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notice. Also, a Description of the Environs scription of more than three hundred ani. of Paris, and the various Routes from Eng- mals, confirmed by actual and personal ob. land, with particular hints to travellers, &c. servations, with original remarks and interIllustrated by maps, plans, views, &c. A esting quotations from ancient and modern new edition, much enlarged and entirely re- authors; to which is subjoined an appeacomposed, 18mo. Ss.

dix on allegorical and fabulous animals, a Thanet and the Cinque Ports : consisting new edition, carefully revised and correct. of views of all the churches, castles, vestiges ed, and illustrated by accurate figures en. of antiquity, singular residences, &c. in graved on wood, 12mo. 5s.6d. Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, Romney, Rye, Winchelsea, and Hastings ; accompanied with histori

EDINBURGH. cal, topographical, and antiquarian descriptions, as well as particulars of the agricul- A Letter addressed to the Right Hon. tural products and natural history of the the Lord Provost, Magistrates, Nobility, tract described ; with vignette titles, a map, Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of and 103 elegant engravings ; the descrip- the City of Edinburgh, Leith, and Vicinity, tions by E. W. Brayley, and the engravings on a Direct Communication with India; by by W. Deeble, 2 vols ; foolsc. 8vo, £1, 18s. Selenus, Is. 6d. 6d. ; demy 8vo, £3, 1s.

Outlines of Philosophical Education, il.

lustrated by the Method of Teaching the The Scientific Tourist through England, Logic, or first Class of Philosophy, in the Wales, and Scotland ; in which the travel. University of Glasgow. By George Jar ler is directed to the beauties and principal dine, A. M. F. R. S. E., Professor of Logic objects of antiquity, art, science, the fine and Rhetoric in that Univerity, 8vo. 12s. views and situations, &c. worthy of notice Sanas Gaoidhilge-sagsbhearla, an Irishor remark; including the minerals, fossils, English Dictionary ; containing upwards of rare plants, and other subjects in natural Twenty Thousand Words that have never history, divided into counties; by T. Wal- appeared in any former Irish Lexicon. With ford, Esq. F. A. S. & F.L. S. 2 vols 12mo. copious quotations from the most esteemed 12s.

Ancient and Modern Writers, to elucidate Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of the meaning of Obscure Words; and nu. China, and of a Voyage to and from that merous comparisons of the Irish Words with Country, in the years 1816 and 1817; con- those of similar orthography, sense, or sound, taining an Account of the most interesting in the Welsh and Hebrew Languages; with transactions of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the names of the Irish Indigenous Plants. the Court of Pekin, and observations on the To which is annexed, a Compendious Irish countries which it visited ; by Clarke Abel, Grammar; by Edward O'Reilly, Esq. Price F.L. S. member of the Geological Society, Two Guineas in bvards ; a few copies are and chief medical officer and naturalist to printed on fine paper, price £2:12:6. the embassy ; illustrated by maps and other Tales of My Landlord, Second Series, engravings, 4to. £3, 3s.

collected and arranged by Jedediah CleishA Journal of Travels in the United States botham, Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk of of North America and in Lower Canada, Gandercleugh, 4 yols 12mo. £1, 12s. performed in the year 1817; by John Pal. Criminal Trials, illustrative of the Tale, mer : containing particulars respecting the entitled, “ The Heart of Mid-Lothian, 8s. price of land and provisions; remarks on Edinburgh Review, No LIX. 6s. the people and country ; interesting anec- Archaeologia Graeca, or the Antiquities dotes ; a description of the trade, commerce, of Greece ; by John Potter, D. D. late and present state of Washington, New Archbishop of Canterbury; a new edition, York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Al. To which is added, an Appendix, contain. bany, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Lexington, ing a concise History of the Grecian States, Quebec, Montreal, &c. : to which are add- and a short Account of the Lives and Writed, a description of the states of Ohio, In- ings of the most celebrated Greek Authors ; diana, Illinois, and the territory of Missou- by G. Dunbar, F. R. S. E., and Professor ri, and a variety of useful information; with of Greek in the University of Edinburgh, a new coloured map, delineating all the 2 vols 8vo. £1, 6s. states and territories, 8vo. 12s,

