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With Large Official Map. From the Journals of the Head-quarters Staff,
by Major Wm. Blume. Translated by E. M. Jones, Major 20th
Foot, late Professor of Military History, Sandhurst. Demy 8vo. Price 9s.

“The book is of absolute necessity to the English dress forms the most valuable military student. ... The work is one addition to our stock of works upon the of high merit and ... has the advantage war that our press has put forth. Major of being rendered into fluent English, and Blume writes with a clear conciseness is accompanied by an excellent military much wanting in many of his country's map.”United Service Gazette.

historians, and Major Jones has done « The work of translation has been well himself and his original alike justice by done ; the expressive German idioms have his vigorous yet correct translation of the been rendered into clear, nervous English excellent volume on which he has laboured. without losing any of their original force ; Our space forbids our doing more than and in notes, prefaces, and introductions, commending it earnestly as the most aumuch additional information has been thentic and instructive narrative of the given." -Atheneum.

second section of the war that has yet “The work of Major von Blume in its appeared."-Saturday Review. THE OPERATIONS OF THE SOUTH ARMY IN JANUARY

AND FEBRUARY, 1871. Compiled from the Official War Documents of the Head-quarters of the Southern Army. By Count Hermann Von Wartensleben, Colonel in the Prussian General Staff. Translated by Colonel C. H. Von Wright. Demy Svo, with Maps. Uniform

with the above. Price 6s. HASTY INTRENCHMENTS. By Colonel A. Brialmont. Trans

lated by Lieutenant Charles A. Empson, R.A. Demy 8vo. Nine Plates. Price 6s.

A valuable contribution to military | to how a position can best be strengthened literature."--Athenæum.

by means ... of such extemporised in“In seven short chapters it gives plain trenchments and batteries as can be thrown directions for forming shelter - trenches, up by infantry in the space of four or five with the best method of carrying the neces hours . . . deserves to become a standard sary tools, and it offers practical illustrations military work."-Standard. of the use of hasty intrenchments on the field A clever treatise, short, practical and of battle.”United Service Magazine. clear."-Investor's Guardian.

“ It supplies that which our own text- “Clearly and critically written."—Wel

books give but imperfectly, viz., hints as I lington Gazette. CAVALRY FIELD DUTY. By Major-General Von Mirus. Trans

lated by Captain Frank S. Russell, 14th (King's) Hussars. Crown Svo, limp cloth. 75. 6d.

*** This is the text-book of instruction duced consequent on the experiences of in the German cavalry, and comprises all the late war. The great interest that stuthe details connected with the military dents feel in all the German military duties of cavalry soldiers on service. The methods, will, it is believed, render this translation is made from a new edition, book especially acceptable at the present

which contains the modifications intro- | time. THE FRANCO-GERMAN WAR, 1870-71. FIRST PART :-HISTORY

OF THE WAR TO THE DOWNFALL OF THE EMPIRE. FIRST SECTION :THE EVENTS IN JULY. Authorised Translation from the German Official Account at the Topographical and Statistical Department of the War Office, by Captain F. Ĉ. H. Clarke, R.A. First Section, with Map. Demy 8vo. 35.

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Vernois. An authorised and accurate Translation by Lieutenant
H. J. T. Hildyard, 71st Foot. Parts I. and II. Demy Svo. Price 75.

*,* General BEAUCHAMP WALKER says! tunately-placed staff-officer is in a position of this work :-“I recommend the first to give. I have read and re-read them two numbers of Colonel von Verdy's very carefully, I hope with profit, certainly

Studies' to the attentive perusal of my with great interest, and believe that pracbrother officers. They supply a want tice, in the sense of these “Studies,' would which I have often felt during my service be a valuable preparation for maneuvres in this country, namely, a minuter tactical on a more extended scale.”—Berlin, June, detail of the minor operations of the war 1872.

than any but the most observant and for DISCIPLINE AND DRILL. Four Lectures delivered to the London

Scottish Rifle Volunteers. By Captain S. Flood Page. A New and
Cheaper Edition. Price Is.

One of the best-known and coolest. vate, will be the better for perusing and headed of the metropolitan regiments, digesting the plain-spoken truths which whose adjutant moreover has lately pub- Captain Page so firmly, and yet so molished an admirable collection of lectures destly, puts before them; and we trust addressed by him to the men of his corps." that the little book in which they are con- Times.

tained will find its way into all parts of "The very useful and interesting work. | Great Britain." - Volunteer Service Gaz

... Every Volunteer, officer or pri- zette. THE SUBSTANTIVE SENIORITY ARMY LIST, Majors and

Captains. By Captain F. B. P. White, ist W: I. Regiment. Svo, sewed. 25. 6d.


