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HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY-continued. POLITICAL WOMEN. By Sutherland Menzies. 2 vols. Post Svo. 245. " Has all the information of history, with all the interest that attaches to biography."—Scotsman.

Third Edition, Revised and Corrected. With Index.

her Daughter. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. With a Portraits. Price 245.
"Sara Coleridge, as she

is revealed, or rather re. "These charming volumes are attractive as a
veals herself, in the correspondence, makes a bril. memorial of a most amiable woman of high intel-
liant addition to a brilliant family reputation." lectual mark.'-Atheneum.
Saturday Review.

Cheap Edition of the above. SARA COLERIDGE: MEMOIR AND LETTERS. Edited by

her Daughter. Vol. Crown 8vo. With a Portrait. THE LATE REV. F. W. ROBERTSON, M.A.: LIFE

LETTERS. Edited by the Rev. Stopford A. Brooke, M.A., Chaplain in
Ordinary to the Queen.

1. In 2 vols., uniform with the Sermons. With a Steel Portrait. Price 7s. 6d.
II. Library Edition, in demy 8vo, with Two Steel Portraits. Price 125.

III. A Popular Edition, in 1 vol. Price 6s.
NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: A MEMOIR, with Stories now first

published in this country. By H. A. Page. Post 8vo. Price' 7s, 6d.

"Seldom has it been our lot to meet with a more "Exhibits a discriminating enthusiasm for one appreciative delineation of character than this of the most fascinating of sovelists."-Saturday Memoir of Hawthorne."- Morning Post.

Review. LEONORA CHRISTINA, Daughter of Christian IV. of Denmark : Me

moirs written during her Imprisonment in the Blue Tower of the Royal Palace at Copenhagen, 1663--1685. Translated by F. E. Bunnètt. With an Autotype Portrait of the Princess. Medium 8vo. Price 125. 60.

“A valuable addition to the tragic romance of history."--Spectator,

of |

"A valuable addition to history."-Daily News. LIVES OF ENGLISH POPULAR LEADERS IN THE MIDDLE

AGES. No. 1.-STEPHEN LANGTON: By C. Edmund Maurice. Cr. 8vo. 75. 6d.

"Very well and honestly executed." – Fohn | is vigorously and firmly drawn."-Churchman's Bull."

Shilling Magazine. "In style it is characterised by the greatest fair. "Weil worth a careful study."- Fewish World.

ness and ability, and the picture of the archbishop LIVES OF ENGLISH POPULAR LEADERS IN THEAMIDDLE

AGES, No. 2.-TYLER, BALL, and OLDCASTLE. By C. Edmund! Maurice.


THE DAY. By T. Wemyss Reid. I vol. Crown 8vo. Price 75. 6d.

“We have never met with a work which we can “We can heartily commend this work." — more unreservedly praise. The sketches are ab. Standard solutely impartial." - Atheneum,

"Drawn with a master hand," -Yorkshire Post. THE CHURCH AND THE EMPIRES : Historical Periods. By the

late Henry W. Wilberforce. Preceded by a Memoir of the Author by John Henry Newman, D.D., of the Oratory. Post 8vo. With Portrait. s. 60.

“The literary relics preserved by Dr. Newman works. , . Henry William Wilberforce was a man are varied in subject as in character. They com- of strong opinions, and in all he wrote gave expresprise, an eloquent, though somewhat empirical, sion to the judgments of a powerful if, possibly, treatise on the formation of Christendom; two an undetermined mind." --Standard.

masterly reviews of Champigny's too little known

C. D. Yonge, Regius Professor, Queen's Coll., Belfast. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.
of the main causes, circumstances, and history
A fair, succinct, useful, and masterly summary the Revolution, and not without some striking

comments on its effects."-Standard. ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE. Correspondence and Conversations with

NASSAU W. SENIOR, from 1833 to 1859. Edited by M. C. M. Simpson. In 2 vols.
Largę post 8vo. Price 21s.

