The Works' Manager's Hand-book of Modern Rules, Tables, and Data for Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Millwrights, and Boiler Makers; Tool Makers, Machinists, and Metal Workers; Iron and Brass Founders, Etc., Etc: In Six Sections: I. Stationary and Locomotive Steam Engines, Gas Engines. II. Hydraulic Memoranda; Pipes, Pumps, Waterpower. III. Millwork; Shafting, Gearing, Pulleys. IV. Steam-boilers, Safety Valves, Factory Chimneys. V. Heat, Warming and Ventilating; Melting, Cutting, and Finishing Metals; Alloys and Casting; Wheel-cutting; Screw-cutting. VI. Strength and Weight of Materials; Workshop Data, &c, Том 6

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C. Lockwood and Company, 1901 - 43 стор.

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