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of good St. Anthony, who very nearly fell a

victim to the wiles of the temptress, though all “DE PROFUNDI 8."

the other temptations were laughed to scorn,

And really the girl's entreaties and persuasions Life, meanwhile, was pursuing the usual were hard to be borne firmly. She had reason regular round at Oaklands and Luffington. for what she said. Sharpest of all is the eye of The cheery English spring and the primroses love, and she could not help seeing that ber had departed, and the heat and fervour of the darling's cheek was growing thinner and paler, glorious English summer were blazing them and that a haggard look of careworn anxiety, selves out; and still the round of life was un- such as must come to the man whose life-work varying. The characters in the little drama is a constant battle with a deadly adversary, to that was being enacted there—an old English thwart his wiles, to beat down his strong deSquire and his wife ; Loftus Smyly, a clerk in fences of ignorance and vice-that anxiety was holy orders, in love with Kate Stewart; and Kate agonizing his face. Stewart, in love with Loftus Smyly; a village " Why didn't you come to the Gardener's Doctor; and a crowd of minor characters, who croquet party, the other afternoon, Lofty? I appear in the chorus-parts, and murmur assentam sure there were no end of regrets at your or disapprobation, as the case may be. The absence; and recollect you owe something to me. Squire lorded it over delinquents in all the There was I, left a prey to some harmless College terrors of magisterial law; his good wife busied youths, who pestered me with stories of their herself in all the details of household work ; boat and their eleven, till I was ready to box the clergyman used all his endeavours to heal the their ears. Besides, you are looking positively soul, and keep sin away from Luffington, which old and careworn and quite consumptive. You was, as has been hinted aforetime, no very work too hard, and that is as selfish as if you model village, pursued his way steadfastly and worked too little.” rigorously, turning neither to the left nor the Retro Sathana," returned the curate, with right to listen to the blandishments of beauty a look of fond admiration at the upturned face, or the voice of the siren Sloth; and ofttimes and eyes of heavenly blue that appealed to him when the entreating invitation came for him to so temptingly. “Men must work and women join some croquet party, the great attraction of may play croquet (which is a sufficiently dull, which was that she was to be there, he had if fashionable, amusement) if they like. Do you closed his eyes to the alluring prospect, and know that when you were knocking the balls gone and spent the hot weary hours of the July about and broiling in the sun I was sitting by day in preaching the good gospel or pouring the bed-side of a poor little child-Mary Wilson, the oil of divine sympathy into the ears of a I think you know her-enjoying the cool air, wounded sinner. His might seem to some a which came through a paneless window? I was bard fate, and people not seldom remarked that sufficiently well paid by the look of quiet gratithe Curate was working himself too hard, and tude with which the little cripple thanked me; that he ought to take more amusement, greater and I had that feeling of satisfaction,

and I had that feeling of satisfaction, whicb is leisure. He would answer them that the day more precious than rubies, stealing over me, allotted to man for work was not so very long, telling me that I had done my duty. All the and that the night crept on with the silent same, my precious Kate, I feel the force of the steadiness of the tide-night, in which no work temptation coming from you, and I don't mean

to say that when I see the green light from the It was hardest of all, though, to have to re- meadows underneath, and in the meadows sist Kate's entreaties. He used to laughingly tremulous aspen-treee and poplars, making a assure her that the emissary of the Evil One noise of falling showers,' I feel a slight distaste Lever came in more witching guise than that to groping my way among the dark alleys of

& woman, anil used ta ingtance the case. Luffington, amid all the crime and misery and

might be done.

