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performed, and the Marks of thefe
Instruments are still visible; the Cracks.
in the Shell of the Earth are, many
of them, ftill open ; and ’tis plain to
the Eye, that the Strata of the Earth
were formed in the Water by a dry
Fluid, which could penetrate the
Pores both of Earth and Water : This
our Author had ocular Proof of, be-
fore he took the Bible into his Hand;
and his Obfervations under-ground
enabled him to understand the AC-
count given by Moses of the Deluge,
who was inspired by Him, who di-
rected these Agents to perform the
Work; and that Account explained
those Observations fully to him, fó
that he used to say himself, He learnt
his Hebrew under-ground : His chief
Reading, as he says 'of himself,
Princ. Part. 1. p. 1 20.

was where
every Leaf is a Hemisphere, every

“ Line a Vale, and every Point a - Mountain.”

Thus much for the School, in which he had his Education ; which being so different from other People's, no wonder if he saw differently; and they, who never looked where he has done, have but a slender Title to difpute the Truth of his Discoveries there : The Word of God in Hebrew, and the Works of God in the Deluge, were never searched before for Philofophy. The Hieroglyphicks in Scripture were never looked into before for Christianity, that we know of, since Inspiration has ceased ; and it is much wondered at, that such a Treasure of Knowledge should so long lie hid in the Sacred Scriptures. It is the general Objection to these Writings of his; an Objection impossible to be removed; to attempt to reinove it would


increase it; and the Wonder appears much greater to those, who are acquainted with his Discoveries, than it can do to those who make the Objection. The Bible has so long laboured under the Disadvantage of a Prejudice of this Kind, that those who have not read it in the Original itself, and examined his Comments on it, when first advertised of the great Informations to be met with there, with regard to all Knowledge Human and Divinė, reject the Thought as whimsical and chimerical. It would take up too much Time to repeat here the unhappy Steps, by which Mankind has been led out of the Way of Truth, and the Bible brought into this Disgrace : It is done in thefe Writings; and what is of more Consequence, the Veil is here taken off Moses and the Prophets, and the Key of the Hieroglyphicks, and of the



Language of Scripture ; and thereby of Philofophy and Divinity, put into every Man's Hand who will take it. The affected Contempt, and pretended Neglect of these Writings (for seen them Numbers have, who do not publickly own it) now recoils back upon those who have pretended to set them at nought as Visions and Reveries. Many Eyes are opened, and the Truth prevails.

The private Character of our Author has had fome Reflections caft upon it privately ; which have been industriously spread by some, who had no other Way left of depreciating his Writings, and leffening the Good they do; and who dare not publickly own such Slanders, any more than they dare publickly undertake a Confutation of his Writings. The Editors, who were for many Years intimately acquainted with him, do from their Hearts believe


those Reflections to be groundless, having seen enough in him to be fully convinced of his being inwardly a true and ferious Christian"; nor ever seen any thing in his Behaviour, but what was the Fruit of a well-grounded Faith, the Consequence of his great Knowledge of the Evidence of Chriftianity, and his Insight into Men ; his Knowledge, as we call it, of the World. That he never offended with his Tongue; never spoke with more Warmth than is strictly justifiable ; that an unguarded Expression never dropped from his Mouth, we say not; but this we may fay, that those who exaggerate some trifling Things of this Kind, know they have nothing else to compare themselves with him in, to the least Advantage ; and we all know it is unchristian to dwell on the Foibles of Temper or Constitution, had he any such, which are not com


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