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MATERIALS.-Boar's-head crochet cotton, No. 10, and knitting cotton No. 4, of Messrs. Walter Evans and

Co., Derby. The foundation of this antimacassar is in then be much easier to darn, the holes having square netting, which is made by beginning taken the proper square form. with one stitch only, and netting two in that THE BORDER, which must now be done, is one; then turning the work, and making one in very simple. With the same mesh as you have the first stitch and two in the second. Again used for the square, do two rounds. Then turn the work, and do two in every with a three-quarter inch mesh do one round stitch except the last, in which three thus : * five stitches in one, one stitch in the must be made. This last row must next. * all round. be repeated until the extreme width is attained, 2nd round. With the small mesh net a stitch which, in this case, is one hundred and thirteen on every stitch of five. Miss the single one. stitches. The triangular piece now made is 3rd. Same mesh. Four stitches over five. one-half the antimacassar. For the other half, Miss the intervening. instead of making two in one at the end of the 4th. Same mesh. Three stitches over four. row, you will net the last two together as one, Miss the loop between. It would answer the same purpose, as far as the 5th. Same mesh. Two over three, Miss decreasing is concerned, to omit the last stitch the loop between. at the end of the row; but the edges then. The darning is now to be done froin any do not correspond with those of the first handsome Berlin wool pattern. The extreme part.

coarseness of the cotton employed for this part When the square is finished, let it be washed, fills it up rapidly, and makes it look very well. and rinsed in starch-water; after which it is to It is extremely suitable for those whose sighi be pinned neatly on a pillow to dry, and it will I is not very good.


It is pretty for babies' berceaunette blankets, 8-thread fleecy. The following directions will or cot covers, lined with silk, or knitted in very be found correct for hnitting the stitch : Cast coarse wool for travelling rugs. Different kinds on any number of stitches that will divide by 4, of wool must, of course, be selected, according and allow besides 1 for each end. 1st row. Slip to the purpose for which the knitting is intended. / 1, * make 1, slip 1, knit 3, draw the slipper We will give our readers the directions for knit- stitch over the 3 knitted ones, repeat from *, ting the stitch, and they can then make use of knit 1. 2nd. Knit 1, purl all out the last stitch it for either of the articles just mentioned. We which knit plain. 3rd. Same as 1st. 4th. would advise them to select, for a baby's Same as 2nd. The pattern is very easy to knit, blanket, white fleecy wool; for a cot cover, and is very quickly executed. double Berlin; and for a travelling rug,


POETRY received and accepted, with thanks.-From / (Unless we receive an assurance of the originality of

H, J. S. (in our next number); "Meeting and this paper we must decline its acceptance).
Parting;” “One Happy Heart.”

Received, but not yet read.-" The Squire of IshDeclined, with thanks.-" Cowslips ;” “A Riddle;" |

bury;" “Going Home.” “ Song ;” “To a Bouquet ;" *" The Clouds are

"Fair View, Dublin.”—We have twice made an apFrowning;” “The Warrior Queen;" “ The Land

plication on the subject of our correspondent's seer Lions.”

request, but have not yet been favoured with all

answer. The manuscript was forwarded as desired. Prose declined, with thanks.-"Our Mutual Ad-Alderney."--The author of “ Rambles," &c., is re

miration Society;” “Souchong;” "School-girl minded that no contribution has come to hand. Honour" (Returned-too long for “ The Leaves," To CONTRIBUTORS. — Our rule for the return of and adapted for children of a larger growth than manuscripts has been so frequently published that the "Little Ones,” for whose amusement these are it ought to be unneccessary to repeat it. If stamps intended); “ The First Review of our Local Vo. are not sent, we will not hold ourselves responsible lunteers at Smallbridge;" “ The Rules of Croquet" for the return of manuscripts.


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