Å book replete with knowledge and thought."
-Quarterly Review.

“An extremely interesting book."-Saturday Į Review.

6d. .


65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

Price 245

HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY-continued. SORROW AND SONG; or, Studies of Literary Struggle. By Henry

Curwen. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 155.

With a Sketch of the Revolution of 1848. By the late Nassau William Senior.
Edited by his Daughter, M. C. M. Simpson. In 2 vols. Post 8vo.

“The book has a genuine historical value." — view of the state of political society during the
Saturday Review.

existence of the second Republic could well be "No better, more honest, and more readable I looked for."-Examiner. PERSIA; ANCIENT AND MODERN. By John Piggot, F.S.A.

Post 8vo. Price 10s. 6d.
"A very useful book."--Rock.

of giving us 'a fair general view of ancient and “ That Mr. Piggot has spared no pains or research modern Persian history, supplemented by chapin the execution of his work is apparent in the ters on the religion, literature, 'commerce, art, list of authorities, classic and modern, which he sciences, ariny, education, language, sport, &c., continually quotes; his style also, when not re- of the country He has read up to the level counting history, is lively and pleasant, and the of his subject'; old and new authorities have been anecdotes which he culls from the writings of explored and digested ; the style is clear and travellers are frequently amusing."-Hour. unambitious; and his compilation is well-planned

“We are bound to say that in little more than and is not too long."-Satirday Review.
three hundred pages he has succeeded in his aim

New Edition Revised.
THE HISTORY OF JAPAN. From the Earliest Period to the Present

Time. By Francis Ottiwell Adams, F.R.G.S., H.B.M.'s Secretary of Embassy at Berlin, formerly H.B.M.'s Chargé d'Affaires, and Secretary of Legation at Yedo. Volume I. Demy 8vo. With Map and Plans. Price 215.

" He marshals his facts with skill and judgment; deeply interesting episode in contemporary history, and he writes with an elegance worthy of a very it is well worth reading: The information it con: skilled craftsman in literary work. We hope tains is trustworthy, and is carefully compiled, and Mr. Adams will not keep the public long without the style is all that can be desired."-Saturday the second volume, for the appearance of which all Review. who read the first will anxiously look."-Standard. “A most valuable contribution to our knowledge

"As a diplomatic study, and as referring to a of an interesting people."-Examiner. THE HISTORY OF JAPAN. Volume II. completing the Work.

By Francis Ottiwell Adams, F.R.G.S. From the year 1865 to present time.


Price 215. "A very singular work. . We do not accept “The author has given us a valuable list of the consequences to their full extent, but we can mediæval surnames and their origin which demands cordially recommend the volume as one which is our best gratitude."--Standard.

emphatically 'extraordinary.'"-Notes and Queries. THE RUSSIANS IN CENTRAL ASIA. A Critical Examination,

down to the present time, of the Geography and History of Central Asia. By Baron F. von Hellwald. Translated by Lieut. -Col. Theodore Wirgman, LL.B. In i vol. Large post 8vo, with Map. Price 125.

“A learned account of the geography of this still A lucidly written, and apparently accurate ac. ill-known land, of the characteristics of its main count of Turkestan, its geographical features and divisions, of the nature and habits of its numerous its history. Its worth to the reader is further en. races, and of the progress through it of Russian hanced by a well-executed map, based on the influence, . . . It contains a large amount of valu- most recent Russian surveys." --Glasgow News.

able information." -Times. BOKHARA : ITS HISTORY AND CONQUEST. By Professor Arminius Vámbéry, of the University of Pesth. Demy 8vo. Price 18s.

“ Almost every page abounds with composition this valuable book."-Saturday Review.


AND PROTESTANT; including the Evangelical Missions, Catholic Agitations, and Church
Progress of the last half Century. By James Godkin. I vol. 8vo. Price 12s.

