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FOR SCEPTRE AND CROWN. A Romance of the Present Time.

By Gregor Samarow. Translated by Fanny Wormald. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, 155.

This is the celebrated "Um Szepter und Kronen,” which was published about a year ago in Germany, when it created a very great sensation among all classes. It deals with some of the prominent characters who have figured and still continue to figure in European politics, and the accuracy of its life-picture is so great that it is presented to the English public not as a novel, but as a new rendering of an important chapter in

recent European history. FRAGMENTS OF THOUGHT. By T. Bowden Green. Dedicated by

permission to the Poet Laureate. Crown 8vo, 6s. THE ROMANTIC ANNALS OF A NAVAL FAMILY. By

Mrs Arthur Traherne. Crown 8vo.

"Some interesting letters are introduced, “Well and pleasantly told.'- Evening Stanamongst others, several from the late King Wil.dard.

liain 1V."-Spectator. STUDIES IN POLITICAL ECONOMY. By Anthony Musgrave,

C.M.G., Governor of South Australia. Crown 8vo. A GRAMMAR OF POLITICAL ECONOMY. By Maj.-Gen. W. F.

Marriott, C.S.I. Crown 8vo, 6s.

The author's aim in presenting this new elementary treatise to the world is, firstly, to restrict it to truly elementary considerations in each branch of the subject; secondly, to adopt a perfectly precise and unambiguous use of terms in the sense which most nearly agrees with common use; thirdly, to offer reasonable proof of every proposition; and fourthly, to use the utmost brevity consistent with proof, so as to invite and facilitate the

judgment of the student as well as of the critic. 7'HE ASHANTEE WAR. A Popular Narrative. By The “Daily News"

Special Correspondent. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

"Trustworthy and readable, and well fitted to by bringing together suggestive incidents, and by serve its purpose as a popular narrative. .. The clearing up points that his readers would naturally

Daily News Correspondent secures interest chiefly be desirous of knowing."-Examiner, SOLDIERING AND SCRIBBLING. By Archibald Forbes, of the

Daily News. Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

" All who open it will be inclined to read through “There is a good deal of instruction to outsiders for the varied entertaininent which it affords." touching military life, in this voluine."-Evening Daily News.

Standard. 'ILÂM ĚN NÂS. Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Times of the Early

Khalifahs. Translated from the Arabic Originals. By Mrs. Godfrey Clerk,
Author of “The Antipodes and Round the World.” Crown 8vo. Price 7s.

"Those who like stories full of the genuine colour "As full of valuable information as it is of amusand fragrance of the East should by all means read ing incident."-Evening Standard.

Mrs. Godfrey Clerk's volume."-Spectator. HAKAYIT ABDULLA. The Autobiography of a Malay Münshi, between

the years 1808 and 1843, containing Sketches of Men and Events connected with the English Settlements in the Straits of Malacca during that period. Translated by J. T. Thomson, F.R.G.S. Demy 8vo. Price 125.

“The chief interest of the work consists in its | English ways generally. The book is written singular revelation of the inner life of a native of in the grave and sodate, yet amusing style, peculiar Asia--of the way in which his mind was affected to Orientals, and is enriched by the translator's by contact with Europeans, and of the estimate additional matter."-Daily News.

which he formed as to English rule in India, and GLIMPSES OF THE SUPERNATURAL. Being Facts, Records, and

Traditions, relating to Dreams, Omens, Miraculous Occurrences, Apparitious, Wraiths,
Warnings, Second-sight, Necromancy, Witchcraft, &c. By the Rev. Frederick
George Lee, D.D., Vicar of All Saints, Lambeth. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d.

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

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HISTORY OF GREAT DUNMOW. By W. T. Scott. Crown 8vo. Sewed, 4s. ; cloth, 55. SHAKSPERE; a Critical Study of his Mind and Art. By Professor

Edward Dowden.