Cornelii Schrevelii Lexicon Manuale, Travels through the United States of Græco-Latinum et Latino-Græcum : studio America, in the years 1806 and 1807, and atque opera Josephi hill, Joannis Entick, 1809, 1810, and 1811 ; including an Ac. Gulielmi Bower, nec non Jacobi Smith, count of Passages between America and S. T. P. adauctum. Insuperquoque ad cal. Britain, and Travels through various parts cem adjectæ sunt Sententiæ Græco-Latinæ, of Britain, Ireland, and Canada, with Cor. quibus omnia Græcæ linguæ primitiva com. rections and Improvements till 1815: con- prehenduntur. Item Tractatus Duo; alter taining 650 pages of letter-press, and 8 de resolutione verborum, alter de articulis ; plates. By John Mellish, 8vo. 18s. uterque perutilis, et æque desideratus. Hanc

Editionem xxi Curavit et Auctiorem Fecis A Compendium of Zoology ; being a de Petrus Steelę, A. M,





9th July

Capt. J. Doyle, from 2: 81 E;

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in the Army


21 As. Surg. W. Stevenson, from 60 F. to be

As. Surg. vice Berry, ret. on h. p. 60 F. John Bernard Gilpin, Esq. is appointed his Majesty's Consul for the State of Rhode Island.

24 Lieut. J. Blake to be Capt. vice WarburCharles Rushworth, Esq. is appointed Commis

ton, dead

25th June sioner for the affairs of Taxes, více Davis Lamb,

Ensign T. F. Smith to be Lt. vice Blake, Esq. deceased.

do. Charles Dawson, Esq. is appointed his Majesty's 28 Wm Nicholson to be Ensign by purch. Consul for the Provinces of Biscay and Guipuscoa.

vice Lister, prom.

20 July Mr Joseph Ciale is approved as Vice-Consul at 37 Ensign R. N. Lee, from h. p. 81 F. to be Gibraltar for the King of the Two Sicilies.

Ensign, vice Bentham, 52 F. 25th June 10 Lieut. Gen. Sir B. Spencer, G. C.B. from

Rifie Brig. to be Colonel, vice Sir G. OsII. ECCLESIASTICAL.

born, dead

2d July

44 The Right Hon. the Earl of Kinnoul has present

Lieut. T. Mackrell to be Capt. vice Bt. Lt.
Col. Johnson, dead

ilth June. ed Mr Russel, preacher of the Gospel, some time

Ensign G. Dunlevie to be Lieutenant, vice assistant at Abergeldie, to the church and parish of


do. Dunning, vacant by the translation of Mr Urieron to the church and parish of Dumblane.

T. Eastwood to be Ersign, vice Dunlevie

do. John Guthrie, Esq. of Guthrie, has presented Mr

47 Lt.-Col. Cheyne's appointment antedated John Bruce, preacher of the Gospel, to the church

to the and parish of Guthrie, vacant by the death of the

23d Sept. 1815

50 Rev. James Will.

Ensign D. Bateman to be Lieutenant, vice John Robertson, Esq. of Tullibolton, has pre

Swayne, dead

25th June 1818 sented Mr David Black, preacher, to the parish and

Gent. Cadet G. Flude to be Ensign, vice

do. church of Kilspindy, vacant by the translation of

52 the Rev. Dr Dow to the parish and church of Kirk.

Ensign J. Bentham, from 37 F. to be Ens. patrick, Irongray.

vice Hayes, ret. on h.

do. 72

p. 47 F. to be Capt. vice Soinerset, Cape Corps do.

73 Lieut. H. Munick, from i Ceylon Regt., III. MILITARY.

to be Lieut, vice Taylor, dead

Ist Jan. Brevet Capt. John M‘Ra, 1 F. to be Major in the

2d Lieut. G. Minter, from 1 Ceylon Pegt., Army 2d June 1818

to be Lt. vice Maclaine, killed 15th do. Géo. Fitz Clarence, 24 Dr. to be Maj.


Lieut. C. Le Hunte to be Capt. by purch. 16th do.

vice Bt. Maj. Ware, ret. 25th June 1 L. Gd. Ens. H. D. Campbell, from 20 F. to be

Ensign J. Ker to be Lieut. by purch. vice Cornet and Sub-Lt. vice Wombwell, ret.

Le Hunte

do. 27th do.

J. H. White to be Ensign by purch. vice 8 Drs. J. Robinson to be Cornet by purch. vice


do. Cochrane, prom.

2d July

96 Ensign G. Roch to be Lieut. by purch. vice 9 Cornet J. Greenwood to be Lieut. by pur.

Cainpbell, prom.

