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may see

1 faw him put upon her Chains of Gold,
And Rings and Bracelets, goodly to behold.

What shall I say?? I heard the Peoples Cries,
And saw the Prince wipe Tears from Mansoul's Eyes.
I heard the Groans, and saw the joy of many :
Tell you of all I neither will, nor can I,
But by what here I say, you

That Mansoul's matchless Wars 'no Fables be.

Mansoul! the Desire of both Princes was,
One keep his Gain would t'other gain his Lofs;
Diabolus would cry, The Town is mine,
Emanuel would plead a Right Divine
Unto his Mansoul; then to Blows they go,
And Mansoul cries, These Wars will me undo!

Mansoul, ber Wars seem'd endless in her Eges,
She's loft by onė, becomes another's Prize;
And he again that lost her last would swear,
Have her, I will, or her in Pieces tear.

Manfoul, it was the very Seat of War,
Wherefore her Troubles greater were by far,
Than only where the Noise of War is heard,
Or where the Making of a Sword is fear'd:
Or only where small Skirmishes are fought,
Or where the Fancy fighteth with a Thought.

She saw the Swords of Fighting Men made red,
And heard the Cries of those with them wounded.
· Must not her Frights then be much more by far,
Than theirs that to such Doings Strangers are ?
Or theirs that hear the Beating of a Drum,
But not made fly for Fear from House and Home?

Mansoul not only heard the Trumpet jound,
But saw her Gallants gasping on the Ground;
Wherefore we musi not think that she could rejl
With them whole greatest Earnest is but Jeft:
Or where the blustering Threatning of greut Wars
Do end in Parleys, or in wording Jars.

Mansoul, ber mighty Wars, they da pretend
Her Weal, ar Woe, and that World without End;


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W'berefore she must be more concern'd than they
Whole Fears begin and end the folf fame Day :
Or where none other Harm doth come to him
That is engag’d, but Loss of Life or Limb,
As ali musi needs confess that now de dwell,
In Universe, and can this Story téll.

Count me not then with them, that to amaze
The People, let them on the Stars to gaze,
Infinuating with much Confidence
They are the only Men that hasve Science
Of Some brave Creatures; yea, a World they will
Have in each Svar, tho' it be past their skill
To make it maniféft unto a Man
That Reafot barb, or tell his Fingers can.

But 1 bave too long held thee in the Porch,
And kept thee from the Sun-fhine zwith a Torch.
Well, now go forward, her within the Door,
And there behold five hundred Times much more
Of all Sorts of such inward Rarities,
As please the Mind well, and well feed the Eyes,
With those which of a Christian, thou wilt Jee.

The Nor do thou go to work without

Margin. ( in Myfieries Men do joon loje their way) And also turn it right if thou would's know My Riddle, and would'st quith my Heifer plow; ti lies there in the Window, fare thee well, My next may be to ring thy Palling Bell.

my Key.

•John Bunyan.

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N my Travels, as I walked through many Regions

and Countries, it was my chance to happen into

that famous Continent of Universe, a very large and spacious Country it is. Ir lieth berween the two Poles, and just amidst the four Points of the Heavens. Juis a Place weil watered, and richly adorned with Hill's and Valleys, bravely situated; and for the most part (at least where I was) very fruitful, also well peopled, and a very sweet Air.

The People are not all of one Complexion, nor yet of one Language, Mode, or Way of Religion ; but differ as much as ('tis saidj do the Planets themselves : Some are right and fome are wrong. even as it happenesh to be in lefier Regions.

In this Country, as I said, it was my Lor to travel, and there travel I did, and that fo long, even cillif had learned much of their Mother tongue, together with the Çulioms and Manners of them among whom I

And to speak Truib, I was much delighted to sçe and hear many Things


Stale plesing which I saw and heard among them :

to the Fleshi 1 Yea, I had to be fures even hited and died a Native among them, I was to taken with 'em and their Doings) had not my. Master Sent for me home to his fioule, there to do Business for him, and so over. fee Bugnels dóne. A 5



Now there is in this gallant Country of Universe, a fair and delicate Town, a Corporation called ManJoul, a Town for its Building fo curious, for its Situation fo commodious, for its Privileges fo advantageous ; (I mean with reference to its Original) that I may say of it, as was faid-before, of the Continent in which it is placed, There is not its Equal under the whole Heaven.

As to the Situation of this Town, it lieth just between the two Worlds, and the first Founder, and

Builder of it, so far as by the best and Scriptures. The Almighty.

most authentic Records I can gather,

was one Shaddai ; and he built it for his own Delight. Gex. i. 26. He made it the Mirror and Glory of all that he made, even the Top-piece, beyond any Thing else that he did in that Country: Yea, so goodly a Town was Mansoul, when first built, Created Angels.

that it is said by some, the Gods at the

setting up thereof, came down to see it, and fung for Joy. And as he made it goodly to behold, to also mighty to have Dominion over all the Country sound about.' Yea, all was commanded to acknowledge Mansoul for their Metropolitan, all was enjoined to do homage to it. Ay, the Town itfelf had positive Commisfion, and Power from her King to demand Service of all, and also to fubdue any, that any ways denied to do it. The Heart.

There was reared up in the midst

of this Town, a most famous and stateMy Palace ; for Strength it may be called a Cafle ; for Pleasantness, a Paradise ; for Largeness, a Place fo copious as to contain all the World, Ecclef. iii. 11. This Place, the King Shaddai intended but for himself alone, and not another with him : Partly becaufe of his own Delights, and partly because

he would not that the Terror of Stran The Power of

should be

gers the Souls.


the Town. This Place Shaddai made also a Garrison of, but committed the keeping of it, only to the Men of he Towne


The Wall of the Town was well built, yea, so fait and firm was it knit and compacted together, that had it not been for the Townsmen themselves, they could not have been shaken, or broken for ever. For here lay the excellent Wisdom of him

The Body. that built Mansoul, that the Walls could never be broken down nor hurt, by the most mighty adverse Potentates, unless the Townsmen gave Content thereto.

This famous Town of Mansoul had five Gates, at which to come out, and at which to go in, and these were made likewise answerable to the Walls : To wit, impregnable, and such as could never be opened nor forced, but by the Will and Leave of thole within.. The Names of the Gates were these, Ear-gate, Eye-gute, Month gate, Nose The five Senses. gate, and Feel-gate.

Other Things there were that belonged to the Town: of Mansoul, which if you adjoin to these, will yet give. further Demonstration to all, of the Glory, and Strength of the Place. It had always a Sufficiency of Provision within its Walls; it had the

The State of best, most wholesome, and excellent Law Mansoul at first.. that was then extant in the World. There was not a Rascal,, Rogue, or traiterous Person then within its Walls :. They were all true Men, and fast joined together, and this you know is a great Matter. And to all. these, it was always fo long as it had the Goodness to keep true to Shaddai the King, his Countenance, his Protection, and it was his Delight, Sc..

Well, upon a Time, there was one Diabolus a mighty Giant, made an. Affault upon the famous Town of. Mansoul, to take it, and make it his own Habitation.. This Giant, was King of the Blacks, or. Negroes, and a mast raving Prince he: Sinners the was.. We will, if you please, first dif- fallen Angels. course of the Original of this Diabolus,

The Original of

Diabolus. and then of his taking of this famous.. Town of Manfoul..

This Diabolus is indeed a great and mighty Prir and yet both poor and beggarly. As to his

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