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Сторінка 19 - That this Conference records its belief in the advisability of a customs arrangement between Great Britain and her Colonies, by which trade within the Empire may, be placed on a more favourable footing than that which is carried on with foreign countries.
Сторінка 19 - It reads thus : Whereas the stability and progress of the British Empire can be best assured by drawing continually closer the bands which unite the Colonies with the Mother Country, and by the continuous growth of a practical sympathy and co-operation in all that pertains to the common welfare ; and Whereas this co-operation and unity can in no way be more effectually promoted than by the cultivation and extension of the mutual and profitable interchange of...
Сторінка 25 - Cambridgeshire and of other hon. Gentlemen opposite — I believe the hon. Member for Cambridgeshire has shed tears on the subject — is sheer prejudice on this question — that as Free-traders we mean low prices for everything. Now, what we want is abundance. We do not say that Free Trade necessarily brings low prices. It is possible with increased quantities still to advance prices ; for it is possible that the country may be so prosperous under Free Trade, that whilst you have a greater quantity...

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