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Art. I. The Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knight, late Presi-

dent of the Royal Academy, &c. By James North-

cote, Esq.

II. Correspondance Litteraire, Philosophique et Critique;

Adressée à un Souverain d'Allemagne ; Depuis

1753 jusqu'en 1769. Par le Baron De Grimm, et


III. Essai Philosophique sur les Probabilités. Par M. le

Comte Laplace, Chancelier, &c.

- 320

IV. A Voyage round the World, in the Years 1803, 4, 5,

& 6: Performed by Order of his Imperial Majesty

Alexander the First, Emperor of Russia, in the

Ship Neva. By Urey Lisiansky, Captain in the

Russian Navy, &c.


V. Teoria de las Cortes, ó Grandes Juntas Nacionales de

los Reinos de Leon y Castilla. Monumentos de sa

Constitucion politica y de la Soberania del Pueblo.

Con algunas observaciones sobre la lei fundamental

de la Monarquia Espanola, sancionada por las

Cortes Generales y Extraordinarias y promulgada

en Cadiz, a 19 de Marzo de 1812. Por El Ciuda.

dano Don Francisco Martinez Marina


VI. An Inquiry into the Probability and Rationality of Mr

Hunter's Theory of Life ; being the subject of the

first Two Anatomical Lectures, delivered before the

Royal College of Surgeons, of London. By John

Abernethy, F.R.S. &c.


VIK The Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton ; with

a Supplement of interesting Letters, by distinguish-

ed Characters


V VIII. Poems on Several Occasions.

Moonlight, a Poem, with several Copies of Verses.

The Doge's Daughter, a Poem ; with several Transla-

tions from Anacreon and Horace.

Ariadne : A Poem, in Three Parts.—All by Edward,

Lord Thurlow



APRIL, 1814.

No. XLV.

ARTICLE Í. A Song of Triumph. By W. SOTHEDY Esg. von

London, 1814.

L'Acte Constitutionnel, en la Séance du 9 Avril, 1814. 8vo,

Londres, 1814.

Of Bonaparte, the Bourbons, and the Necessity of rallying round

our legitimate Princes, for the Happiness of France and of Europe. By F. A. CHATEAUBRIAND. 8vo. London, 1814.

It would be strange indeed, we think, if pages dedicated like

onrs to topics of present interest, and the discussions of the passing hour, should be ushered into the world at such a moment as this, without some stamp of that common joy and overwhelming emotion with which the wonderful events of the last three months are still filling all the regions of the earth. In such a situation, it must be difficult for any one who has the means of being heard, to refrain from giving utterance to his sentiments : But to us, whom it has assured, for the first time, of the entire sympathy of all our countrymen, the temptation, we own, is ir resistible; and the good-natured part of our readers, we are persuaded, will rather smile at our simplicity, than fret at our presumption, when we add, that we have sometimes permitted our. selves to fancy that, if any copy of these our lucubrations should go down to another generation, it may be thought curious to trace in them the

first effects of events that are probably destined to fix the fortune of succeeding centuries, and to observe the imprese sions which were made on the minds of contemporaries by those mighty transactions, which will appear of yet greater moment in the eyes of a distant posterity. We are still too near that great image of Deliverance and Reform which the Genius of Europe has just set up before us, to discern with certainty its just liner VOL. XUU. 40. 45.


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