The chief design of this work is to discover the who are not specialists in Shakspere scholarship, man-Shakspere-through his works, and to as. and intended to be an introduction to the study of certain his course of mental and moral develop. Shakspere, popular in the sense of being attracment as far as this is possible. This thread running tive to all intelligent lovers of literature, but through the work will make it a continuous study, founded upon the most recent and accurate Shak

written for such intelligent readers of Shakspere spere scholarships, English, German, and American. THE SHAKESPEARE ARGOSY: containing much of the wealth of

Shakespeare's Wisdom and Wit, alphabetically arranged and classified by Capt. A. F.

P. Harcourt. Crown 8vo. Price 6s. RUSSIAN ROMANCE. By Alexander Serguevitch Poushkin. Trans

lated from the Tales of BELKIN, &c. By Mrs. J. Buchan Telfer (née Moura. vieff). Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6.

CONTENTS.-The Pistol Shot.—The Snowstorm.- The Undertaker.-The StationMaster.--The Lady-Rustic. — The Captain's Daughter.–The Dloor of Peter the Great.--

The Queen of Spades, &c. SOCIALISM: its Nature, its Dangers, and its Remedies considered by the

Rev. M. Kaufmann, B.A. I vol. Crown 8vo. J. H. NEWMAN, D.D.; CHARACTERISTICS FROM HIS

WRITINGS: Selections, Personal, Historical, Philosophical, and Religious. Arranged by W. S. Lilly, Barrister-at-law, with the Author's approval. With Portrait. Crown


DEATH: with a Description of the Process and necessary Apparatus. Crown 8vo,

sewed. Third Edition. Price is. THE PLACE OF THE PHYSICIAN. Being the Introductory Lecture at

Guy's Hospital, 1873-74; to which is added EssAYS ON THE LAW OF HUMAN LIFE,
Hinton, Author of “ Man and His Dwelling-Place." Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 3s. 6d.

“Very remarkable. There is not a sentence in ralisation. To partake of this feast of reason the them that is not pregnant with high meaning."- book must be purchased and thought over, which Brighton Herald.

advice we conscientiously give to everyone who "A thoughtful volume."-John Bull.

wishes to keep up with the intellectual progress of "Full of suggestive thoughts and scientific gene the age."-Brighton Gasette.


ELEGANCE AND ECONOMY. By Mary Hooper. Crown 8vo. Price 55.

"We ought not to omit the mention of several, and the heart to put her knowledge in practicevery good recipes which Mrs. Hooper vouchsafes she undeniably knows what is good."-Saturday us 28., rump-steak pudding, sheep's-head, Scotch Revicto. fashion, devilled fowl, rich plum-pudding, neck of "To read this book gives the reader an appe. venison cooked in a Voven, how to cook whitebait, tite."-Notes and Queries. and how to 'scollop oysters. She has good hints "A very excellent little book.... Ought to be about salmi of wild duck, and her caution on the recommended as exceedingly useful, and as a deliberate preparation of the sauce for the same capital help to any housekeeper who interests her.

delicacy, roasted, assures us that-given the means self in her kitchen and her cook."-Vanity Fair. OUR INVALIDS: HOW SHALL WE EMPLOY AND AMUSE

THEMP By Harriet Power. Fcap. 8vo. Price 25. 6d.

"A very useful little brochure. . . . Will become | intended, while it will afford many a useful hint to

a universal favourite with the class for whom it is those who live with them."-John Bull. REPUBLICAN SUPERSTITIONS. Illustrated by the Political History

of the United States. Including a Correspondence with M. Louis Blanc. By Moncure D. Conway. Crown 8vo. Price 55.

"A very able exposure of the most plausible "Mr. Conway writes with ardent sincerity. He fallacies of Republicanism, by a writer of remark gives us some good anecdotes, and he is occasion

able vigour and purity of style."-Standard, ally almost eloquent."-Guardian MADEMOISELLE JOSEPHINE'S FRIDAYS, AND OTHER

STORIES. By Miss M. Betham-Edwards, Author of " Kitty," &c. Crown 8vo.

75. 6. .

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.



IN DIFFICULTY, DOUBT, OR DISTRESS. By Manley Hopkins. Cr. 8vo. 6s.

SUBJECTS :--The Shipmaster's Position and Duties.-Agents and Agency:-Average.-Bottomry, and other Means of Raising Money.—The Charter-Party, and Bill-of-Lading. Stoppage in Transitu; and the Shipowner's Lien.- Collision.

