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with God the Father, who seeth and heareth in secret, and who, with the abundant graces of his Holy Spirit, rewardeth his children openly. Such were the primitive apostles and preachers of the gospel of Christ; such was the bishop of Man; and such as they were must all men be, who ever come to be adorned with the real beauty of holiness. They only are pleasant in their lives, and in their death they are not divided!

"The Sacra Privata is a treasure to which I often resort in my short relaxations from the cares of the day; and I am fully convinced, that nothing short of apostolical wisdom, piety, and purity of soul, could bring forth such fervent strains of devotion. May it, and the works at large, be blessed to thousands and tens of thousands, while the name of the author shall be had in everlasting remembrance.

"In coming to a conclusion of these few sentences, I must indulge in a more particular and affectionate address to thyself. I think of thee with that unfeigned esteem and regard which an honourable and peaceful old age inspires. Honourable in itself, and deriving a peculiar honour from a father so truly great and good!

"I consider thee as one whom the course of nature is soon to remove from among the living, and number with the generations that are gone before. Such must be a time of great seriousness; a time for that resignation, which I am persuaded thou feelest, to the Divine Disposer of all events. To be resigned in such a situation is the most happy of all privileges; a last great instance of that goodness and mercy which followed the royal psalmist all the days of his life, and which we humbly trust had not forsaken good Hezekiah when he turned his face to the wall and wept!

"I have no pretensions to ceremonious addresses or conclusions, and they would ill become us both; but in the fervent spirit of christian goodwill, I wish thy every day of declining from this world may produce new comfort from another, and the better comforter. And that thy last day may bring thee to a communion with thy father's spirit, made perfect for a glorious immortality.


"Thy very sincerely affectionate friend,

"William Matthews."





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