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The CRUSADERS, or SCENES, EVENTS, and CHARACTERS, from the TIMES of the CRUSADES. By THOMAS KEIGHTLEY, Esq. With views of Antioch, Bethlehem, Bethany, the Cedars of Lebanon, the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Joppa, the Pool of Siloam, Sidon, Tombs of the Kings of Judah, &c. 5s. 6d., cloth lettered.

In this work, the Crusaders, the Greeks, Turks, and Saracens of the times of the Crusades, are set before the view of the reader as they lived, thought, and acted. Their valour, their superstition, their ferocity, their honour, are displayed in as strong a light as the existing historical documents permit, and accurate descriptions and graphic illustrations exhibit the towns and scenery of Syria, and the other countries which were the theatre of the exploits of the Crusaders.


SCENES AND SKETCHES from ENGLISH HISTORY. Vol. I. With Engravings. Price 3s 6d., cloth lettered.

It is our purpose to narrate the principal, and most interesting events in the annals of England; not to reject any topic connected with them which is likely to entertain and instruct: Religion, Literature, Customs, and Manners ; to avail ourselves of authentic priBOOKS FOR SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES

vate memoirs and anecdotes of celebrated personages; sometimes to comprise the history of many years in a brief passing notice; at others, to dwell for a considerable period on that of a few weeks, or even of a single day. Rejecting, in short, all the trammels of the regular historian, and rejoicing in the liberty of our own far humbler literacy station, we do not intend to impose any restraints upon our wanderings, save those of strict chronological arrangement, and an undeviating adherence to guides of acknowledged authority.—Introduction.


LIVES of SACRED POETS. Volume the First. InTroductory Sketch Of Sacred Poetry. GEORGE WITHER; FRANCIS QUARLES; GILES FLETCHER; GEORGE HERBERT; RICHARD CRASHAW. By R. A. WILLMOTT, Esq. The Portraits on Steel, by Engleheart. In the Press

The Writer of these Lives has endeavoured to present as ample a view as the limits of a volume would permit, of the state of Sacred Poetry in the reigns of Elizabeth, James the First, and Charles the First. Among the poets and distinguished individuals, of whom Biographical and Critical Sketches are given, may be enumerated, R. Southwell; H. Constable ; B. Barnes; Francis Davison, the author of some exquisite Versions from the Psalms; Donne; W. Browne, the sweetest disciple of Spenser's Pastoral School; Sir John Denham; Heywood. the author of the Hierarchie of the Blessed Angels ; G. Sandys ; Lord Bacon, the friend of Herbert; Hobbes, the philosopher, and Ben Jonson, his associate in the translation of the Advancement of Learning ; the celebrated Lord Herbert, of Cherbury; the accomplished and learned Selden; Archbishops Williams and Laud; Lord Pembroke; the lover and loved of poets; Cowley, the affectionate friend of Crashaw; &c. 6cc. &c.


THREE WEEKS in PALESTINE and LEBANON. With many Engravings. Price 2s. 6d., cloth lettered.

A little volume from the travelling notes of a party who made the tour. Descriptions of Baalbec, Beirot, Damietta, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Ramlah, and other places, are blended with remarks upon the natives, the incidents of the journey, and the observations and reflections which naturally occur to a Clergyman in travelling through the Holy Land.


DOMESTICATED ANIMALS, considered with reference
to Civilization and the Arts. With many Engrav-
Ings. Price Ss. 6d., cloth lettered.
This work comprises a general survey of Domestic Quadrupeds, and
the purposes they subserve in the great economy of nature: their
connexion, too, with the progress of civilization and the arts, with
the history of nations, and the peculiarities of soil and climate, are
also specified ; those countries which are rendered habitable only
by the subjugation and appropriation of certain species, are gene-
rally described, with the manners and habits of the natives, as far
as they are associated with the history of Domestic Animals.


READINGS in POETRY. A Selection from the Works of the best English Poets, from Spenser to the present times; and Specimens of several American Poets of deserved reputation. With Literary Notices of the various Writers, and brief Notes, explaining remote allusions and obsolete words, Price 4*. 6d., cloth lettered. Care has been taken to select such pieces and passages as best illustrate the style of the respective Authors, and are, at the same time, not beyond the average capacity of youthful students. It is scarcely necessary to add, that the most scrupulous attention has been paid to the moral character of the extracts.


READINGS in BIOGRAPHY. A Selection of the Lives of the most Eminent Men of all Nations. In the Press. The design of this work is to give an account of the lives of the leaders in the most important revolutions which history records, from the age of Sesostris to that of Napoleon. Care has been taken to select those personages, concerning whom information is most required by the historical student. All the lives have been compiled from original sources; those of the Oriental Sovereigns, especially, are taken from oriental writers; and in the life of Saint Louis, some curious particulars of the Egyptian crusade will be found, derived from contemporary Arabic Historians.


READINGS in SCIENCE, comprising, among others, the following subjects:—Illustrations of Simple Forms—Structure of the Watch—Light and Heat— Mirrors—Moonlight—The Kaleidoscope—The Rainbow—Polarization of Light—Colours—Attraction— BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES.

Solvent Power of Heat—Brickmaking—Pottery—. Glazes and Colours—Solidifying—Expansion—Contraction— Liquidity— Gases — Evaporation —Combustion and Flame—Light-Houses and Signal Lamps —The Microscope, &c. With very many EngravIngs. In the Press.

This volume differs materially from previous publications having the same object, namely, that of rendering the path of science easy and inviting to beginners. The chief differences will be found, in the t ler of the subjects, in the manner in which they are treated, in the examples by which principles are illustrated, and in certain reflections and remarks, not generally introduced into scientific writings.


A COURSE of NATURAL PHILOSOPHY applied to the ARTS; intended for the use of practical men, and to be read in the upper classes of Schools. By the Rev. HENRY MOSELEY, M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy, King's College, London. In the Press.

The course will commence with a Treatise on Mechanics, applied to the Arts.

Great care has been taken to avoid all technical language in this Treatise; and the method of demonstration is by direct experiment: the work being intended for the use of those who may not possess a knowledge of mathematics.

In order to render the work entirely practical in its application, the consideration of friction is introduced from the commencement.


CHRISTMAS CAROLS; a Series of Original Songs suitable for the Festival of OUR LORD'S NATIVITY; adapted to select Music, from Handel, Haydn, Jackson (of Exeter), Abel, Relfe, &c, and to various National and Ancient Airs, arranged for one, two, and three Voices, with Accompaniments for the Piano-forte or Organ. In the Press.

It is hoped that these little poems, written in a plain and easy style, and breathing proper sentiments of piety, can hardly fail to be generally useful, and to supersede in a great degree the rude strains current throughout the country under the same title. Having been written with a view to being sung, they have been set and adapted to some beautiful music, and are thus fitted for families and musical parties.

The words will be published separately, at a very low price, for general circulation.

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