9th July vice Maberly, 100 F.

11th June

99 Lievt. R. Arnold, from 10 Dr. to be Capt. C. T. Jones to be Cornet by purch. vice

vice Ritter, ret.

do. Greenwood


J. N. Fox, from h. p. to be Lieut. 10 Cornet C. Harvey to be Lieut. by purch.

v. Driscall, rem. from the serv. 2d April vice Arnold, 99 F.

9th July

Rifle B. Maj.-Gen. Sir J. Oswald, K.C.B. to be Col. Lord George Bentinck to be Cornet by

vice Sir B. Spencer 40 F. purch. vice Harvey

do. 1 W. 1 Reg. Lieut. G. Ledginghamn, fm. h. p. Cape 11 R. J. Gulston to be Cornet by purch. vice

Rt. to be Paym. v. Burke 18th June Jenkins, 1 Dr.

25th June 2

Robert Alpherts to be Ensign, vice Gent. Cadet G. Hobart to be Coniet by

Armstrong, cancelled

do. purch. vice Paxton, prom.

1 Cey. Reg. 2d Lieut. T. Hogg, from h. p. 5 Cey. 18 Rob. Hackett to be Cornet by purch. vice

Regt. to be 2d Lieut. vice Minter,
Hackett, ret.

11th June
73 F.

15th Jani. S.C. C. R. Lawrence to be Vet. Surg. vice Barring- 2

Capt. G. Stewart, fm. h. p. 3 Cey. Rt. ton removed to Maidstone

to be Capt. vice Hook, 19 F. 5th do. IF. Capt. Mosse's appointment antedated to the Cape Corps, Capt. H. Somerset, from 72 F. to be

4th Feb.
Capt. of Cav.

25th June
Ensign E. Mainwaring to be Lieut. vice
M Leod, killed
1th June

J. D. Morris to be Lieut. vice Bell,

25th plo.

Vet. Surg.-Barrington, from Staff C. of Cav. to be 2 C. Tolcher to be Lieut. vice Adams,

Vet. Surg. vice Steed, h. p. dead

9th July G. C. Harvey to be Ensign, vice Tolcher


Licut.-Gen. W. Knollis to be Lieut.-Gov. of St 19 Bt. Lt. Col. L. Hook, from 2 Ceylon Reg. to be Maj. vice M Nabb, dead' 5th Jan.

John's, vice Elford, dead

11th June Capt. M. Prager, from h. p. 3 Ceylon Reg.

Capt. W. Boycraft to be Adj. of Chelsea Hosp. vice to be Capt. vice M'Glashan, dend Acklom, superannuated

do. 3d Dec. 1817 20 E. Jackson to be Major by purch.

Hospital Staff
vice Murray, ret. ith June 1818 Apoth. W. Lyons to be Surg. to the Forces 11th do.
Lieut. R. L. Lewis to be Capt. by purch. As. Surg. S. Burd, M.D. from 61 F. to be Surg. to
viee Jackson

the Forces, vice Storey, dead

9th July Ensign A. Tovey to be Lieut. by purch. Hosp. As. T. G. Stephenson to be As. Surg. to the vice Lewis

Forces, vice M'Nulty, dead

2d do. A. Congreve to be Ensign by purch, vice

J. Farquhar, from h. p. Hosp. As. to the Tovey do. Forces

6th June

2d July

od July

20 July

20 July



Lieut. Dowd, from 3 W. I. R. with Lieut. Collins,

h. p. 1 F. Brevet Col. Rainsford, from 19 F. with Lieut. Col.

Gordon, from W. I. R. with Lieut. Rain Macbean, 89 F.

say, h. p. 15 Dr. Major Purvis, from 1 Dr. rec. diff. between full Wallace, from 7 F. rec. dift. with Lieut.

pay of Civ. and Inf. with Major Wallace, h. p. Brownlow, h. p. Canadian Fenc.

Brock, from 39 F. rec. dift. with Lieutenant Brunt, from 83 F. rec. dift. with Brevet Lt.

Crawford, h. p. Sicilian Regt. Col. Kelly, h. p. 4 Ceylon Regt.

Keogh, trom 57 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. M'Gibbon, from 57 F. with Lieut.-Colonel Hartley, h. Po Carey, h. p. 02 F.

lalker, from 67 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Brevet Majoi A. Stewart, from 31 F. rec. di ff. with Lecky, h. p. 45 F. Capt. Docwra, h. p. 4 Ceylon Regt.

