Catalogue of the ... Collection of Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, and Engravings, of the Late Sir William Tite ...: Which Will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, Auctioneers ... the 18th of May, and Nine Following Days ...

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Dryden Press, J. Davy and Sons, 1874 - 288 стор.

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Сторінка 198 - (W.) The excellent History of the Merchant of Venice. With the extreme cruelty of Shylocke the Jew towards the saide Merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his flesh. And the obtaining of Portia, by the choyse of three Caskets. Written by W. Shakespeare, fine copy
Сторінка 127 - London Directory. A Collection of the Names of the Merchants living in and about the City of London; very usefull and necessary ; carefully collected for the Benefit of all dealers that shall have occasion with any of them : Directing them at first sight of their name to the place of their abode,
Сторінка 201 - conteining his treacherous Plots against his brother Clarence, the pitiful murther of his innocent Nephewes, his tyrannicall usurpation : with the whole course of his detested life, and most deserved death, Second Edition, title and several leaves
Сторінка 201 - Tragedie of King Richard the Second, with new additions of the Parliament Sceane, and the deposing of King .Richard, as it hath been lately acted by the Kinges Majesties servants at the Globe, fine
Сторінка 191 - Shakespeare's (Mr. William) Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. Published according to the true Original Copies. Unto which is added Seven PLAYS, Never before Printed in Folio, The Fourth Edition, portrait
Сторінка 198 - of Shylocke the Jewe towards the sayd Merchant in cutting a just pound of his flesh, and the obtayning of Portia by the choyse of three chests. As it hath beene
Сторінка 58 - Anne his Wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, upon the day of his Maiesties Triumphant Passage (from the Tower) through his Honourable Citie (and Chamber) of London, being the 15th of March,
Сторінка 262 - I pass my time sometimes with Ovid, and sometimes with our old English poet Chaucer; translating such stories as best please my fancy; and intend besides them to add somewhat of my own: so that it is not impossible but ere the summer be
Сторінка 265 - to live upon the best terms with men of genius, and as I know that Dr. Goldsmith will have no reason to change his present friendly disposition towards me, so I shall be glad of any future opportunity to convince him how much.
Сторінка 17 - BIBLIA the Bible, that is, the holy Scripture of the Olde * and New Testament, faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe

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