India and the East.

to the dardi ne mo

THE EUROPEAN IN INDIA. A Hand-book of Practical Information

for those proceeding to, or residing in, the East Indies, relating to Outfits, Routes, Time for Departure, Indian Climate, &c. By Edmund C. P. Hull. With a MEDICAL GUIDE FOR ANGLO-INDIANS. Being a Compendium of Advice to Europeans in India, relating to the Preservation and Regulation of Health. By R. S. Mair, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., Late Deputy Coroner of Madras. In i vol. Post Svo. 6s.

“Full of all sorts of useful information i a publisher's as well as an author's 'hi:,' to the English settler or traveller in India.” for it supplies a want which few persons --Standard.

may have discovered, but which everybody "One of the most valuable books ever will at once recognise when once the conpublished in India-valuable for its sound tents of the book have been mastered. information, its careful array of pertinent The medical part of the work is invalufacts, and its sterling common sense.

common sense. It is able.”—Calcutta Guardian. WESTERN INDIA BEFORE AND DURING THE MUTINIES.

Pictures drawn from Life. By Major-Gen. Sir George Le Grand
Jacob, K.C.S.I., C.B. In i vol. Crown 8vo. 75. 6.

“The most important contribution to than on the acquisition of fame.”—London
the history of Western India during the and China Express.
Mutinies which has yet, in a popular ! “Few men more competent than him-
form, been made public."--Athenæum. self to speak authoritatively concerning

"The legacy of a wise veteran, intent Indian affairs."-Standard. on the benefit of his countrymen rather

is the

411 Few maak authoridard.

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

INDIA AND THE EAST-continued. EASTERN EXPERIENCES. By L. Bowring, C.S.I., Lord Canning's

Private Secretary, and for many years the Chief Commissioner of Mysore
and Coorg. In i vol. Demy 8vo. 16s. Illustrated with Maps and

"An admirable and exhaustive geo- , ring's work a good place an
graphical, political, and industrial survey.” | of its kind."-Daily News.

Interesting even to the general reader,
“The usefulness of this compact and but more especially so to those who may
methodical summary of the most authentic have a special concern in that portion of
information relating to countries whose our Indian Empire.”- Post.
welfare is intimately connected with our "An elaborately got up and carefully

own, should obtain for Mr. Lewin Bow- | compiled work."--Home News. EDUCATIONAL COURSE OF SECULAR SCHOOL BOOKS

FOR INDIA. Edited by J. S. Laurie, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-
at-Law; formerly H.M. Inspector of Schools, England ; Assistant Royal
Commissioner, Ireland; Special Commissioner, African Settlements;
Director of Public Instruction, Ceylon.

India has, of late years, made rapid short, a course of instruction designed for
strides in the department of Public Instruc- so multifarious a public should be con-
tion ; but, comparing the vast population structed on a strictly secular basis. This,
with the existing provision for educating the present editor maintains, is not only
the school-going section thereof, much, the correct but the just principle. He has
obviously, remains to be done. Various therefore undertaken to frame for India,--
as that population is in language, traditions, what he has been eminently successful in
customs, and religion, there seems but one doing for England and her colonies, -a
way of supplying, at one and the same series of educational works, which he hopes
time, educational wants of so diverse a will prove as suitable for the peculiar wants
character. That way emphatically consists of the country as they will be consistens
in the provision of means of instruction on with the leading idea above alluded to.
a uniform plan, and available for all sects Like all beginnings, his present instalments
and classes alike. To effect this object are necessarily somewhat meagre and ele-
the information intended to be conveyed mentary; but he only awaits official and
should not be objectionable to any section public approval to complete, within a com-
of the population, but available for all. In paratively brief period, his contemplated
other words, individual habits, customs, plan of a specific and fairly comprehensive
and religious convictions, demand on the series of works in the various leading ver-
part of an editor rigid neutrality--moral naculars of the Indian continent. Mean-
and intellectual culture, in the universal while, those on his general catalogue may
sense of the term, being the single aim be found suitable, in their present form, for
which he, whatever his own opinions may use in the Anglo-vernacular and English
be, is bound to keep steadily in view. In schools of India.

The following Works are now ready :-
THE FIRST HINDUSTANI READER, stiff linen wrapper . . . . .

strongly bound in cloth . . . . THE SECOND HINDUSTANI READER, stiff linen wrapper . . . . o 4

strongly bound in cloth. . . .06 GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA, with Maps and Historical Appendix. tracing the growth of the British Empire in Hindustan. 128 pp. Cloth. . . . . . . .0 12


Lessons and Memory Exercises.

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ham. Printed by order of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India in


CURRENCY, UPON A NEW AND EXTENDED SYSTEM, embracing Values from One Farthing to One Hundred Thousand Pounds, and at rates progressing, in Sixteenths of a Penny, from is. 9d. to 25. 3d. per Rupee. By Donald Fraser, Accountant to the British Indian Steam Navigation Co., Limited. Royal 8vo. Ios. 6d.

