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Compendium of Good Things,



(With many Original Articles of Interest and Amusement,)

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Printed and Published for the Proprietors by G. MORGAN, 42, Holywell street, Strand.-May be

had also of SHERWOOD, NEELY, and Jones, Paternoster-row ; SIMPKiN and MARSHALL, Sne

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Vol. I. No. 1.]




either side, the candid reader will do us the jur

tice not to impeach our impartiality, but to How far our friends are authorized to claim attribute the circumstance to its real source, an ezplanution of the grounds uponwhich our viz. a lack of industry, or narrouness of talent present title has been assumed, we are not ena on the side which may be found deficient. bled to determine, being partially inclined to beliere that if it is substantiated to the ex

We shall furnish a Title-page anel In:lex 10 pectation we have aroused, or the encourage

cach annual volume, which, in adlition to the mnent ice solicit, enough will be done to exone

brilliant flights of collected genius, will echivit rate us from the necessity of clucidation or de many features of original excellence. Such, at

least, is the hope that we have been permitttil to fence. Many persons, however, like SuakSPEARE's lago, may be « nothing if not criti. indulge by our Correspondente, to whom, and cal," and to such we shall furnish a brief state

the wide circle of subscribers coce, sanctiun

was not more spontaneous tiran sinccre, the ment of the views and name under which this miscellany has appealed to their patronage.

joint proprietors of this work present their most

grateful acknooledgments, with a firm resoluThe Daily Papers are occasionally enriched tion to justify the full favor by which their

many articles of amusement and utility, growing efforts have been so powerfully aided. whic' no periodical medium of the present day has professed to collect. A vast variety of such efforts are also absorbed m more erpensive pub

nccdotes. firations, and from these to select, with a discriminating hand, whatever could tickle the

Royal Curiosity. In the year 1797, when

the “ Castle Spectre” and “Blue Beard” had fawy, or improve the understanding, consti- just been produced, his Majesty commandel tated the chief motive for this result of our them both for one evening's perforniance, to krbours. While, therefore, the most ordinary which gracious message the managers returned, porcers of perception und discernment can be in substance, the follo:ring reviy: “ That, relied on, a fruitful succession of novelty and tinction, they would gladly comply with the

highly tattered by his Majesty's peculiar disse proeliance will be laid before the readers of this command; but begged of the Chamberlain to medium, for all that taste, erudition, and inge- apprise his Majesty, that the performances arity can recommend to their perusal, or adapt must commence at Three in the afternoon, in

ortier to finish by Twelve at night." to their purposes. The design is not more

CLERICAL POCKET COMPANION.-The Earl comprehensive than inexhaustible, and if the of Sandwich, known by the name of Jemny present specimen be approved of, we shall not Twitcher, who was remarkable for making shrink from a pledge of cven strengthening the pretty free with the clerical cloth, being in a claims that will then be enforced upon the sup- present, secretly offered a considerable bet to

large company where there were ten clergymnen port and applause of our numerous readers. the gentleman who sat next him, that there

was not a single prayer-book in the pocket of As we shall carefully avoid introducing any either of the parsons. The wager being acceptmatter of a political tendency in the pages of ed, a pretended dispute, respecting some article the Tickler, that is not recommended to our

in the church service, gave occasion to an innotice by the brilliancy of its wit, or the keen- quiry for a prayer.book, but neither of the clerness of its satire, it cannot be deemed requisite the Earl privately fiered anviher bet, to the

could produce one. Some time after,

gymen that we should trespass upon the reader with a same amount, that there was not, among the 4 declaration of our political opinions. It being ten parsons, a single one of them without a probable

, however, that we shall occasionally in corkscrew. This wager was accepted, and the tert reut squits and polished satires of a public tered the room with a bottle of claret and a

butler being properly instructed, presently ennature, we confidently assure ourselves that if broken corkscrew, requesting the favour of By lee selection should be found to preponderate on any gentleman, who had such a thing, 10

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