"These latter chapters on the statistics of the “Mr. Godkin writes with evident honesty, and various religious denominations will be welcomed." the topic on which he writes is one about which an -Evening Standard.

honest book is greatly wanted."--Examiner.

of | of

65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London,


the 30th June to the 31st October, 1870. The Plain Statement of a Member. By Mons. Jules Favre. I vol. Demy 8vo. Price 1os. 6d.

“A work of the highest interest. The book is perhaps, none more valuable than the 'apology,'by most valuable."-Athenæum.

M. Jules Favre, for the unsuccessful Government "Of all the contributions to the history of the of the National Defence."--Times.

late war, we have found none more fascinating and, ECHOES OF A FAMOUS YEAR. By Harriet Parr, Author of

The Life of Jeanne d'Arc,” “In the Silver Age,” &c. Crown 8vo. Price 8s. 6d.

.."Miss Parr has the great gift of charming sim: in her book, many of their seniors will be "—British plicity of style; and if children are not interested Quarterly Review.


SOME TIME IN IRELAND; A Recollection. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d.

The author has got a genuine Irish gift of The little volume will give to strangers a more witty and graceful writing, and has produced a faithful idea of Irish society and tendencies still clever and entertaining book."--Examiner. working in that unhappy island than any other we

“Clever, brilliant sketches of life and character know,"-Literary Churchman.

among the Irish gentry of the last generation. WAYSIDE NOTES IN SCANDINAVIA. Being Notes of Travel in the

North of Europe. By Mark Antony Lower, F.S.A., M.A. Crown 8vo. gs. This Volume is an Account of Researches prosecuted, during a Tour in Scandinavia, in the Summer of 1873: . It contains illustrations of the History, Antiquities, Legendary

Lore, and Social Condition of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, from Ancient to Modern Times. “A very entertaining volume of light, gossiping matter, written in an easy, agreeable style."

Daily News. ON THE ROAD TO KHIVA. By David Ker, late Khivan Correspon

dent of the Daily Telegraph. Jllustrated with Photographs of the Country and its Inhabitants, and a copy of the Official Map in use during the Campaign, from the Survey of CAPTAIN LEUSILIN. I vol. Post 8vo. Price 125.

“Though it is a graphic and thoughtful sketch, " Very interesting, reading : : : a really good we refer to it, in some degree, for reasons apart book full of quaint, vivid writing:"-Echo. from its intrinsic merits. . . He (the author) has “He is a clever and fluent writer... The book satisfied us that he was not the impudent impostor is smartly written."-Saturday Review. he seemed to be ; and though he did not witness “A pleasant book of travels. It is exceedingly the fall of Khiva, he travelled through a great smart and clever, full of amusing anecdotes and part of Central Asia, and honestly tried to accom- graphic descriptions."-Van Fair. plish his task. . . His work, we have said, is an "Mr. Ker knows Russian peasant life very well able résumé of genuine observation and reflection, indeed, and his bits about the Cossacks are full of which will well repay a reader's attention "- character."-Atheneum.

Times. VIZCAYA; or, Life in the Land of the Carlists at the Outbreak of the Insur

rection, with some account of the Iron Mines and other characteristics of the country. With a Map and 8 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Price gs.

"Contains some really valuable information, when shut up, in Portugalete or Bilbao ; the conveyed in a plain unostentatious manner." sketches will give a good idea of those places and Atheneum.

the surroundings, and the map will be useful if they "Agreeably written. . . . People will read with feel inclined to study the recent operations."

interest what an English party thought and felt Colburn's United Service Magazine, ROUGH NOTES OF A VISIT TO BELGIUM, SEDAN, AND

PARIS, in September, 1870–71. By John Ashton. Crown 8vo. Price 3s. 6d.

"The author does not attempt to deal with mili- | forward simplicity with which it is written."tary subjects, but writes sensibly of what he saw in Graphic. 1870-71."- John Bull.

