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Report of the Crimean ('ommittee of Inquiry Mr. Gladstone's Mission to the Ionian Islands, 209

--Censure upon the Government-Prince

Changes in the Government of India, , . 209

Albert's Speech at the Trinity House, .177

Discussion on Administrative Reform, . . 179

Lord John Russell is denounced by Cobden,


Roebuck, and Disraeli—Lord Palmerston


attempts to defend his colleague-Lord


John's Resignation, .

. 180

Comments on the Political Situation -- Mr. Condition of the Country-Sufferings of the

Disraeli on the “Candid Friend” – He Labouring Classes--Mr. Cobden's Indict-

attacks Lord Palmerston,

• 181

ment against War-Bread Riots, . . 210

Mr. Gladstone versus Lord Palmerston, . 183 Success of the Ragged School Union - Mr.
Bombardment of Sveaborg-Condition of the Gladstone lays the Foundation Stone of a

Russians—Their Attack upon the Allied School in Golden Lane, .

Forces at Tchernaya repulsed, . . 184 Prince Albert's Efforts to improve the ('ondi.

Combined Attack upon Sebastopol - The tion of the People--His Views on Popular

Malakhoff captured— The Russians evacu Recreation and Education - He presides

ate the Town-Its Appearance, and Dread over an Educational Conference,

. 216

ful State of the Hospital,

185 Debate on Sir G. C. Lewis' Budget, . 219

End of the Siege--Our Losses during its Con Commercial Depression and Failures in 1857, 220

tinuance, .

187 Christian Socialism and Young Englandism, . 221

Gallant Defence of Kars by General Wil Demonstrations against Lord R. Grosvenor's

. 187 Sunday Bill—The Times upholds the Op-

Peace Negotiations renewed— Palmerston's position-Conduct of the Police-Trial of

Lesson to Austria — Conference of the the Rioters — Palmerston and Brougham

Powers at Paris-- Terms of the Treaty of mobbed - Mr. Dundas' foolish Speech, 222


189 Condition of the Dwellings of the Poor in

The Tidings of Peace received in the Crimea London and other Large Towns---Revela-

--Sebastopol given up to the Russians tions by Dr. Letheby - Main Drainage

Its Appearance described by an Eye-wit Act for London,



192 Working of the Compulsory Vaccination Act, 228

Changes in Maritime International Law, . 192 The Adulteration of Food—" Analytic Sani-
Peace Rejoicings at Home - Naval Review at tary Commission " of the Lancet-Startling
Spithead,. .

193 Disclosures by Dr. Hassall-Sale of Dis-

Relations with the United States, .
• 193 eased Meat,


Mr. Gladstone on the Terms of the Treaty of Efforts for Extension of Education Improve-

194 ment in Popular Literature - Abolition

The Difficulty of the Principalities,

194 of the Newspaper Stamp Duty -- Cheap

Mr. Gladstone's View of the American Diffi Newspapers,


culty, .

. 195 Embezzlements by Sir John D) an Paul,

Mr. Cobden's Motion against the Foreign Strahan, and Bates, and by John Sadleir
Policy of the Government - Difficulties

- Failure of the Royal British Bank-In-
with China—The Burmese War-Fighting crease in Crimes of Violence-Treatment
in Persia

. 196 of Garotters-Trial of Palmer the Poisoner

War with China--Affair of the Arrox-Sketch - The Redpath Frauds—The "Waterloo

of Sir John Bowring–His Demands upon Bridge Mystery,” .

the Chinese—The British Fleet bombards End of the Transportation System - Penal

Canton-Proclamation of Governor Yeh, 198 Servitude- Sir George Grey's Changes in

Mr. Cobden on the Chinese Question - His

1857—The Ticket-of-leave in Ireland and

Motion for a Select Committee - The in England - Punishment of Prisoners

Ministry outvoted and Parliament dis --Case of Edward Andrews,


. 201 THE INDIAN MUTINY- Feeling of the native

Lord Palmerston's Triumph in the new Elec-

Princes-Condition of India-Notions of
tion -- Messrs. Cobden, Bright, and other the ordinary British Officer--Warnings by
leading Opponents unseated-Mr. Bright's Colonel Hodgson and General Sir Charles
parting Address to his former Constitu Napier -- Lord Macaulay supports Sir

. 204 Charles Wood's India Bill-Annexation of
The Divorce Act-- Mr. Gladstone's Opposition, 205 Territory under Lord Dalhousie — The

