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24 PA73



Haeckel's History of Creation : a Popular Account of

the Development of the Earth and its Inhabitants, according to the Theories of Kant, Laplace, Lamarck, and Darwin. By Professor Ernst HAECKEL. The Translation Revised by E. RAY LANKESTER, M.A., F.R.S. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Coloured Plates and Genealogical Trees

of the various Groups of both Plants and Animals, 325. Contemporary English Psychology: an Analysis of

the views and Opinions of the following Metaphysicians, as expressed in their Writings :- James Mill, Alexander Bain, John Stuart Mill, George H. Lewes, Herbert Spencer, Samuel Bailey. By Professor

TH. RIBOT. Second Edition, large post 8vo, gs. Heredity: a Psychological Study of its Phenomena, its

Laws, its Causes, and its Consequences. By Professor Th. Ribot.

Large crown 8vo, gs. Sensation and Intuition. By JAMES SULLY. Demy Svo,

ros. 6d. The Physics and Philosophy of the Senses; or, the

Mental and the Physical in their Mutual Relation. By R. S. WYLD,

F.R.S.E., LL.D. Demy Svo, Illustrated by several Plates, 165. The Principles of Mental Physiology, with their

Applications to the Training and Discipline of the Mind and the Study of its Morbid Conditions. By W. B. CARPENTER, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. Fourth Edition, demy 8vo, Illustrated, 125.


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HEXRY S. King & Co., LONDON.

(The rights of translation and or reproduction are risirved.)

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INCLINATION without some form of external pressure is insufficient
to induce an author to publish a handbook, for though complete-
ness is essential, the work is little attractive. Moreover, in such
a subject as ethnology the author finds himself obliged to enter
into matters requiring special study. He can no longer bring
forward his own thoughts, but has only to repeat the dicta of the
recognized authorities, and he never loses the oppressive sensation
of gathering roses in the garden of another. It would never have
occurred to the present author to reconstruct a doctrinal system
of ethnology, had he not in the beginning of 1869 been requested
by the then War Minister, General A. von Roon, to edit a fourth
and revised edition of his “Ethnology as an Introduction to
Political Geography” (Völkerkunde als Propädeutik der politischen
Geographie). The wish of a man whose name is closely con-
nected with the creation of our military system, became a duty to
a German on whom the newly acquired strength of his nation has
imposed obligations of gratitude towards its great originator and
promoter. After a short correspondence it was agreed that the
new work was to be described on the title-page as the joint pro-
duction of Herr von Roon and the present author, and that it
should be previously submitted to the former for approbation.

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