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revealed before us in all its majesty. Then we behold with adoring hearts the Deity Himself for His great love descending from eternal glory, and taking on Himself that humanity of which He had been the creator; so that, being in the form of man, He may have compassion upon our infirmities; may become our own brother; and may taste of death for all. We behold Him forming and instructing His beloved, calling forth' and sending the eternal Spirit of the Father to guide them for ever. We see Him ascending to the right hand of the eternal and omnipotent first Cause of all things, and reigning there with Him and with the Eternal Spirit in the unity of the Godhead; and, again, we see Him appearing in His Divine majesty to judge the world, and to gather together His people into unspeakable joy. We behold Him granting a full and perfect amnesty for the past to every contrite and believing soul, initiated in Him by baptism in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. We behold Him commanding the perpetual remembrance of Himself, and granting beatific union with Him, in the communion of His flesh and blood. We learn from Him to depart from idols; to reject the imaginary gods of the heathen; to worship God only; to abstain from impurity, murder, enmity, covetousness, revenge; and to be charitable, meek, forgiving, unworldly, humble, pure in heart. We learn from Him the duty and the privilege of perpetual prayer and praise to a reconciled and merciful Father, ever more ready to give than we are to ask, and whose love is wiser and deeper than the thoughts or the longings of our childish hearts.

Such is Christianity as it was proclaimed from Heaven —that marvellous truth which was to create a new heart in man.

And the power of that truth is as great at this moment as it was on the Day of Pentecost. It still transforms the hardened sinner into the broken-hearted and adoring penitent. It still changes the worldly and the cold heart into a new being, transported with the love of God, and penetrated with affection for His creatures. It still sheds glory on the humblest and poorest peasant's hut; still is a balm for the intolerable anguish of parting in this life from the objects of our intensest affection; still enables us to die without despair, knowing what is reserved for us beyond; still nerves the confessor and the martyr to face death and torture in the name of Christ.

And this faith—thus Divine, thus potent—is still preached amongst all nations. From proud Rome and imperial Constantinople, and golden-domed Moscow, to the poorest tabernacle of the sternest Protestant sect that fixes its abode on the mountain waste, or in the most obscure purlieu, all are agreed in proclaiming this faiththe faith of the Scriptures, the faith of the apostles, the faith of the martyrs, the faith of the Nicene fathers, the faith of Athanasius, the faith of the early creeds.

That faith may be in many places half-buried beneath human inventions and additions. It may in others be placed in imperfect lights, through human weakness and infirmity. But it exists everywhere. Not a jot or a tittle of the Gospel has passed away. It is here now just as it was when miraculous gifts were poured out to make it victorious over heathenism.

Hence we say that if Christianity has been preserved, its preservation is due to a higher and a mightier Power than that of Rome. That Power has saved Christianity from extinction even in Rome, imperilled as it has been there by the uprising of a power which claims Divine infallibility. But it has also saved Christianity everywhere, in all nations, and in all churches (except in those insignificant sects which cloke their infidelity under the Christian name); and we see with adoring hearts that His saying has been fulfilled : The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.'

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