"A most useful book."-Westminster Review. “Combines, in quite a marvellous manner, a

"Master-mariners will find it well worth while fulness of information which will inake it perfectly to avail themselves of its teachings."-United indispensable in the captain's book-case, and Service Magazine

equally suitable to the gentleman's library."--Iron.

Fifth Edition. LOMBARD STREET. A Description of the Money Market. By Walter

Bagehot. Large crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

* Mr. Bagehot touches incidentally a hundred should procure a little volume which Mr. Bagchot points connected with his subject, and pours serene has just published, and he will there find the whole white light upon them all."-Spectator.

thing in a nut-shell."--Saturday Review. "Anybody who wishes to have a clear idea of "Full of the most interesting economic history."

the workings of what is called the Money Market - Atheneum. THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION. By Walter Bagehot. A New

Edition, Revised and Corrected, with an Introductory Dissertation on Recent Changes and Events. Crown 8vo. Price 75. 6d.

"No writer before him had set out so clearly “A pleasing and clever study on the department what the efficient part of the English Constitution of higher politics."-Guardiani.


Captain late 9th Royal Lancers. Post 8vo. With Pedigrees and Frontispiece. gs.

"It contains a good deal of truth, and it abounds A thoughtful and intelligent book. A con-
with valuable suggestions."-Saturday Review. tribution to the history of the horse of remarkable

"A remarkable volume. The breeder can well interest and importance."-Baily's Magazine.

ponder over its pages."-Bell's Life. MOUNTAIN, MEADOW, AND MERE: a Series of Outdoor Sketches

of Sport, Scenery, Adventures, and Natural History. By G. Christopher Davies. With 16 Illustrations by BOSWORTH W. HARCOURT. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

“Pervaded throughout by the graceful melody "Mr. Davies writes pleasantly, graphically, with of a natural idyl, and the details of sport are subor. the pen of a lover of nature, a naturalist, and a dinated to a dominating sense of the beautiful and sportsinan." -Field.

picturesque."-Saturday Revicw. STREAMS FROM HIDDEN SOURCES. By B. Montgomerie

Ranking. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

. We doubt not that Mr. Ranking's enthusiasm “The effect of reading the seven tales he prewill communicate itself to many of his readers, and sents to us is to make us wish for some seven more induce them in like manner to follow back these of the same kind."-Pall Mall Gazette.

streamlets to their parent river."-Graphic. MODERN PARISH CHURCHES; THEIR PLAN, DESIGN, AND

FURNITURE By J. T. Micklethwaite, F.S.A. Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

“Any one about to build a church we strongly coinmittee now formed, or forming, to restore or recommend to study it carefully."-Notos and to build a church, to buy this book, and to read Queries.

out portions of it to his colleagues before allowing “Will be a valuable addition to all clergymen's them to come to any conclusion on a single detail libraries, whether they have to build churches or of the building or its fittings."-Church Times. not."-Literary Churchman.

"A fund of sound remarks and practical sugges“We strongly counsel the thinking man of any tions on Church Architecture."-Examiner.


MIDDLE AGE. By Dr. John Gardner. Small crown 8vo.

“We are bound to say that in general Dr. “Dr. Gardner's suggestions for' attaining a Gardner's directions are sensible enougḥ, and healthy and so far a happy, old age are well founded on good principles. The advice given is deserving the attention of all who think such a such that any man in moderate health might fol. blessing worth trying for."-Notes and Queries. low it with advantage, whilst no prescription or “The hints here given are to our mind invalu. other claptrap is introduced which might savour of able."-Standard, quackery."-Lancet.

Third Edition.
THE SECRET OF LONG LIFE. Dedicated by Special Permission to

Lord St. Leonards. Large crown 8vo. Price 5s.
"A charming little volume."-Times.

* Entitled to the warmest admiration."-- Pall
- A very pleasant little book, cheerful, genial, Mall Gazette.

Price 45.

65, Cornhill ; @ 12, Paternoster Row, London.


Thirty-Fourth Edition.

Fourteenth Thousand.

Carol. With Five Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Price 25.

