be considered Members, nor be entitled to vote at any Meetings.

V. Every Member of the Library shall be at liberty to nominate any person bond fide not resident in Penzance to be a Monthly Subscriber, on his paying in advance a subscription of Five Shillings per Month. The Member so nominating to be responsible for the safe return of all books taken out by the person nominated.

VI. Members shall be elected, at any Annual, General, or Committee Meeting, by a show of hands; and no election shall take place unless five Members at the least be present.

VII. Any person wishing to become a Member or Quarterly Subscriber must be recommended by two Members ; and a notice of this recommendation must be sus. pended in the Library—if for a Member, at least a week—and if for a Quarterly Subscriber, two days—before the election shall take place.

VIII. Strangers, who have not resided in Penzance or its neighbourhood more than three months, may (on the recommendation of a Member, entered in a book called the Visitors' Book) have access to the Library, and the privilege of reading the books there, for one fortnight only.

IX. All subscriptions shall be paid in advance. Annual subscriptions become due on the 1st of January. A Member elected at any time in the first half-year must pay the full year's subscription ; but, if elected during the last half, he will pay for only half a year. No Member shall be entitled to use the books, or to enjoy any of the privileges of the Institution, until his subscription be paid.

X. A General Meeting of the Members shall be held on the second Monday in January in every year, at noon, for receiving the Report of the proceedings in the past year; for electing (by a majority of votes) the Officers (viz., a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Librarian), a Committee of Management, and Sub-Librarian for the ensuing year; and for deciding on any other matters which may come before them in accordance with the Laws.

XI. The President shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting, on receiving a requisition specifying the object of such Meeting, signed by at least seven Members ; or he may, at his discretion, appoint an Extraordinary Meeting. He shall appoint all such Meetings, by affixing a notice in the usual place, in the Library, at least seven days before the time appointed for holding them.


XII. The President shall, on all questions on which the votes are equal, have a casting vote.

XIII. The Treasurer shall have the charge of the funds; but shall not disburse any money except by an order of the Committee, signed by the Chairman and two other Members.

XIV. The Committee shall consist of the Officers, all Life Members being subscribers of twenty guineas, all Members being annual subscribers of two guineas, and ten Ordinary Members.

XV. If vacancies shall occur in the Officers or in the Committee during the year, either an Extraordinary Meeting shall be called to elect others, or such election may be postponed to the next Annual Meeting, at the discretion of the Committee.

XVI. The Committee shall meet in the Library on the first Monday in every month, at such hour as shall be fixed by themselves, for the discharge of business. Five members shall be competent to act.

XVII. The management of all the affairs of the Institution is vested in the Committee. They shall decide what books shall be purchased, and order all necessary disbursements. They may decline donations of books, or other articles, which they may consider unsuitable. They may also, in any case that may arise not provided for by the Laws, make a provisional order or rule, which shall have the force of a Law until the next General Meeting ; when, if not confirmed, it shall be regarded as annulled.

XVIII. Any Member who wishes to propose a book, must enter the title, number of volumes, size, and price, in a book kept in the Library for that purpose : the decision, however, rests with the Committee. No book which has been rejected by the Committee shall be proposed again in the same year.

XIX. No book shall be taken out of the Library until a fortnight after its arrival, nor until it has passed the Committee ; nor shall any monthly or quarterly periodical be taken out until the following number is received, except in the case provided for by the next rule. No atlas, map, dictionary, cyclopædia, nor any work marked with an asterisk in the Catalogue, shall be taken out except by the special leave of the Committee, or of one of the Officers, given in writing.

XX. The current monthly or quarterly periodicals may be taken out on any day, when the Library is about to be closed, on condition of being returned without fail before eleven o'clock the next morning ; subject to a fine of threepence for • non-return, and threepence for each additional day's detention.

XXI. No Ordinary Member or Subscriber shall, at any time, have more than three volumes in his possession. Members annually subscribing Two Guineas, and Life Members who have subscribed Twenty Guineas, may have double the number.

