Macmillan's Magazine, Том 22

Передня обкладинка
Macmillan and Company, 1870

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Сторінка 291 - You owe this strange intelligence? or why Upon this blasted heath you stop our way With such prophetic greeting? Speak, I charge you. [Witches vanish. Ban. The earth hath bubbles, as the water has, And these are of them.
Сторінка 252 - Though without number still, amidst the hall Of that infernal court. But far within, And in their own dimensions like themselves, The great seraphic lords and cherubim In close recess and secret conclave sat, A thousand demigods on golden seats, Frequent and full.
Сторінка 291 - Were such things here as we do speak about? Or have we eaten on the insane root That takes the reason prisoner?
Сторінка 6 - Twas little need; He strove not, cried not, but with tottering speed, As if the scorn and howls were driving wind That urged his body, serving so the mind Which could but shrink and yearn, he sought the screen Of thorny thickets, and there fell unseen. The immortal name of Jubal filled the sky, While Jubal lonely laid him down to die.
Сторінка 328 - HERE in this leafy place Quiet he lies, Cold, with his sightless face Turned to the skies. . 'Tis but another dead; All you can say is said. Carry his body hence,— Kings must have slaves; Kings climb to eminence Over men's graves : So this man's eye is dim;— Throw the earth over him.
Сторінка 34 - learn what is true, in order to do what is right," is 'the summing up of the whole duty of man, for all who are unable to satisfy their mental hunger with the east wind of authority...
Сторінка 209 - WHEN I can read my title clear To mansions in the skies, I'll bid farewell to every fear, And wipe my weeping eyes.
Сторінка 40 - I hold, with the Materialist, that the human body, like all living bodies, is a machine, all the operations of which will sooner or later be explained on physical principles. I believe that we shall, sooner or later, arrive at a mechanical equivalent of consciousness, just as we have arrived at a mechanical equivalent of heat.
Сторінка 40 - I protest that if some great Power would agree to make me always think what is true and do what is right, on condition of being turned into a sort of clock and wound up every morning before I got out of bed, I should instantly close with the offer.
Сторінка 38 - ... it is not necessary to conceive any other vegetative or sensitive soul, nor any other principle of motion, or of life, than the blood and the spirits agitated by the fire which burns continually in the heart, and which is no wise essentially different from all the fires which exist in inanimate bodies.

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