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LIST OF PETITIONS PRESENTED TO PARLIA. ' prietors of considerable landed property; others MENT FOR TIIE ENFRANCHISEMENT OF are the freeholders of much more than to the QUALIFIED WOMEN.

value of 40s. Among the householders, some

pay bigh rents for leasehold houses ; others On March the 28th, a petition praying that maintain themselves by their intelligence and the suffrage might be granted to unmarried wo- | industry, as shopkeepers, &c. men and widows, duly qualified in all respects

On the 11th of April the Edinburgh petition except that of sex, was presented by the Right was presented, and we are informed that it Hon. H. A. Bruce. The petition was signed

received the signatures of 8 Professors, 18 by 3, 559 persons of all classes. We observe | Ministers, 14 Lawyers, 10 Officers, 10 Physi. among the printed list of persons who signed, cians. 2 Artists, a few landed proprietors and the names of 1 Dean, 5 Professors, 26 Fellows farmers, a good many influential citizens, and of Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, of whom 800 ladies possessing the property qualification, 11 are Clergymen, 16 Clergymen not Fellows,

amonnting in all to 2,849 signatures. 6 Queen's Counsels, and 11 Physicians. There are also the names of several landed proprietors, On the same day Mr. Mill pregented a second and of a considerable number of literary and petition from Manchester, signed by 246 voprofessional women. The great bulk of signa- men fulfilling all the conditions required by law tures are those of married women and of un- from Parliamentary electors, praying for the married ones who are not householders. The electoral franchise. Also a suppleinentary petisignatures of this petition were collected by the tion, signed by men and unqualified women, London Ladies' Franchise Committee.

| praying for the admission of women to the A petition to the same effect was presented at franchise on the same conditions as men. The the same time from Dumfries signed by 34 per- total number of signatures attached to the varisons.

ous petitions from Manchester is 4,200, about On the 5th of April, a petition praying that

half of which are those of women. the suffrage should be granted to qualified wo.. Among the names of the gentlemen we find men, was presented by Mr. J. Stuart Mill, to 43 Fellows of Colleges, 4 University Dignitaries which 3,161 signatures, collected by the Man- other than Fellows, 24 Clergymen of the Church chester Committee, were attached.

of England, 5 Dissenting Ministers, 4 Physi. ! A petition was presented at the same time!

cians and Surgeons, and 2 Barristers. by the Right Hon. Russell Gurney, signed by A petition for the same object was also pre1,605 unmarried women and widows possessing sented on the Ilth of April by Mr. Walgrave the legal qualifications of an elector, who prayed Leslie, M.P. for Hastings, from Mr. Heywood that they might be admitted to the franchise. I and others, but we do not know the number of These signatures had been collected from dif- i signatures attached to it. The total number of ferent parts of the Kingdom, 757 were sent signatures attached to petitions presented up to through the Edinburgh Franchise Committee, April 13th was 12,247 (not counting the peti 655 through the London Committee, and 193 tion from Hastings), and it was believed that through the Manchester Committee. Some of more were in the course of preparation.-Sap the ladies who signed this petition are the pro- plement, Englishwoman's Review.


Poetry received and accepted, with thanks.—“So- ' pleasingly written to reject. We will find an early

ciety and Solitude;" “Remembered Still;" “ Ga place for it, in accordance with the writer's request thered Ilome;" “Sunset ;” “ Day-dawn ;” “ Twilight.”

Received, but not yet read. “The Pet Canary;" Declined, with thanks. — “May;" “The Grave.

“Madeleine;" "Romance and Reality. yard by the Sea ;” “He pressed my Hand, and whispered low ;” “The Boatman ;" “Now and

Declined, with thanks. — “Going Home;" " The Then--a Contrast ;” “The Swiss Bell-ringers;"

Squire of Ashbury.” “ Two Sonnets."

“R. E. T.”—The author of the “ Chignon” is inProse received.--"Among the Lochs.” (This paper formed that the sketch inquired after was returned

bears the impress of an immature pen, but is too! by post some weeks since.


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