want there; but the people will never come to my dainty Kate-wearied you beyond all con. me; I must go to them. Mahomet found that science, I make no doubt; though I supmuch out, you know, with regard to the pose you would listen to me patiently if I mountain. I know they feel grateful when I discoursed on the Fathers by the hour." do get to them, and I know, too, that they “You are always good and wise," said the make an effort towards cleanliness, if not to girl in reply. “I only wish that I was balf so godliness. You wouldn't have me otherwise, good, or did my duty half so well. All I can would you, my precious one?" said he, stroking do is to love you, and that with all my heart" with a fond movement the braids of her golden and so on. hair. “And, besides," interrupted the Curate, I don't think we will penetrate any farther seeing that she was trying some new point of into the mysteries of Eros, except to say tbat attack, out of the exceeding love she bare him ; the good Curate felt himself amply repaid for seeing this, with rapid perception of love, which all toil as he stood there, drinking deep draughts makes ordinary men and women adepts in the of “Love's wine" and basking in the sunsbite art of clairvoyance, as far as regards themselves,' of the dreamy blue eyes, that looked into bir and I'll warrant you that should the heart of with such unutterable affection. “And 48 Jack be distracted with care, the heart of Jill is they talked they walked" through the lovely lane also torn with sympathetic grief, although they which led to Pullen's Croft, a wondrous fair use not the ordinary medium of words to ex prelude to a most discordant piece. It was a press the malady" and besides, if I don't do lane such as one comes suddenly on in the all this work nobody else will, you may depend, canvas of Creswick, after weary and restless It would be different if I had a resident rector, roaming through many yards of unsatisfactory who was able and willing to co-operate with me. colouring; a little delicious bit on which the But my man is not the slightest use : leaves tired eye may rest and drink in the sweet reEngland for three parts of the year, and the freshing green of the delicate fern, and catch sole charge to me all the year round; and while frequent glimpses of the timid violet, as cogly it le roi s'amuse on the Continent, I must perforce peeps, like rustic beauty from out its lattice of do my duty. Oh !" went on the young man, velvety moss, and see the stately fox-glove with an earnest Alush mantling in his cheek and swayed gracefully by the summer breeze; and, kindling in his eyes, “if they would only get higher still, twining round the gnarled trucks rid of the drones in our church, and pay those of trees, the faëry wild rose, with the tenderest who do work their best a fair day's wage for a of all blushes upon its cbeek; hedge-roms fair day's work! I haven't much sympathy where, later in the year, the embrowned bazel with the foes of my church, I must say, and it shall bend down to the earth its treasures, and may be that I'm prejudiced more than I should | children shall revel amidst the branches; a be by that particular form of vanity called lane in which High Church; but still I must confess that our enemies have much to taunt the Establishment "A foamless stream, in blossoms cradled deep, with, that can ill be answered with a clear con Flowed thro' the midst, in a mysterious tone, science. Why do you continue to give gentle. Like love-lisped voices heard in summer-sleep, men and the sons of gentlemen-men with all That whisper and are gone;" the polish, and expensive polish too, of an university education, men of taste, intellect, and and where birds made joyous carol all through refinemement-a miserable pittance of £80 or the warm and chequered sunlight, and sang lor £100 a year--a sum which, if a man is poor and | serenades what time the pale young lady-moon foolish enough to marry, is just enough to starve ascended her throne, 'mid the gathering shadows him and his wife; or, if single and a man of expen- 1 of eve; a "lover's lane" the country-peo

of eve; a "lover's lane" the country-people called sive tastes and no private ineans, just enough 10 it, and certainly the rustic suitor must have been make bim figure, under the head of Clerks in dull of heart and slow of tongue, if the influence Holy Orders,' in the Gazette, as undergoing of this divine spot did not inove him to the the process of wbitewash, all the while that eloquence of love-speech in which to plead his many clergymen by luck, or the usual course of suit. At any rate the present happy lovers who things, have, like the man in the Pickwick | wandered at their own sweet will througb tbus Papers,' plenty to get and little to do. It is a beautiful lane found plenty to talk about, and state of things to which no man of sense can close their talk was not of that sweetly silly kind his eyes, and I do wish that, instead of setting | that characterizes the usual talk of lovers. High up howls of criticism over the introduction of | aspirations filled their hearts, and their earnest red and green garments, as if it mattered one wish was for the amelioration of the poor people single sixpence whether man worships his Maker who groaned in the bondage of uncleanness in white or any other colour, as long as the ser- and poverty round them, who made quite a blog vice is heartfelt and solemn-I do wish people on the fair face of nature. To Kate's faithful would turn their attention to the shamefully bosom the Curate could confide the weary longo meagre way in which curates are paid for the ing for success that he had, and how often he often arduous work they have to perform. Ours had been disappointed and nearly despairing is the noblest, highest work on God's earth, the arduous contest, and for this we are paid stipends that cooks "I don't believe that these people dislike would sneer at, And there's a sermon for you, being visited by a clergyman as long as

does not make a nuisance of himself by peering ing the end of the Lover's-lane and the com. too curiously into their domestic regulations. mencement of Luffington, "they were aware," No: the women, I fancy, rather esteem the as the old ballads say, of a man approaching clergyman's visit a token of flattery; but they them. It was Doctor Scalpel, with an expres. do not take what I say to heart.' The poor sion of the deepest disgust on his face, and his blind creatures will not see that a whole ghastly natural fussy demeanour increased tenfold by train of fevers and ague, and such miseries, are

the harass and excitement of the time. . advancing upon them surely and steadily. It “Good-day, good-day, Miss Stewart: the will be no use,' so I tell them, "for the poor sight of you is good for sore eyes, as they say. creatures to begin their amendment when it is Smyly, I am glad to see you, or any other too late.' I do wish that they would only take reasonable being, after being harassed as I have a little trouble now to remove the filth-heaps been this day. Why, I do believe, if an angel from before their doors."