Brown, from 80 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Elliot, from 83 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Wolseley, h. p. Smith, h. p. 60 F.

Archer, from 88 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Capt. Gethin, from 60 F. with Capt. Cameron, 72 F. Magennis, 87 F.

Yorke, from 13 F. with Brevet Maj. R. Cornet and Sublt. Stopford, from 1 Life Guards, Campbell, 52 F.

with Lieut. Wombwell, h. p. 72 F. Rawson, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Moseley, from 4 Dr. G. with Ensign and Chitty, h. p. 27 F.

Lieut Jacob, 1 F. G. Owen, from 72 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Read, Ensign Brett, from 15 F. with Ensign Blair, 51 F. h. p. 12 F.

Couper, from 60 F. with Ens. Diddep, 64 F. C. Cox, from 87 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Drew, from 78 F. rec. dift. with Ensign Husband, h. p.

Macleod, h. p: Shaw, from 2 W. I. R. with Capt. Fitz Turnbull, from 64 F. with Ensign Carthes, Gerald, h. p. 5 W. I. R.

h. p. 73 F. Pigott, from 84 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Ar- Fearon, from 33 F. with Ensign Clarke, naud, h. p. 11 F.

h. p. 1 F. Lieut. Fisk, from 1 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Thomas, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Blathwayt, h. p. 23 Dr.

Satterthwaite, h. p. 45 F.
Swibolf, from 24 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Spalding, from 73 F. rec. diff. with Ensiga Watson h. p. 33 F.

Russell, h. p. Si F. Thebalsier, froin 35 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Home, from 4 W. I. R. with Ensign LangTennant, h. p.

ton, h. p. 69 F. Wm Cox, from 46 F. with Lieut. Prior, h. Paym. Jones, from 30 F. with Paym. Cruck

shank, SO F. -- Davis, from 47 F. with Lieut. Watts, 4 Surg. Rose', from 64 F. with Surg. Hately, h. p. W. I. R.

63 F.
Henderson, from 72 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Jervis, h. p.

Resignations and Retirements.
James, from 73 F. rec. diff. with Lieutenant

Major Murray, 20 F.
Schonfeldt, h. p. Cape Regt.

Ware, 90 F.
Eastwood,' from 73 F. with Lieut. Thistle.

Lieutenant Wombwell, 1 L. G. ton, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt.

Cornet llackett, 18 Dr.
Hay, from 2 Ceylon Regt. with Lieut. Gill,

Appointments Cancelled.
h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt.
Boldero, froin 25 F. with Lieut. Millar,

Ensign Money, 38 F. h. p. 27 F.

Ensign Armstrong, 2 W. I. R.
Perry, from 30 F. rec. dift. with Lieutenant

Craigie, h. p. 52 F.

Licut. Harrison, 9 F. | Lieut. Lahrbusch, 60 F. M.Donald, from 58 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. M'Conchy, h. p. 32 F.

Officers Wounded in the late Operations is D. M.Donald, from 92 F. rec. diff. with

India. Lieut. Hon. J. Sinclair, h. p.

Lieut. Warrand, 22 Dr. | Ensign Newhouse, 65 F.

p. 12 F.

Crake, 67 F.

12 Jan. 18 Muston, So. Line. Mil. 3 June

Sir George Osborn, Bl. 40 F.

29 June 18
Lieut. Colonels.
M'Nabb, 19 F.

4 Jan 18 Johnston, 14 F. 5 June A. Baron Linsingen, late ? Ilussars, K. G. L.

12 Dec. 17 Captain. Warburton, 21 F.


Gonte, 3 Dr. G. 2.- May 18
Adams, 2 F.

14 April
Swayne, 50 F. 15 June
Taylor, 73 F. 30 Dec. 17
Maclaine (killed in action), 13 F.

15 jan. 18
Weiss, late 5 Line K. G. L.

Russell, Leeds Rec. Dist.

