The Story of Two Noble Lives: Being Memorials of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Том 2

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Сторінка 161 - MAY I join the choir invisible Of those immortal dead who live again In minds made better by their presence : live In pulses stirred to generosity, In deeds of daring rectitude, in scorn For miserable aims that end with self. In thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars, And with their mild persistence urge man's search To vaster issues.
Сторінка 402 - TREAD softly! bow the head — In reverent silence bow ! No passing bell doth toll; Yet an immortal soul Is passing now. Stranger, however great, With lowly reverence bow! There's one in that poor shed — One by that paltry bed — Greater than thou.
Сторінка 161 - Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day's journey take the whole long day? From morn to night, my friend. But is there for the night a resting-place? A roof for when the slow dark hours begin. May not the darkness hide it from my face? You cannot miss that inn. Shall I meet other wayfarers at night? Those who have gone before. Then must I knock, or call when just in sight? They will not keep you standing...
Сторінка 403 - That pavement damp and cold No smiling courtiers tread: One silent woman stands Lifting with meagre hands A dying head.
Сторінка 453 - No taunts or sarcasms,' Lord Canning continued, 'come from what quarter they may, will turn me from the path which I believe to be that of my public duty. I believe that a change in the head of the Government of India at this time, if it took place under circumstances which indicated a repudiation, on the part of the Government in England, of the policy which has hitherto been pursued towards the rebels of Oudh, would seriously retard the pacification of the country.
Сторінка 301 - I don't care two straws for the abuse of the papers, British or Indian. I am for ever wondering at myself for not doing so, but it really is the fact. Partly from want of time to care, partly because an enormous task is before me, and all other cares look small. . . .' ' I don't want you to do more than defend me against unfair or mistaken attacks.
Сторінка 302 - But do take up and assert boldly, that whilst we are prepared, as the first duty of all, to strike down resistance without mercy, wherever it shows itself, we acknowledge that, resistance over, deliberate justice, and calm, patient reason are to resume their sway; that we are not going, either in anger or from indolence, to punish wholesale; whether by wholesale hangings or burnings, or by the less violent, but not one bit less offensive course, of refusing trust and countenance, and favour, and...
Сторінка 301 - I will not govern in anger. Justice, and that as stern and inflexible as law and might can make it, I will deal out. But I will never allow an angry or indiscriminating act or word to proceed from the Government of India as long as I am responsible for it.
Сторінка 116 - I made an attempt to sketch. It was dark when I got up, and dull and grey when I chose my site, and I felt ill-disposed ; but when the sun showed itself, I was quite surprised at the wonderful beauty of detail — all the tangle, and great unbroken leaves, and creepers and stems, all lovely to draw; but a Ruskin-like artist would be wanted to do them justice. " C. has made me do an abstract of a plan for the improvement of the great Botanic Garden. It is a fine establishment, but has been quite spoiled...
Сторінка 279 - After the padre had read a few prayers he shut the book, and the Sahib-log shook hands all round. Then the Sepoys fired. One Sahib rolled one way, one another, -as they sat ; but they were not dead, only wounded ; so they went in and finished them off with swords.

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