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Poems included in the “Lamia" volume, 1820 ; "Isabella

“The Eve of St. Agnes”; “Hyperion”; “ Lamia”;
five odes; other poems—sonnet on “ The Nile”; The
Eve of St. Mark,” “Otho the Great," " La Belle Dame

Merci," “ The Cap and Bells,” final sonnet, &c.;

prose writings

. 107


Influence of Spenser discussed; flimsiness of Keats's first

volume; early sonnets ; Endymion”; Shelley's criti.
cisms of this poem ; detailed argument of the poem ; esti-

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N all important respects I leave this brief “Life of

There is which I feel it needful to dwell upon. In the summer of 1886 I was invited to undertake a life of Keats for the present series, and I assented. Some while afterwards it was publicly announced that a life of Keats, which had been begun by Mr. Sidney Colvin long before for a different series, would be published at an early date. I read up my materials, began in March 1887 the writing of my book, finished it on June 3rd, and handed it over to the editor. On June roth Mr. Colvin's volume was published. I at once read it, and formed a high opinion of its merits, and I found in it some new details which could not properly be ignored by any succeeding biographer of the poet. I therefore got my MS. back, and inserted here and there such items of fresh information as were really needful for the true presentment of my subject matter. In justice both to Mr. Colvin and to myself I drew upon his pages for only a minimum, not a maximum, of the facts which they embody; and in all matters of opinion and criticism I left my MS. exactly as it stood. The reader will thus understand that the present “Life of Keats” is, in planning, structure, execution, and estimate, entirely independent of Mr. Colvin's; but that I have ultimately had the advantage of consulting Mr. Colvin's book as one of my various sources of information—the latest and within its own lines the completest of all.

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