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Statement of L Page

American Friends Service Committee--- ------------------------ 811

Atencio, Tomas, assistant director for program development and evalu-

ation, Colorado Migrant Council---------------------------- 145, 175

Bartlett, Clyde, director, Maine Office of Economic Opportunity---- 287

Bertsch, Howard, Administrator, Farmers Home Administration---- 772

Bryan, Billie, manager, Caddo Electric Cooperative, Binger, Okla--- 484

Cargo, Hon. David F., Governor of New Mexico.------------------ 179

Carstenson, Dr. Blue A., representing the National Farmers Union.-- 680

Carter, Lisle C., Jr., Assistant Secretary for Individual and Family

Services, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare--------- 317

Chavez, Dennis, Jr., New Mexico.-------------------------------- 611

Cochran, Clay, executive director, International Self-Help Housing

Associates-------------------------------------------------- 788

Corona, Bert, president, Mexican-American Political Association---- 153

Crangle, Charles L., assistant director for program operations, New

York State Office of Planning Coordination--------------------- 599

Davis, Hon. Ross D., Assistant Secretary for Economic Development,

U.S. Department of Commerce-------------------------------- 617

Doyle, Mortimer B., executive vice president, National Forest Prod-

ucts Association--------------------------------------------- 431

Esser, George H., Jr., National Association for Community Develop-

ment------------------------------------------------------- 551

Fleming, Roger, secretary-treasurer, American Farm Bureau Federa- 7

tion-------------------------------------------------------- 64

Freeman, Hon. Orville L., Secretary of Agriculture---------------- 1
Garcia, Robert G., Director, Division of Economic Opportunity, State
Technical Assistance Office, Office of Economic Opportunity------ 127
Gartner, Alan, executive director, Economic Opportunity Council of
Suffolk (N.Y.) Inc.------------------------------------------ 749
Graham, Harry, legislative representative, the National Grange---- 725
Greeley, Arthur W., Associate Chief of the U.S. Forest Service------ 441
Hansen, Hon. Julia Butler, a Representative in Congress from the
State of Washington---------------------------------------- 852

Harding, Bert, op"; Director, Office of Economic Opportunity---- 659

Hendricks, Logan B., Associate Administrator, Small Business

Administration---------------------------------------------- 71

Hillenbrand, Bernard, executive director, National Association of

Counties-------------------------------------------------- 715

Hoff, Hon. Philip H., Governor of Vermont----------------------- 767

Huber, J. David, National Association for Community Development-- 541

Hurst, William D., regional forester, southwest region, U.S. Forest

Service----------------------------------------------------- 455

Ingram, Clifford, National Association for Community Development-- 564

Jermstad, Glen L., Arkansas Office of Economic Opportunity------- 57.1

Johnson, Hon. Harold T., a Representative in Congress from the State

of California------------------------------------------------ 853

Kiley, Edward W., National Rural Electric Cooperative Association-- 475

Knowlton, Dr. Clark S., professor of sociology, University of Texas-- 195

Krackov, Everett S., executive director, Tulare County community

action program--------------------------------------------- 585

Lynn, John C., legislative director, American Farm Bureau Federa-

tion-------------------------------------------------------- 468

Mansfield, Jack P., director, Center for the Study of Unemployed

Youth, Graduate School of Social Work, New York University---- 827

Marshall, Robert, executive director, Self-Help Enterprises, Visalia,

Calif------------------------------------------------------- 272

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