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Сторінка 8 - By numbers here from shame or censure free All crimes are safe, but hated poverty. This, only this, the rigid law pursues ; This, only this, provokes the snarling muse. The sober trader at a tatter'd cloak Wakes from his dream, and labours for a joke; With brisker air the silken courtiers gaze, And turn the varied taunt a thousand ways...
Сторінка 14 - And now, behold, the king walketh before you : and I am old and grayheaded ; and, behold, my sons are with you : and I have walked before you from my childhood unto this day.
Сторінка 8 - Change; a dramatic enthusiast, as the grand scene of theatrical entertainments; a man of pleasure, as an assemblage of taverns, and the great emporium for ladies of easy virtue. But the intellectual man is struck with it, as comprehending the whole of human life in all its variety, the contemplation of which is inexhaustible.
Сторінка 117 - I have renewed and honored the holy church of the blessed apostle St. Peter, of Westminster; and I order and establish for ever, that what person, of what condition or estate soever he be, from whence soever he come, or for what offence or cause it be, either for his refuge into the said holy place, he be assured of his life, liberty, and limbs.
Сторінка 9 - Sure the most bitter is a scornful jest ; Fate never wounds more deep the gen'rous heart, Than when a blockhead's insult points the dart.
Сторінка 93 - Register, and at the same time pronounce him ejected in these words : — I do, by the authority and in the, name of the Royal Society of London, for improving natural knowledge, declare AB to be now ejected, and no longer a Fellow thereof.
Сторінка 77 - The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods, of the Hospitals of Edward VI. King of England.
Сторінка 81 - The children are dieted in the following manner: They have every morning for their breakfast bread and beer, at half an hour past six in the morning in the summer time, and at half an hour past seven in the winter. On Sundays they have boiled beef and broth for their dinners, and for their suppers leg and shoulders of mutton.
Сторінка 38 - On the south side of Leadenhall Street also, and a little to the eastward of Leadenhall, stands the East India House, lately magnificently built, with a stone front to the street; but the front, being very narrow, does not make an appearance answerable to the grandeur of the house within, which stands upon a great deal of ground, the offices and storehouses admirably well contrived, and the public hall and committee room scarce inferior to anything of the like nature in the City.
Сторінка 168 - Clerks, Apprentices, inferior Tradesmen, Coachmen, Porters, Servants, and the lowest Class of Men in this town, which are far the most numerous : And, first, of the Lawyers' Clerks and Apprentices, I find it a general Complaint, that they are under no Manner of Government ; before their Times are half out, they set up for Gentlemen, they dress, they drink, they game, frequent the Playhouses, and intrigue with the Women ; and it is a common Thing with Clerks to bully their Masters, and desert their...

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