from heaven were sent to these outer barba. And what the good Curate said was strictly | rians, they wouldn't listen to reason. Don't true. Already had the daily papers begun to you remember, Smyly, how I implored and tell their pitiful story of the outbreaking of threatened them last year and now what I fever and cholera in the heart of England, and feared is come upon them. And bitterly will many a village, possibly cleaner and more whole they rue their obstinacy. But not even now some than Luffington, had fallen victims to the can I persuade them to bestir themselves. I fell conquerors. inasmuch that, as was the case suppose they'll lie still and be slaughtered like when the angel of the Lord visited the houses dumb beasts! There are three evident cases, of the Egyptians,

and very bad ones too, of aggravated typhus,"

said the little Doctor, pausing to wipe his brow, "Regum turres,

for he was talking himself into a white heat, this Pauperumque tabernas,"

burning July day—"aggravated typhus; and

God knows whether we shall not have cholera ! when the shriek and wail of utter agony arose It's too bad ; a burning shame it is, that the amid the darkness; for there was not a house more respectable should have to suffer for the in which there was not one dead. Darkness ignorant and dirty! But, once get the cholera and desolation were over many a fair English into this place, and it will mow them down as village. It seemed quite a ghastly mockery it has in many other places. Can't you do that, as the weather grew finer and the country anything, Smyly? Do, for goodness-sake, go donned her goodliest summer bravery, then the ani entreat these fools! Try and terrify them, sell god Beelzebuh raged more furiously, and by making them think of their souls, and the marked his march with a ghastly line of victims. day of judgment; for I say solemnly that, should

The reader will remember that the honest what I fear happen, there will be a good many Doctor had prophesied for these people of headstones in the churchyard, if it will be even Luffington a grievous sickness in the heat of | possible to bury them all !" the summer, unless they cleansed their houses “My dear Doctor," said the Curate, with a and removed the festering heaps of garbage sigh, in answer to the irascible little man's that poisoned the sweet air, Neither threats address, “I quite agree with you that much renor cajolery had any effect upon these people, mains to be done, and, as long as I have and the dread consequence soon began to ap- strength remaining in me, I will do my heartiest pear. As when the rival armies lay before Troy, to try and persuade these people to consult and the God-sent plague began its ravages their own interests, if they will no-one's else." among the strongest and best of the warriors, And so they parted—the Doctor to bully the 80 at Luffington symptoms of sickness began to magistrates into making some sanitary regulaappear in the crowded alleys, and, though strong tions compulsory, and to form a band of earnest men fought against it, and strove to go forth to men, if he could, who would not touch want their work in the morning, they fought in vain, and misery and filth with a shrinking kid. and the night came upon them, racked and glove, but go heartily into the work, with their groaning and refusing all manner of sustenance, sleeves tucked up and their muscles bracedand with white lips, shuddering at the advance the Curate and Kate to Luffington. “ Thither," of Death, which they had derided, and the pos. as the old novels would say, “let us follow sibility of an angry Deity whom they had them," and shock our delicate susceptibilities ignored. Alas! that over the divine face of by a glance at the genuine article--misery, not beautiful Nature, on all the smiling valleys such as is served up by the harmless young and corn-clad uplands, and waving trees and man at St. Barnabas, who informs us with a babbling brooks that bickered through the lisp that the ladies love, "we are all miserable valleys, "the trail of the serpent was over them sinners”! all ;" where the herbage grew most luxuriant, | Frequent signs of utter destitution, of misery, and the grass formed the smoothest carpet that greeted the young man as he approached the ever Titania led her faëry saraband on, there village. A troop of not quite half-clad and the grim fiend lurked with the greatest subtlety, wholly dirty, reckless children were playing at and there the carrion-flies settled thickest and some barbarous game, which they accompanied the pollution was most deadly. In the course. with yells 80 different from the music of of their walk, and just as they were approach.1 children's laughter, who are really happy in

