Let the Bible Speak for Itself: It Is All There It Needs No Help

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The book is away of helping people get closer to god. helping people to understand more about God. And the love and care he has for us.the book also tells somthings i've been through as a mother and grandmother, and much more.in my neighborhood i watch a lot of siners fall short of God untill i understand they need the help of God. I've watched families fall short because they did not have the love of God. It tells how people can hurt somone that is so close to you.And how people can do you wrong without careing how you feel or how any one else feel. So this book is mostly telling people to open up their hearts for God cause without him we can't do anything unless we trust in him.And he will never let us down. The book tells us he's a good and mercyful God. He will always be there for us and how he gave his life for us and some of us still do not belive in him and his wonderful work he do for useven as a siner so if we keep the trust he will see us through.

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