. 237

Annexation of Oudh - Nana Sahib of The Queen's Sympathy with Lord Canning

Bithoor and his Agent Azimoolah Khan -- His Return to England, and Death, .271

Number and Character of the Native Army, 240 The Government of India—Lord Palmerston's
Origin of the Mutiny--Outbreak at Luck-

Bill for transferring the Government to
now-Atrocities perpetrated there and at the Crown - Absurdities of Lord Ellen-
Delhi –The Magazine blown up by Lieu borough’s “India Bill No. 2"-A Govern-
tenant Willoughby, ·

246 ment Measure finally passed - Its Pro-

News of the Mutiny reaches Lahore - The

visions - Extinction of the East India

Native Troops in the Punjaub are disarmed



--Lord Canning intercepts British Troops Lord Elgin sent to China,

. 275

on their way to China,

249 Birth of the Princess Beatrice-Louis Napo-

The Mutiny at Lucknow—The Sepoys besiege leon's congratulatory Letter—The Anglo-

the British–Death of Sir Henry Law-

French Alliance-Prince Albert's Reply, 275


. 250 The Allied French and English Forces take

Condition of Cawnpore-Sir Hugh Wheeler's Canton-Commissioner Yeh captured and

desperate Position - He seeks aid from

sent to Calcutta,


Nana Sahib, who attacks the British Difficulties of the Emperor Napoleon-At-

Gallant Defence of the Garrison --Nana

tempts on his Life—His supposed Secret

Sahib's Treacherous Offer-Heshoots down

Game with Russia and Austria,


the Men and hacks to pieces the Women Betrothal of the Princess Royal—Christening

and Children — The fear ful Slaughter-

of the Princess Beatrice, .

. 278

house described,

251 Visit of the Emperor and Empress of the
The Avenger of Blood at hand - General French to England - Its semi-political

Henry Havelock – His rapid Advance Character—The Queen and Prince Albert's
upon Cawnpore-Flight of Nana Sahib Visit to Cherbourg—The Emperor's Con-
The Soldiers' dreadful Vow,

255 gratulations on the approaching Marriage

Havelock and Outram march to Lucknow-

of the Princess Royal,


The besieged Garrison relieved— Death of Felice Orsini's Attempt to assassinate Louis

General Neill, .

. 257

Napoleon-Sketch of Orsini-Count Wa-

Reinforcements arrive from England-March lewski's Despatch concerning English

of Sir Colin Campbell to Lucknow—The Protection of political Criminals — M.
Place stormed and the Garrison finally re-

Persigny adds his Remonstrance - Fury
lieved - Death of Sir Henry Havelock, . 258 of certain French Colonels-Punch's Gal-

Desperate Fighting at Delhi — The British

lic Cock — The entente cordiale in danger, . 280

enter the City State of the Palace, . 260 Lord Palmerston's Conspiracy Bill introduced

Lieutenant Hodson captures the King of -Public Indignation aroused— The Bill

Delhi and his two Sons -- The Sons are

rejected --Resignation of the Palmerston


.263 Cabinet, .

Effect of the Indian Atrocities on the Public Lord Derby forms a Cabinet-Mr. Disraeli

Mind-- General Neill's treatment of the

Chancellor of the Exchequer-Lord Cowley

rebel Sepoys — The “Large Grave” at

retained at Paris—Differences with France

264 about the Conspiracy Bill,

. 287

Debate on Indian Affairs-Mr. Disraeli fore Mr. Disraeli's Budget of 1858,

• 288

shadows his "Imperial Policy” – Mr. Agitation for Reform-Debate on the Govern-

Cobden's Views--General Klapka depre-

ment Measure - Lord John Russell's

cates wholesale Executions of the Sepoys, 265 Amendment--The Oratory of Sir Edward

Suppression of the Mutiny-Escape of Nana Bulwer Lytton and Sir Hugh Cairns

Sahib-Doom of the King of Delhi and of

The Measure defeated - Dissolution of

Tantia Topee The Rhanee of Jhansi-



General Sir H. Rose's General Order, 268 Lord Palmerston again Prime Minister and

Career of Sir John Lawrence--His Manage-

Mr. Gladstone Chancellor of the Ex-

ment of the Punjaub,
269 chequer, . .


Honours to General Havelock's Family Mr. Cobden on the Derby Administration-

General Neill, Captain Sir William Peel, He is returned for Rochdale-Lord Pal-

and Colonel Inglis,

270 merston and Lord John Russell urge him to

Attacks upon Lord Canning-His Defence of

enter the Cabinet—Cobden's Arrival from

his Policy-Discussion on his Proclama-

America–His Interview with Palmerston

tion-Lord Ellenborough’s Proceedings-

- His Refusal to join the Cabinet, . . 292

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