XXII. Members desirous of obtaining books that may be in circulation may apply to the Sub-librarian, who shall make a minute of their applications, and shall give them preference, whenever such books shall be returned, in the order in which their names are entered; and no Member returning a book so applied for, shall take it out again until it has remained one week in the Library.

XXIII. The time for keeping periodicals (except in the case provided for by Law XX.) is seven days; but, for all other books, fourteen days (exclusive of Sundays): and the fine is twopence for each day's detention beyond the allotted period.

XXIV, Any Member or Subscriber lending a book, or taking out a book without having it entered by the Sub-librarian (or, in his absence, by some one deputed for that purpose), shall be liable to a fine of half a crown.

XXV. If any book be lost, or materially soiled or injured, whilst in the possession of any Member or Subscriber, he shall replace it, or pay the cost of a new one; and, if the book lost or injured be part of a set, the whole set shall be replaced or paid for ; the said Member or Subscriber being at liberty to take the remaining volumes of the damaged set. If a book be detained for one month beyond the time allowed, it shall be considered as lost; the Member or Subscriber being liable to the cost in addition to the fine.

XXVI. Members who have incurred any fines, or who have become liable to pay for works lost or injured, and shall refuse to pay the sums so due from them, shall not be entitled to take out any books, or enjoy any of the privileges of the Institution, until they have complied with its Laws.

XXVII. Any Member wantonly injuring or defacing a book, or wilfully mis. conducting himself on the premises, shall be expelled.

XXVIII. In the event of any Member not paying his subscription within three months of its being due, it shall be lawful for the Committee, at their discretion, to declare his membership void ; and no one so declared shall be regarded as a Member, or be entitled to any of the privileges of the Library, without re-election.

XXIX. The legal ownership in all books and property belonging to the Library shall be vested in the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Librarian for the time being, who shall be Trustees for the Members; and no Member shall have any individual right or property therein, or shall on pretence of such a right retain any book, refuse to pay any fine, or break any of the Laws which now are or hereafter may be adopted.

XXX. Benefactors to the Library, who have been unanimously recommended by the Committee, may, at a General Meeting, be elected Honorary Members ; such Honorary Members to have the privileges of Ordinary Life Members.

XXXI. None of these Laws, or of the Laws which may hereafter be made, shall be altered but at the Annual General Meeting. A notice of any proposed alteration must be posted in the Library at least one month before such Meeting.

XXXII. This Institution shall not be broken up as long as ten Members remain ; but, whenever the number shall be reduced below ten, all donations shall be returned to the dopors, or to their representatives who may claim the same; and the remaining books and other articles shall be forthwith sold by public auction, and the proceeds appropriated to the foundation or support of some Scientific Institution in the town of Penzance, to be determined by a majority of the remaining Members.

N.B.—Members of The Devon and ExETER INSTITUTION, of THE PLYMOUTH

PUBLIC LIBRARY, of The TAVISTOCK LIBRARY, or of The TRU RO LIBRARY, have free access to THE PEN ZANCE LIBRARY on sending in their cards to the Sub. Librarian.


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Page 31, No. 567, for BULLAR read BULLER.

49, „ 926, omit , and for Copies read COPIES.
51, last line, for 66 read 966.
73, 5th line, „ 137 1377.
99, No. 1891, „ HARVEY (W.) read HARVEY (Rev. E. G.)
117, 39th line, „ 2377
159, No. 3117, ,

„ NEALE (Rev. Erskine).
w us „ Whychotte

» Wychcotte.
253, „5002 „ BUCHANAN (Geo.) » -
290, „ 5805 „ MASCALL

297, „ 5940 „ (J. T.)

» (T. J.)
298, „ 5947 „ (J. T.) : „ (T. J.)
323, Article CHESTER, supply the No., +6453.
324, „ COTTINGHAM „ „ *6459.
334, for De Manley read De Mauley.
335, after Rosse supply Rosslyn.

N.B.-It has only been

thought necessary to notice those errors which, if left uncorrected, would be misleading..




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