The History of Peoria, Illinois

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N.C. Nason, 1870 - 271 стор.

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Сторінка 97 - Congress, in making roads leading to the state ; the residue to be appropriated, by the legislature of the state, for the encouragement of learning, of which one-sixth part shall be exclusively bestowed on a college or university.
Сторінка 97 - That thirty-six sections, or one entire township, which shall be designated by the President of the United States, together with the one heretofore reserved for that purpose, shall be reserved for the use of a seminary of learning, and vested in the legislature of the said state, to be appropriated solely to the use of such seminary by the said legislature.
Сторінка 97 - State, and which shall be sold by Congress from and after the first day of January...
Сторінка 22 - ... or outlet of the lake. This village had been inhabited by the French previous to the recollection of any of the present generation. About the year 1778 or 1779, the first house was built in what was then called La Ville de Maillet, afterwards the New village of Peoria, and...
Сторінка 97 - That five per cent. of the net proceeds of the lands lying within such state, and which shall be sold by Congress...
Сторінка 71 - ... exclusive jurisdiction in all cases arising under the ordinances of the corporation, and concurrent jurisdiction with all other justices of the peace in all civil and criminal cases within the county...
Сторінка 78 - Truths would you teach, or save a sinking land? All fear, none aid you, and few understand.
Сторінка 194 - An Act to confirm certain claims to lots In the Village of Peoria, in the State of Illinois...
Сторінка 29 - War. . ps — ]Sfo troops of any kind have yet arrived in this Territory, and I think you may count on hearing of a bloody stroke upon us very soon. I have been extremely reluctant to send my family away, but, unless I hear shortly of more assistance than a few rangers, I shall bury my papers in the ground, send my family off, and stand my ground as long as possible.
Сторінка 71 - Avrits and process, under the seal of the city, to take depositions, the acknowledgment of deeds, mortgages and all other instruments of writing, and certify the same under the seal of the city, which shall be good and valid in law.

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