their play. And their faces--which they lifted | season is at its height, for the grand and serene with a bold sullenness to the stranger's, nor Highness who lords it over that territory has thought of “louting low"- 80 prematurely vouchsafed his august and shining presence aged, as though the vices of their unhappy there, and every night the theatre is patronized parents had reproduced themselves on a smaller by his brilliant court, and his Serenity with scale of depravity. And when the village itself | his fat goodnatured-looking little wife doze appeared, with its hideous dark-brick houses, peacefully through high tragedy, low comedy, smoke-grimed and cheerless-looking, there and burletta, till such time as the national seemed to bang over the whole place a species anthem peals through the building, the of miasma which poisoned the pure atmosphere, time for his Serenity to go home to supper, and cried to heaven itself with misery. Before which I will warrant you he will enjoy right each house reeked an impure, festering heap of heartily, for your true German spends his life garbage-the refuse of meat, bits of cabbage- | in eating, drinking, and smoking, and when be stalk, such old rags as were not employed in is not doing one thing he is pretty sure to be the place of glass for the window-panes, and a doing the other-a happy, peaceful life, and the plentiful collection of bones, a miscellaneous sooner it is over the sooner to sleep. A true array, which produced a peculiar perfume far epicurean is the man of Allemaire. "Dies from agreeable, and which might be bottled by truditur die." Quickly for him the river of his some enterprising Piesse and Lubin, and la- life glides calmly on, with nothing very eventful belled “The Essence of Ignorance and Neg- to cause rough water. lect !” and might turn up useful for some The departure or Hegira of the Grantleys tribune of the people to present to the noses of from England did not cause much surprise the fashionable few. A few slipshod men amongst those who knew nought of the downlounged about the doors, with perhaps a mon- fal of the Captain; for it was becoming, and the grel of suspicious appearance between their legs, bounden duty of every Englishman to Ay from and a black pipe between their teeth-their his own country and seek foreign climesonly solace, so they thought and said, in their fresh fields and pastures new," on the Rhine trouble. The women were employed in drawing or at Paris, or goodness knows where elsewater, and were, as usual, at high words, gar- anywhere, anywhere out of London. People nishing their allusions to each other with much must show their neighbours that they were well playful imagery ; but the sight of the parson, to do in the world, and could afford to go and and with him a woman who was not of the same be annoyed and fleeced at foreign hostelrieskind as they, rather subdued them, and they nay, sometimes taken into captivity by brigands,

d from their quarrel for the moment, and and not to be released therefrom till the uttersome had even the grace to curtsey. I think most farthing had been paid, and even then religion holds longer on women than men. with the probable loss of an ear. So it fell that But everywhere, everywhere there was misery, on board the Ostend boat, which paddled ma. filth, ignorance unalloyed; and the face of the jestically out of the harbour, very few of the young Hercules, who was bent on cleansing passengers who were outward bound knew or this Augean stable in what is funnily styled cared anything of Grantley's misfortunes, and “happy England !" acquired a firmer look as he probably imagined that he was bent on the bade good afternoon to Katie, and with her same pleasing round as themselves. There hand-clasp still tingling on his own, and her was quite a motley crowd on board the dear presence still shielding him, led his forces, "magnificent paddle - steamer Cycnus" this with a silent prayer, to engage this very forlorn morning, and the piles of luggage were most hope.

prodigious; of course there was the regular type of English paterfamilias-clean-shaven,

rosy-gilled, and pompous-reading his Times Chap. XXIX.

with decorum; and there, too, was materfamilias, fussy and amiable, but not looking exactly

pleased, because Matilda Jane—her eldest-born “WHILE THE BALL IS ROLLING."

and the hope of the home-was “carrying on,"

rather evidently, with a much-whiskered be “Make your game, make your game. Faites l jewelled individual, who might have been a votre jeu Messieurs. Le jeu est fait.To such count, a courier, or an officer. There were music as this “all day long the tide of battle Oxford men in great variety, with that jaunty rolled," at Baden Baden. From the cool of the air of calm self - importance which seems early morning all through such times as the to say—“All the world is Oxford, and my colhot summer day, like a crimson yule-log, had | lege is the only one worth mentioning”- talking smouldered itself out into the grey, cool ashes the genial, college slang, which seems so incom of the eventide ; all through the live-long day prehensible to outsiders, to the full as mystem the motley crowd surged round the tables, and rious as were the oracles of the Delphi to the the impassive pale croupiers raked in the mo. | uninitiated; wonderfully attired were they in the eny of all nations whose children dropped | matchless straw hat and pea-coat of their de their wealth there amid the unwearied “clic. and very large pipes tbey smoked, and ta clic" of the rolling ball, and all day long the lincessantly, as they anticipated, in chee game was being made at Baden Baden, The language, the capital run over to Ostend, au

