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Сторінка 109 - The spinsters and the knitters in the sun, And the free maids that weave their thread with bones, Do use to chant it ; it is silly sooth, And dallies with the innocence of love, Like the old age.
Сторінка 490 - The time shall come, when, free as seas or wind, Unbounded Thames shall flow for all mankind, Whole nations enter with each swelling tide, And seas but join the regions they divide ; Earth's distant ends our glory shall behold, And the new world launch forth to seek the old.
Сторінка 224 - Then marched he forward out of his own house at Westminster, passing through all London over London Bridge, having before him of gentlemen a great number, three in rank, in black velvet livery coats, and the most part of them with great chains of gold about their necks.
Сторінка 446 - Friends, now is your time to support the freedom of the press. Can the press have greater liberty ? here you find it working in the middle of the Thames ; and if you encourage us by buying our impressions, we will keep it going in the true spirit of liberty during the frost.
Сторінка 2 - It ascends me into the brain ; dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapours which environ it; makes it apprehensive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble, fiery, and delectable shapes; which delivered o'er to the voice, — the tongue, — which is the birth, becomes excellent wit.
Сторінка 341 - Bridge, narrow, darksome, and dangerous to passengers from the multitude of carriages ; frequent arches of strong timber crossing the street from the tops of the houses, to keep them together and from falling into the river.
Сторінка 337 - This humour took so universally that it was estimated the printer gained ^5 a day for printing a line only at sixpence a name, besides what he got by ballads, &c. Coaches plied from Westminster to the Temple, and from several other...
Сторінка 105 - ... Lady Lee ; Build it up with iron and steel, With a gay lady. Iron and steel will bend and bow, Dance o'er my Lady Lee ; Iron and steel will bend and bow, With a gay lady. Build it up with wood and clay, Dance o'er my Lady Lee ; Build it up with wood and clay, With a gay lady.
Сторінка 313 - As through a floating wood, he steered along. And dancing castles clustered in a throng; When he beheld a mighty bridge give law Unto his surges, and their fury awe, When such a shelf of cataracts did roar, As if the Thames with Nile had...
Сторінка 425 - The ghosts of traitors from the Bridge descend, With bold fanatic spectres to rejoice; About the fire into a dance they bend And sing their sabbath notes with feeble voice.

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