Competence in a Colony Contrasted with Poverty at Home: Or, Relief to Landlords and Labourers Held Out by Australian Colonization and Emigration. A Memorial Addressed to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, ..

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John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1848 - 28 стор.

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Сторінка 14 - Give a man the secure possession of a bleak rock, and he will turn it into a garden ; give him • Arthur Young's Travelt in France, ml. ip 88. } Ibid. p. 51. a nine years lease of a garden, and he will convert it into a desert.
Сторінка 23 - ... subject of colonization must ere long be undertaken by the state as a question of urgent political necessity, and contributions by parliament•will recommend themselves, not more on the grounds of public expediency than financial economy.

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