“An interesting work by a highly intelligent ob* Possesses a certain freshness from the straight. I server."-Standard. THE ALPS OF ARABIA ; or, Travels through Egypt, Sinai, Arabia, and

the Holy Land. By William Charles Maughan. Deny Svo, with Map.

“Deeply interesting and valuable."-Edinburgh “Very readable and instructive. A work Daily Review.

far above the average of such publications." "He writes freshly and with competent know. John Bull. ledge."-Standard.

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65, Cornhill ; & 12, Paternoster Row, London..


Second Edition. THE MISHMEE HILLS: an Account of a Journey made in an Attempt

to Penetrate Thibet from Assam, to open New Routes for Commerce. By T. 1. Cooper. With Four Illustrations and Map. Post 8vo. Price 10s. 6d.

“The volume, which will be of great use in India It is especially rich in sporting incidents."and among Indian merchants here, contains a good Sla..dard deal of matter that will interest ordinary readers.


By Walter Goodman, Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

“A series of vivid and miscellaneous sketches. “The whole book deserves the heartiest com. We can recommend this whole volume as very mendation... : .Sparkling and ainusing from be. amusing reading."-Pall Mall Gazette.


NEW BRUNSWICK, With Notes and Observations on the Natural History of
Eastern Canada. By A. Leith Adams, M.A. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth. 145.

“Both sportsmen and naturalists will find this pleasure either in sport or natural history."-
work replete with anecdote and carefully-recorded Atheneum.
observation, which will entertain them."--Nature. "To the naturalist the book will be most valu.
“Will be found interesting by those who take a able. . . . To the general reader niost interesting."

-Evening Standard.
Second Edition. Revised and Corrected.

Hubert Smith. With Five full-page Engravings, 31 smaller Illustrations, and Map
of the Country showing Routes. 8vo, cloth. Price 215.

“Written in a very lively style, and has through- men and things. We hope that many will read it out a smack of dry humour and satiric reflection and find in it the same amuseinent as ourselves." which shows the writer to be a keen observer of Times.


Price 5s.

FAYOUM; OR, ARTISTS IN EGYPT. A Tour with M. Gérôme and others.

By J. Lenoir. With 13 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 7s. 6d.
" The book is very amusing..

Whoever inay

"A pleasantly written and very readable book." take it up will find he has with hiin a bright and -Examiner.

pleasant companion."-Spectator. SPITZBERGEN-THE GATEWAY TO THE POLYNIA; OR, A

Voyage to SPITZBERGEN. By Captain John C. Wells, R.N. With numerous
Illustrations and Map. 8vo, cloth. Price 215.

Straightforward and clear in style, securing our A charming book, remarkably well written and confidence by its unaffected simplicity and good well illustrated."-Standard.


CANADA. By Lieut.-Col. J. G. Medley. Crown 8vo.

Colonel Medley's little volume is a pleasantly; pleasantly written."--Globe. written account of a two months' visit to America." His impressions of political life in America, -Hour.

as coming from a thoroughly practical man, are * May be recommended as manly, sensible, and I worth recording."-Pall Mall Gazette.

Second Edition. THE NILE WITHOUT A DRAGOMAN. By Frederic Eden.

In 1 vol. Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 7s. 6d.

"It is a book to read during an autumn holiday." own eyes, and shift for themselves, next winter in -Spectator.

Upper Egypt, they will find this book a very agree. "Should any of our readers care to imitate Mr. able guide."-Times.

Eden's example, and wish to see things with their ROUND THE WORLD IN 1870. A Volume of Travels, with Maps.

By A. D. Carlisle, B.A., Trin. Coll., Camb. Demy 8vo. Price 16s.

“We can only commend, which we do very " Rarely have we read a more graphic descripheartily, an eminently sensible and readable book. tion of the countries named, India, China, Japan, - British Quarterly Review.

