An Account of the Fire Insurance Companies ... in Great Britain and Ireland During the 17. and 18. Centuries Including the Sun Fire Office: Also of C. Povey ...

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Swan Sonnenschein & Company, 1893 - 585 стор.

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Сторінка 182 - And it is agreed by us the insurers that this writing or policy of assurance shall be of as much force and effect as the surest writing or policy of assurance heretofore made in Lombard Street or in the Royal Exchange or elsewhere in London.
Сторінка 570 - SECTION 21. And be it further enacted, That, in order to avoid misconstruction, it is hereby declared to be the true intent and meaning of this act, so far as the question of slavery is concerned, to carry into practical operation the following propositions and principles, established by the compromise measures of 1850, to wit:
Сторінка 407 - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
Сторінка 572 - And so we the assurers are contented, and do hereby promise and bind ourselves each one for his own part, our heirs, executors, and goods to the assured, their executors, administrators, and assigns for the true performance of the premises, confessing ourselves paid the consideration due unto us for this assurance by the assured at and after the rate of IN WITNESS WHEREOF we the assurers have subscribed our names and sums assured in (London).
Сторінка 147 - There is a gulf, where thousands fell, Here all the bold adventurers came, A narrow sound, though deep as Hell — 'Change Alley is the dreadful name.
Сторінка 338 - Loss or Damage by Fire are forthwith to give Notice thereof at the Office ; and, as soon as possible afterwards, deliver in as particular an Account of their Loss or Damage, as the Nature of the Case will admit of...
Сторінка 441 - Ran till he stopp'd at Vin'gar Yard. The burning badge his shoulder bore, The belt and oil-skin hat he wore, The cane he had, his men to bang, Show'd foreman of the British gang. His name was Higginbottom ; now 'Tis meet that I should tell you how The others came in view : The Hand-in-Hand the race begun, Then came the Phoenix and the Sun, Th...
Сторінка 538 - I do revoke all former wills by me at any time heretofore made, and do declare this only to be my last will and testament.
Сторінка 442 - To succour one they loved so well ? Yes, Higginbottom did aspire (His fireman's soul was all on fire), His brother chief to save ; But ah ! his reckless generous ire Served but to share his grave ! Mid blazing beams and scalding streams...
Сторінка 150 - Britain ! bless thy present State, Thou only happy Nation, So oddly rich, so madly Great, Since Bubbles came in Fashion : Successful Rakes exert their Pride, And count their airy Millions ; Whilst homely Drabs in Coaches ride, Brought up to Town on Pillions.

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