the pleasant reading party afterwards — not Arrived at Ostend the company separated, that very much reading would be done, and fled in diverse directions -the Oxford men although the large book-case gave mighty to their little reading nook among the mounpromise-not much reading, but much fishing tains; the artists for a stroll through all the atand more idling and dancing and flirting with tainable picture galleries ; and the gentlemen of the jolly little Fraulein of the inn. And there, distinction-the faded dandies of St. James's, too, was the usual family of distinction, the and with them Grantley and his wife-to Baden aristocratic male head thereof, very haughty and ! (to an Eldorado the Captain hoped); the old noli me tangere as to appearance, and with a men to a fountain of Jouvence, after a broad-rimmed eye-glass, placed on what Bell's magic flight through the delicious Rhine-land Life would facetiously call his “ dexter optic," that land the very name of which has the sound and with hin the high-bred lady, who stares of music, and makes one lay down the pen, and askance at the mingled crowd on board, and dream. At the close of a beautiful summer-day, with her a French maid, who will commence to when land and lea, mountain, and river which be dreadfully ill long before the boat gets into reflected the mountain, blazed with a gorgeous, sea-water; and a courier, of foreign extraction, golden splendour they drew nigh to a town whose costume is a mavellous thing to behold, the windows of whose houses gleamed like and is characterized by the Oxford men as an brightest jewels, to a veritable Paradise, “awfulbig cheese," and partakes of the bitter beer | if delicious scenery, magnificent buildings, with them with exceeding affability. Pale and ever-changing groups of gaily-attired promejaded old roués froin the clubs cluster together naders, and the sounds of witching music stealand mumble politics and scandal on the poop; ing through the evening air can form a Parathese hope to recreate their strength, and put dise. In looking at Baden one is tempted to off that sure-footed enemy, Death, for a short think of the old proverb or saying of an ancient time, by a rigorous course of the waters, and in- divine, that the devil had all the finest music tend keeping away dreadful ennui by a little certes, that gentleman, and he is very rise in roulette ; and the long-bearded, roughly-dressed Baden, has there the monopoly of an Elysium young fellows by them, who have already on earth! brought out their tablets and pencils, are of the Ella looked forward to her future home with struggling band of the brush, who hope that a degree of eager curiosity, which not even the they may tack on the dearly-beloved R.A, to pressure of great grief could entirely quell. their names, in time. Honest young people, Everyone knows. the painful longing which whose wants are simple and easily satisfied, strains one's eyes to catch the first glimpse of give them their much-adored meerschaum and the place where we are to live in for some time. a glass of beer and something to sketch from, Going to school for the first time, how ea. and they are content. There are two passen gerly the little crying boy strains his eyes gers the less, though, in the favourite steamer towards the brick-house with the belt of fir“Cycnus," than when we were about to start. trees round it! and with what respectful awe and The cry of “Any more for the shore” had terror he listens to the coachman's description scarcely died away when a suspicious-looking of Beatem Academy! Going up to College a pale-faced man, about whose mouth there was callow freshman, with all his troubles to come, a strange twitching, and about whose manner what a strange thrill of pride and curiosity pera curious hurry and nervousness, felt his vades bis mind as he sees the long line of polshoulder touched by the hand of an ordinary lard willows that fringe the river! And then, respectable personage, and turned round to face in a grey haze, the stately Christ-church towers, bis doom, to feel the iron clutch of that Neme- and the front of the schools before whose stern sis, from whose bonds he so fondly hoped to and frowning pillars all his battles are to be escape. You have the inimitable face of the fought and all his triumphs won! And shortly detected criminal in Frith's wondrous picture the train rolls up to the station, and he is in the “The Railway Station”-that white face, in midst of the mad hurly-burly, with men of his which one can almost see the dry lip qui- own age, struggling for luggage in the maddest vering, that blank stare of horror in the eye; I possible manner. Painful as this feeling of such was the face of the passenger on curiosity is at all times, it is doubly so when we board the “Cycnus,” when he felt the hand feel certain that the bourne we are approaching of the trusty emissary of Scotland Yard on will be for us no haven of rest, but that a scene bis shoulder, and needed not the assurance of trouble and misery is dawning upon us. of worthy Inspector Scott to tell him that When forced to leave home-perchance a dear the game was up. It was a painful scene, home, that has been broken up, and the warm but one of frequent occurrence, and after ashes of the hearthstone scattered to the winds the people had ceased pitying the anguish of by the untimeous death of the bread-winner, or, the miserable wife, they fell to talking, with a more piteous still, by the departure to a better certain degree of pride, of the infallible nature land of the “angel in the house”-the mother of Justice, and many more things to the same who sanctified all homes' belongings by the tune, though possibly many of them might have halo of ber presence. Then, if haply the son is had cause to tremble having within them “un- cast upon the world's cold charity, or the divulged crimes,” but, being lucky in that, they daughter forced to earn a genteel livelihood (the escaped.

| painful mockery of that word genteel!) by

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