“The calculations must have entailed have dealings with any country where the great labour on the author, but the work | rupee and the English pound are standard is one which we fancy must become a coins of currency,”-Inverness Courier.

standard one in all business houses which TAS-HĪL UL KALĀM; or, HINDUSTANI MADE EASY. By Captain

W. R. M. Holroyd, Bengal Staff Corps, Director of Public Instruction,


IN INDIA AND OTHER PARTS OF ASIA. Published by order of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India in Council. Royal 8vo, sewed. 15. A Continuation of the above, sewed, price 6d., is now ready. AT Messrs. Henry S. King & Co. are the authorised agents by the Government for the

sale of the whole of the Maps enumerated in this Catalogue.

Books for the Young and for Lending Libraries.

LOST GIP. By Hesba Stretton, Author of “Little Meg," " Alone in

London." Square crown 8vo. Six Illustrations. Price is. 6d.

“ Thoroughly enlists the sympathies of “This is one of the most touching stories the reader." -Church Review.

of life amid the lower classes in London, “It is precisely the kind of book which which Hesba Stretton knows so well how may be placed in the hands of a child with to make interesting and life-like."--Figaro. the certainty that it can do no harm and “The book is full of tender touches, and the probability that it will do much good." especially is this true of the way in which --Edinburgh Daily Review.

the truth is brought home to Mr. Shafto, “The story is a simple but most affecting and the way in which he was changed from one, and full of valuable instruction both the idle and discontented man he was." for young and old."-Belfast News Letter. Nonconformist.

"The story of his search for her is told Is an exquisitely touching little story, most tenderly and touchingly, and the and amply sustains her high reputation." character of the friend he makes, the lame Church Herald boy Johnny, and who teaches him the first "Miss H. Stretton never fails to tell a elements of religion, is quite beautiful.” story well and attractively." -- English Literary Churchman.

Churchman. THE LITTLE WONDER-HORN. By Jean Ingelow. A Second

Series of “Stories told to a Child.” Fifteen Illustrations. Cloth, gilt. 35. 6d.

“ Full of fresh and vigorous fancy: it is We like all the contents of the Little worthy of the author of some of the best of Wonder-Horn' very much."-Atheneum. our modern verse."-Standard.

“We recommend it with confidence."Pall-Mall Gazette.

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Second Edition.
BRAVE MEN'S FOOTSTEPS. A Book of Example and Anecdote for

Young People. By the Editor of “Men who have Risen.” With
Four Illustrations. By C. Doyle. 35. 6d.

“ The little volume is precisely of the “A readable and instructive volume.”-
stamp to win the favour of those who, in Examiner.
choosing a gift for a boy, would consult his “No more welcome book for the school-
moral development as well as his temporary boy could be imagined."- Birmingham
pleasure."-Daily Telegraph.

| Daily Gazette.

Third Edition. STORIES IN PRECIOUS STONES. By Helen Zimmern. With

Six Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 55.

“A pretty little book which fanciful | fantastic, half natural, and pleasantly young persons will appreciate, and which quaint, as befits stories intended for the will remind its readers of many a legend, young.”—Daily Telegraph. and many an imaginary virtue attached to Certainly the book is well worth a the gems they are so fond of wearing." perusal, and will not be soon laid down Post.

when once taken up." Daily Bristol "A series of pretty tales which are half


George Macdonald. With Illustrations by Arthur Hughes. Crown

8vo. 35. 6d. THE TRAVELLING MENAGERIE. By Charles Camden, Author

of “Hoity Toity.” Illustrated by J. Mahoney. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d.

“A capital little book . . . . deserves al “A very attractive story.” Public wide circulation among our boys and girls," | Opinion. -Hour.

PLUCKY FELLOWS. A Book for Boys. By Stephen J. Mac Kenna.

With Six Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Price 35. 6d.

“This is one of the very best ‘Books for throughout in a manly straightforward Boys' which have been issued this year.” manner that is sure to win the hearts of the Morning Advertiser.

children for whom it is intended."--London “A thorough book for boys . . . written | Society. THE GREAT DUTCH ADMIRALS. By Jacob de Liefde. Crown 8vo. Illustrated. Price 5s.

New Edition. THE DESERT PASTOR, JEAN JAROUSSEAU. Translated from

the French of Eugene Pelletan. By Colonel E. P. De L’Hoste. In fcap. Svo, with an Engraved Frontispiece. Price 3s. 6d.

There is a poetical simplicity and pic- , some splendid ruin.”Illustrated London turesqueness; the noblest heroism ; unpre News. tentious religion; pure love, and the “This charming specimen of Eugène spectacle of a household brought up in the Pelletan's tender grace, humour, and highfear of the Lord. ... The whole toned morality."-Notes and Queries. story has an air of quaint antiquity similar A touching record of the struggles in to that which invests with a charm more the cause of religious liberty of a real easily felt than described the site of man."--Graphic.

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

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