Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, Том 48

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Сторінка 93 - An act to aid in the construction of telegraph lines, and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes...
Сторінка 224 - In relief against conscience or public convenience, has always refused Its aid to stale demands, where the party has slept upon his right, and acquiesced for a great length of time. Nothing can call forth this court into activity but conscience, good faith, and reasonable diligence ; where these are wanting, the court is passive, and does nothing. Laches and neglect are always discountenanced, and therefore, from the beginning of this Jurisdiction, there was always a limitation to suits In this court.
Сторінка 370 - We do not see how a better test can be applied to the question whether reasonable or not than by considering whether the restraint is such only as to afford a fair protection to the interests of the party in favor of whom it is given, and not so large as to interfere with the interests of the public.
Сторінка 375 - There is no power, the exercise of which is more delicate, which requires greater caution, deliberation' and sound discretion, or is more dangerous in a doubtful case, than the issuing an injunction.
Сторінка 91 - ... an annual tax, for the use of the state, by way of a license for its corporate franchise...
Сторінка 113 - First it is my will and I do order that all my just debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and satisfied...
Сторінка 596 - I will lay down the rule as broad as this : wherever any person gives property, and points out the object, the property, and the way in which it shall go, that does create a trust, unless he shows clearly that his desire expressed is to be controlled by the party, and that he shall have an option to defeat it.
Сторінка 356 - Every person who receives money to be paid to another, or to be applied to a particular purpose to which he does not apply it, is a trustee, and may be sued either at law for money had and received, or in equity as a trustee for a breach of trust.
Сторінка 320 - Lords, and all these cases, is, that, if the power is a power, which it is the duty of the party to execute, made his duty by the requisition of the Will, put upon him as such by the testator, who has given him an interest extensive enough to enable him to discharge it...
Сторінка 487 - If the thing given be a chose In action, the law requires an assignment or some equivalent Instrument, and the transfer must be actually executed.

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