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Сторінка 624 - BRISTOW ADAMS, BA, Editor. LELA G. GROSS, Assistant Editor. The regular bulletins of the Station are sent free on request to residents of New York State.
Сторінка 842 - Pomology. ELMER S. SAVAGE, MSA, Ph.D., Animal Husbandry. LEWIS KNUDSON, Ph.D., Plant Physiology. KENNETH C. LIVERMORE, Ph.D., Farm Management. ALVIN C. BEAL, Ph.D.. Floriculture. MORTIER F. BARRUS, Ph.D., Plant Pathology. CLYDE H. MYERS. MS, Ph.D., Plant Breeding. GEORGE W. TAILBY, JR., BSA. Superintendent of Livestock. EDWARD S. GUTHRIE, MS in Agr., Ph.D., Dairy Industry. JAMES C. BRADLEY, Ph.D., Entomology. PAUL WORK, BS, AB, Vegetable Gardening. JOHN BENTLEY, JR., BS, MF, Forestry.
Сторінка 432 - LELA G. GROSS, Assistant Editor. The regular bulletins of the Station are sent free to persons residing in New York State who request them.
Сторінка 716 - ... Division of Soils, Department of Agriculture." Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That public resolution numbered eight, Fiftysixth Congress, second session, approved February twenty-third, nineteen hundred and one, be amended by striking out all after the resolving clause and inserting In lieu thereof the following: That there shall be printed ten thousand five hundred copies of the report on field operations of the Divisions...
Сторінка 532 - Peruvian varieties have been introduced through the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Сторінка 842 - DONALD REDDICK, Ph.D., Plant Pathology. EDWARD G. MONTGOMERY, MA, Farm Crops. WILLIAM A. RILEY, Ph.D., Entomology. MERRITT W. HARPER, MS, Animal Husbandry. JAMES A. BIZZELL, Ph.D., Soil Technology. GLENN W.
Сторінка 716 - That in addition to the number of copies above provided for there shall be printed as soon as the manuscript can be prepared, with the necessary maps and illustrations to accompany it, a report on each...
Сторінка 430 - Fire blight of pears, apples, quinces, etc. 273 The effect of fertilizers applied to timothy on the corn crop following it...
Сторінка 624 - HENRY H. WING, MS in Agr., Animal Husbandry T. LYTTLETON LYON. Ph.D., Soil Technology. JOHN L. STONE, B.Agr., Farm Practice. JAMES E. RICE, BSA, Poultry Husbandry. GEORGE W CAVANAUGH, BS, Agricultural Chemistry.
Сторінка 214 - BIZZELL, Ph.D., Soil Technology. GLENN W. HERRICK, BSA, Economic Entomology. HOWARD W. RILEY, ME, Farm Mechanics. CYRUS R.

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