Griffith, Hosp. Mate at Trinidad

22 \pril 18 Rev. Geo. Pidgeon, oifciating chaplain at New Brunswick

6 May 18


Sugar. Towards the close of last month, the demand for Sugars, notwithstanding the numerous arrivals, became extremely lively, and extensive sales were effected in all the different ports at advanced prices. In London 6000 hogsheads were sold in one day. Since then the demand has been limited, and the market rather on the decline. The im. portation is now at its height, and the arrivals numerous. Owing to the backward season, crops were very late this year; and as the rains were commenced at the date of the last advices from the Leeward Islands, fears are entertained that part of the crop would be left on the ground certainly it could not be finished without injuring the crop of the succeeding year. Foreign Sugars are in good request. Refined are more in demand. Coffee. In this article there has been great fluctuations. The price advanced uncommonly high ; and notwithstanding repeated depressions, it still recovers, and even goes higher than before. The price at one period exceeded 170s. per cwt. The demand from the Continent has been very great. The late high prices can scarcely be mentioned. The

market lately has become more languid, and prices have given way. Sales are dull at our present quotations. Cotton. The transactions in this article have been extensive, and prices on the advance. On the week ending the 1st August, the sales in Liverpool amounted to 14,300 bags. The importations continue to be very extensive, yet the price advances, a clear proof of the prosperity of that branch of our manufactures.- -Tobacco. There has been considerable sales made in this article, and at improved prices. The market, upon the whole, may be stated lively. Corn. The prices of grain, owing to the extensive supplies, both foreign and domestic, have given way. The markets every where are dull, and looking downwards. The present remarkable fine warm weather cannot fail to secure an early harvest. Already the fields are very generally assuming the livery of autumn. The crops of all kinds in Scotland will be most abundant. In the South of England and Ireland, it is said that some counties have suffered by drought This, however, cannot be very great. The harvest, all over the Continent of Europe, and also of North America, is represented as most abundant and fine. The prices of grain must therefore soon give way still more considerably than these have yet done.- Oils

. There has been extensive purchases in these articles, chiefly on speculation. The prices have consequently advanced. It may be doubted, however, how far and how long these may be maintained, as the accounts of the Greenland Fisheries, so far as these are yet received, are highly favourable.

Irish Provisions. There has been a considerable demand for prime Mess Beef. Mess Pork has been more inquired after. Butter has rather given way in price, and Bacon is steady.--Rum, Brandy, and Hollands. There has been several considerable purchases of Rum, made chiefly on speculation. The imports have as yet been smaller than usual, and holders calculate upon the supply being greatly deficient. Brandy is dull, though prices have advanced abroad. Geneva is without variation.---Wincs. A reduction is expected in the prices of French Wines, owing to the appearance of a most abundant vintage-greater than has been known for many years. In Portugal the appearance of the vintage is favourable, though it is not calculated to be any thing remarkable, as the vines suffered considerably from frosts in the spring. From the unfavourable state of the Exchange, Sherries have advanced fully ten per cent.

In other articles of trade, the alterations, one way or other, is so trifling as not to merit particular notice. The market, for all descriptions of Dyewoods, continues dull. In Ashes there has been little doing; and Naval Stores continue in their former state.

Since the Royalists began to obtain the ascendancy in the Caraccas, and adjoining provinces of South America, the trade with the West India Islands has become more secure and extensive. On the other hand, the late accounts from Chili, so unfavourable to the Royal cause, must be very prejudicial to the trade with Jamaica. It must spread alarm and insecurity over the American coasts of the South Pacific Ocean, and consequently not only lesson the trade, but render any that is carried on very uncertain and insecure. Any farther revolution in that quarter,—or should the flames of civil war be lighted up in Peru,--it would go nigh to ruin the Commercial Establishments in Jamaica. As the Royalists possess the Isthmus of Darien, through which that trade is carried on, so the moment the Independents succeeded in Peru they would completely close up the route. Under these circumstances, no road would remain open but the tedious one round ('ape Horn; and then the business would be carried on not as now, with people living in peace and quietness, but with nations divided into parties, and engaged in the horrors of war. Nor would the total stoppage of this lucrutative trade, or driving it into a more tedious and expensive route by Cape Horn, be the only loss, for the trade of late years has been carried on to a considerable extent by giving the Spaniards credit. Thus, at the time they pay for a former cargo, they carry away a new assortment upon credit. Thus the latter amount would run a great risk of being irrecoverably lost, or the time of payment protracted to a period very remote.

Weekly Price of Stocks, from 1st to 29th July 1818.

15th. 22d. 29th.

