Carpentry and Contracting: A Practical Reference Work on Carpentry, Building Superintendence, Etc

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American technical society, 1919

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Сторінка 384 - The wiring in any building must test free from grounds; ie, the complete installation must have an insulation between conductors and between all conductors and the ground (not including attachments, sockets, receptacles, etc.) not less than that given...
Сторінка 375 - ... be thoroughly ventilated to the outdoor air, if possible, through a chimney or flue. There should be at least six inches air space on all sides of the transformer.
Сторінка 154 - ... along the surface where the junction is to be made and the surface thoroughly wet. The bond and other arrangements will depend upon the circumstances of the case. The surfaces connected should be fitted as accurately as practicable, so that by using but little mortar no disunion may take place from settling. As a rule, it is better that new work should butt against the old, either with a straight joint visible on the face, or let into a chase, sometimes called a
Сторінка 309 - Must be placed at every point where a change Is made in the size of wire (unless the cut-out In the larger wire will protect the smaller.) (c) Must be in plain sight, or enclosed in an approved cabinet, and readily accessible.
Сторінка 154 - ... so that the straight joint may not show ; but if it is necessary to bond them together the new work should be built in a quick-setting cement mortar and each part of it allowed to set before being loaded. In pointing old masonry all the decayed mortar must be completely raked out with a hooked iron point and the surfaces well wetted before the fresh mortar is applied.
Сторінка 352 - Cables may be supported in approved junction boxes on two or more insulating supports so placed that the conductors will be deflected at an angle of not less than 90 degrees, and carried a distance of not less than twice the diameter of the cable from its vertical position. Cables so suspended may be additionally secured to these insulators by tie wires.
Сторінка 96 - ... due to the difference in temperature. When water is heated it expands, and thus a given volume becomes lighter and tends to rise, and the cooler water flows in to take its place; if the application of heat is kept up, the circulation thus produced is continuous. The velocity of flow "depends upon the difference in temperature between the supply and return, and the height of the radiator above the boiler.
Сторінка 373 - Any circuit attached to any machine, or combination of machines, which develops a difference of potential, between any two wires, of over ten volts and less than 300 volts, shall be considered as a low-potential circuit...
Сторінка 146 - ... (sand and rubbish are often substituted for bricks), allowing them to find their own bearing; when the trough is filled, it is plastered over with stiff mortar, and the header course laid and the operation repeated. This practice may have some advantage in celerity in executing work, but none in strength or security.
Сторінка 4 - A Dictionary of Architecture and Building," and "How to Judge Architecture." ADF HAMLIN, AM Professor of Architecture at Columbia University. Author of "A Text-book of the History of Architecture. RALPH ADAMS CRAM Architect Author of "Church Building." CH MOORE Author of " Development and Character of Gothic Architecture." ROLLA C. CARPENTER, CE, MME Professor of Experimental Engineering. Cornell University. Author of " Heating and Ventilating Buildings.

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