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A Memorial Volume

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Quarter-Stillennial Book
A Memorial of the CELEBRATION of the
Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary
of the Settlement of the Town of
Northampton : Massachusetts

JUNE 5th, 6th and 7th, 1904


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Prepared and Published by Direction of the City of Northampton

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ERE struck the seed ---the Pilgrims' roofless town;
Where equal rights and equal bonds were set ;

Where all the people equal franchised met;
Where doom was writ of privilege and crown;
Where human breath blew all the idols down;
Where crests were naught, where vulture flags were furled,
And common men began to own the world.

Give praise to others, early come or late,
For love and labor on our Ship of State;
But this must stand, above all fame and zeal :
The Pilgrim Fathers laid the ribs and keel.
On these strong lines we base our social health
The Man--the Home—the Town— the Commonwealth!

John Boyle O'Reilly's Poem, Dedication of
National Monument at Plymouth, Mass., 1889.


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