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Course of Exchange, Aug. 4. Amsterdam, 36:10. B. 2 Us. Antwerp, 11:10. Ex. Hamburgh, 34: 2:24 Us. Frankfort 142. Ex. Paris 24:40. 2 Us. Bordeaux, 24: 10. Madrid, 39 effect. Cadiz, 39 effect. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 514. Genoa, 47. Malta, 50. Naples, 44. Palermo, 129 per oz. Rio Janeiro, 68. Oporto, 58). Dublin, 11. Cork, 11. Agio of the Bank of Holland, 2.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £0, Os. Od. Foreign gold, in bars, £4, Is. 6d. New doubloons, £4, Os. Od. New Dollars, 6s. 5d. Silver, in bars, 5s. 5d. New Louis, Os. Od.

. cwt.


£1 10 0

121 124 116 123


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per lb.

111 111118元


0 17

8 F.S.

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PRICES CURRENT.-August 1, 1818. SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown,

80 to

to 82 71 to 80 80 to 82
Mid. good, and fine mid. 86

90 83

89 85 Fine and very fine,


94 87

93 Refined, Doub. Loaves, 150 155

155 Powder ditto, 124 126

122 Single ditto,

122 119


120 Small Lamps 116 118 114


120 Large ditto, 114 115 110 112 114

120 Crushed Lumps,

68 66


72 MOLASSES, British, cwt.

37 37 6

COFFEE, Jamaica cwt.
Ord. good, and fine ord. 138

150 136

146 145

155 Mid. good, and fine mid. 151 164 149

162 1 18
157 159

168 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 130 110

130 110 120 133 Ord. good, and fine ord. 142 149

142 119 145 149

OOX Mid. good, and fine mid. 150 158


158 160 165 St Domingo, 143 148

143 148 130 134 PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib.


103 11 SPIRITS,

102 115 Jam. Rum, 16 0. P. gall. 3s 8d 38 10d 3s 5d 38 8d 3s 5d 3s 10d 38 Od 3s 4d Brandy, 9 0 10 0

08 U 8 5

8 4 B.S. Geneva, 3 5 37

3 6 3 Grain Whisky, 7 8 79

9 17 11 WINES, Claret, 1st Growths, hhd. 50

B.S. 54

143 18

£50 Portugal Red, pipe. 18

F.S.) 148 54


50 Spanish White, butt. 34 55


60 Teneriffe, pipe. 30 35

28 34 F.S. 98 16 0 Madeira, 60 70

55 65 ŞB.S. 3

96 13 LOGWOOD, Jam.

ton. £9 9
8 15 9


99 16 6

8 0 8 5 Honduras,

7 15 8 0
8 8 9 0

8 10 8 15 8 0 Campeachy,

10 10

10 0 10 10 9 10 10 0 FUSTIC, Jamaica,

9 0 12

10 0 12 0 10 10 11 0 Cuba, 15

15 0 15 10 14 015 0 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 98 60 lls 6d 8 6 96

11 0 11 6 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot. 2 2 2 3

2 6 Ditto Oak,

2 8 9 6

4 6 Christiansand (dut. paid)

5 2 22 2 4 Honduras Mahogany 1 4 1 8 10 0 1 8

1 3 1 5 Is 8 St Domingo, ditto

1 2 3 0

1 9 2 3 1 8 TAR, American, brl.

6 18 0
18 0


(F.S.) Archangel,


17 0 19 0 21 0 PITCH, Foreign, cwt. 10



JB.S. TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 77 78 80 82


10 1

82 Home Melted, 78

0 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton. 45


79 49 50

51 Petersburgh Clean,

£49 47


51 48 FLAX,


B} . 47

{F.S. 0 10 Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak. 76 77 Dutch,

78 60

80 120 Irish,

80 56

81 61


o MATS, Archangel, 101. 105




1 Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 15 0 16 0



£14 10 15 01F.S. ASHES, Peters. Pearl, 50 51

50s 51

Montreal ditto,

58 56
57 54

55_) 57

54 47 OIL, Whale,


1 . tun. 35


33 Cod

34 40

42 TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, Ib. 54 (p. brl.)


101 102 11
08+ 0 10 102 1


9 9 Inferior,

93 0 7 8 09 0 101 8

0 COTTON's, Bowed Georg.

84 9 063

8 0 8 Sea Island, fine,

1 10

I 8 1 94

3 10 good,

4 0 3 6 3

3 6 middling,

3 9

3 Demerara and Berbice,

B.S. West India,

3 3
3 5 2 0 2 3

2 3 1 11 2 4

2 3 F.S. Pernambuco,

2 0 1 9 1 10 Maranham,

2 03
1 113 2

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50c.f. ton. per 19 brls.

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