California, and South America . . . The chapters * Mr. Carlisle's account of his little outing is about Japan are especially replete with informa. exhilarating and charming." --Spectator.

tion."- John Bull.

65, Cornhill ; @ 12, Paternoster Row, London.

VOYAGES AND TRAVEL-continued. IRELAND. A Tour of Observation, with Remarks on Irish Public Questions.

By Dr. James Macaulay. Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

“We have rarely met a book on Ireland which A careful and instructive book. Full of facts, for impartiality of criticism and general accuracy full of inforniation, and full of interest."- Literary of information could be so well recommended to the Churchman.

fair-minded Irish reader."-Evening Standard. A WINTER IN MOROCCO. By Amelia Perrier. With 4 Illustrations.

Crown 8vo. Price 10s. 6d.

“Well worth reading, and contains several excel. ness of Oriental life with a quick observant eye, lent illustrations."-Hour.

and evidently turned her opportur.ities of sarcastic "Miss Perrier is a very amusing writer. She has examination to account."-Daily News. a good deal of humour, sees the oddity and quaint


and Art


F.R.S.E. Illustrated by Several Plates. Demy 8vo. Price 16s.

The author's object is twofold : first, to supply a Manual of the Senses, embracing the
more important discoveries of recent times; second, in discussing the subject of Life,
Organisation, Sensibility, and Thought, to demonstrate in opposition to the Materialistic
Theory, that the Senses, no less than Reason, furnish proof that an immaterial and

spiritual element is the operative element in nature. SCIENTIFIC LONDON. By Bernard H. Becker. I vol. Crown 8vo. 55.

An Account of the History and present Scope of the following Institutions :-
The Royal Society

The Government Department of Science
The Royal Institution
The Institution of Civil Engineers

The Statistical Society
The Royal Geographical Society

The Chemical Society
The Society of Telegraph Engineers

The Museum of Practical Geology
The British Association

The London Institution
The Birkbeck Institute

The Gresham Lectures.
The Society of Arts

TREVANDRUM AND AGUSTIA MALLEY in the Observatories of his
Highness the MAHARAJAH OF TRAVANCORE, G.C.S.I., in the Years 1852 to 1860.
Being Trevandrum Magnetical Observations, Volume I. Discussed and Edited by
John Allan Broun, F.R.S., late Director of the Observatories.

With an
Appendix. Imperial 4to, cloth. 31. 35.

*** The Appendix, containing Reports on the Observatories and on the Public Museum,

Public Park and Gardens at Trevandrum, pp. xii. 116, may, be had separately. Price 21s. EUCLID SIMPLIFIED IN METHOD, AND LANGUAGE.. Being

a Manual of Geometry on the French System. By J. R. Morell.

The chief features of the work are :- The separation of Theorems and Problems-The Natural Sequence of reasoning; areas being treated by themselves, and at a later pageThe simpler and more natural treatment of ratio-The legitimate use of arithmetical applications, of transposition, and superposition, The general alteration of language to a more modern form-Lastly, if it be assumed to be venturesome to supersede the timehallowed pages of Euclid it may be urged that the attempt is made under the shelter of

very high authorities. THE QUESTIONS OF AURAL SURGERY. By James Hinton,

late Aural Surgeon to Guy's Hospital. Post 8vo. With Illustrations. Price 129. 6d.

". The questions of Aural Surgery more than cian, a deep and accurate thinker, and a forcible

maintain the author's reputation as a careful clini- and talented writer."--Lancet. AN ATLAS OF DISEASES OF THE MEMBRANA TYMPANI.

With Descriptive Text. By James Hinton, late Aural Surgeon to Guy's Hospital.
Post 8vo. Price £6 6s.

“Of Mr. Hinton's Atlas of the Membrana Tym- ever yet been published. The drawings are taken pani it is hardly necessary to say more than that froin actual specimens, and are all coloured by it is by far the best and most accurate that has hand."-Lancet.

65, Cornhill; & 12, Paternoster Row, London.

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