Зображення сторінки


The present compilation was intended in the first instance to consist of little more than a reprint of some articles on our chief Public Schools, which appeared a few years since in a leading newspaper. The publication of the Evidence given before the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Revenues and Management, &c. of those Schools, and of the admirable Report upon that Evidence, rendered a modification of the original plan of the book indispensable. The work accordingly has been entirely remodelled and considerably expanded, and now supplies, it is believed, a variety of information regarding the Institutions it treats of, not devoid of practical value to those interested in the Educational agencies of the country, and not elsewhere accessible in a collected form.


Page 62 line 14, for Boccacio read Boccaccio.

63 6, for Crescy read Cressy.
65 14, for function read office.
74 14, for turn unto Him read live unto Him.
74 note, line 4 from bottom, for dinner, London read dinner in

80 note 3, line 6 from bottom, for diliquentes, read deliquentes.
86 note 1, line 4 from bottom, for stock, interest read stock, the


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