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The promotion of Dr Hook from a this department of history, so far as laborious town parish. to the com- extensive learning or research is parative leisure of a deanery will concerned; probably he would not have been without its public bimself be the last to claim any fruits, if it does nothing more than such superiority : the praise which furnish us, with a good readable he deserves—and it is really praise History of the English Church. It is that of being eminently readwas much wanted; for drier food able. If the student will not have than was usually presented to the learned much which could not have reader under that title can hardly been gained elsewhere, he will find be imagined. Much painstaking. the facts put together in a clear and research, a very conscientious bal- . pleasant narrative. With the miraancing of authorities, and a large culous element, that sore stumblingamount of out-of-the-way learning, Block to all who have to deal with has been employed upon several of the old ecclesiastical authorities, Dr our modern Church Histories. But, Hook deals manfully and summarhowever these may meet the wants ily ; he rejects it altogether. “ It of the student, they are for the is inconsistent,” he says, “with the most part sadly unattractive to the principles of our holy religion to general reader. The old monkish expect the performance of miracles writers, with all their marvellous under the Christian dispensation." stories unpruned, were much more (We presume that we are meant to entertaining; for when the super- understand, since the days of the natural items, which are the anec. Apostles). “Such miracles would dotes of medieval history, come to not have been permitted to take be explained away, the residuum place if not absolutely necessary, may be very innocent and unobjec- and miracles cannot be necessary tionable, but it is often terribly in a church which professes a cominsipid.

pleted Bible.” Such a canon is at The Dean of Chichester is not to least a very simple one, and facibe placed above his predecessors in litates the study of early ecclesias

Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. By W. F. Hook, D.D., Dean of Chiches. ter. Vol. i.-Anglo-Saxon Period. London: Bentley, 1860..


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