8vo. Price 55. LUCHMEE AND DILLOO. A Story of

A Cheap Edition in paper covers, price is. West Indian Life. 2 vols. Demy 8vo.

Seventh Edition. Illustrated.

[Preparing: LORD BANTAM. Cr. 8vo. Price 25. 6d.




MEMOIRS OF A HINDOO. A Tale of Mahratta Life sixty years ago. With a Preface by Sir H. Bartle E. Frere, G.C.S.I., &c. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. Price 21s.

"There is a quaintness and simplicity in the length of Pandurang Hari, but to read it resolutely roguery of the hero that makes his life as attractive through. If they do this they cannot, we think, as that of Guzman d'Alfarache or Gil Blas, and so fail to be both amused and interested."-Times.

we advise our readers not to be dismayed at the TALES OF THĘ ZENANA, OR A NUWAB'S LEISURE HOURS.

By W. B. Hockley, Author of “Pandurang Hari.” With an Introductory Preface

by Lord Stanley of Alderley. In 2 vols. Crown 8vo. Price 215. A CHEQUERED LIFE: Being Memoirs of the Vicomtesse de Léoville

Meilhan. Edited by the Vicomtesse Solange de Kerkadec. Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

“There are numerous passages of a strongly fainiliar aspects of those times; and we must say dramatic character, describing conventual life, that the vraisemblance is admirable."-Standard. trials for murder, death-bed marriages, village * Easy and amusing reading."-Hour.

bridals, revolutionary outrages, and the other GIDEON'S ROCK, and other Stories. By Katherine Saunders. Iu

I vol. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

CONTENTS.-Gideon's Rock.-Old Matthew's Puzzle.-Gentle Jack.-Uncle Ned. The Retired Apothecary.

"The tale from which the volume derives its volume are also well deserving of reproduction." title, is especially worthy of commendation, and Queen.

the other and shorter stories comprised in the JOAN MERRYWEATHER, and other Stories. By Katherine

Saunders. In 1 vol. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

CONTENTS. -The Haunted Crust.—The Flower-Girl. - Joan Merryweather. The

Watchman's Story.-An Old Letter. MARGARET AND ELIZABETH.

A Story of the Sea.

Katherine Saunders, Author of “Gideon's Rock," &c. In 1 vol. Cloth.
Crown 8vo. 6s.
"Simply yet powerfully told. ... This opening

A very beautiful story closcs as it picture is so exquisitely drawn as to be a kt in. began, in a tender and touching picture of homely

troduction to a story of such simple pathos and happiness."-Pall Mall Gazette. STUDIES AND ROMANCES. By H. Schütz Wilson. Cr. Svo, 75. 6d.

"Open the book, at what page the reader , finds nothing to suit him, either grave or gay, stirmay, he will find something to amuse and in- ring or romantic, in the capital stories collected in

struct, and he must be very hard to piease if he this well-got-up volume."- John Bull. THE PELICAN PAPERS. Reminiscences and Remains of a Dweller in

the Wilderness. By James Ashcroft Noble. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.

Written somewhat after the fashion of Mr. “Will well repay perusal by all thoughtful and

Helps's 'Friends in Council.'"-Examiner.
BRIEFS AND PAPERS. Being Sketches of the Bar and the Press. By

Two Idle Apprentices. Crown 8vo. Price 75. 6d.
"Written with spirit and knowledge, and give some "This is one of the best books to while away an
curious glimpses into what the majority will regard hour and cause a generous laugh that we have

as strange and unknown territories." -Daily News. come across for a long time."- fonn Bull. BY STILL WATERS. A Story for Quiet Hours. By Edward Garrett,

Author of “Occupations of a Retired Life," &c. Cr. 8vo. With Seven Illustrations, Cs.

"We have read many books by Edward Garrett,
but none that has pleased us so well as this. It conformist.

has more than pleased; it has charmed us."--Non


1. THE CONFESSIONS OF A THUG. 2. TARA. Are now ready, and are the First and Second Volumes of A New and Cheaper Edition, in 1 vol.

each, Illustrated, price. 6s. They will be followed by "RALPH DARNELL” and "TIPPOO SULTAN."

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

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