Numerology for Beginners: Easy Guide to Love, Money, Destiny

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Llewellyn Worldwide, 2000 - 336 стор.
Would you like to have an advantage in life? Perhaps you'd like a way to determine such things as the opportunities and challenges you will face in the coming months and years. Or maybe it would be valuable to determine your compatibility with another person in advance. You might just like to have some more information about yourself so you can better understand your inner desires. A tool used to discover all of these things would need to be easy and quick to use, but must also be highly accurate. It would be great, too, if this technique had been proven through thousands of years of history and practice. Well, such a system does exist! It is called numerology. This ancient science is based on two simple ideas. The first idea is that everything is related to numbers. The date when you were born is a number. The letters in your name can be converted to numbers. The second idea is that these numbers have meaning. You can learn to use this simple but effective system by following the easy instructions in Numerology for Beginners by Gerie Bauer. In this book you'll learn which numbers give you information about what will be confronting you in the coming month. You will see how easy it is to determine what a person is really like. Will you enjoy working for her? Will he make a good boyfriend? And you can do it all without months of study. This book reveals it all! If you have never tried to learn a system where you can analyze people and predict their actions, this is the ideal place to start. Yes, it is easy, but it is also very effective. If you already practice astrology, Tarot or something similar, numerology is a perfect addition to your skills. And this book is exactly what you need to get started!

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Your Destiny
Your Personal Year
Your Specific Month
Birthdate Significance
Your Individual Day
Your Triple Cycles
Your Name Expression
The Real You
Total Name Expression
Instant Personality Detection
Missing Links
Personal Harmony by Destiny Number
Personal Harmony by Name Expression
Compatible Occupations
Casting a Numeroscope
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Gerie Bauer (New York) is known for her work as a pioneer in the fields of health, beauty, and travel. She has been a television producer, fashion and beauty editor, lecturer, consultant, travel expert and author of ten books. Bauer has traveled throughout the world, produced travel films, and contributed articles for many of the leading women's magazines. She was also spa editor of Debrett's International Collectionand Femmemagazines. Bauer's previous book Don't Be a Wife--Be a Mistressquickly became a bestseller and was translated into several different languages. Success followed Bauer with other publications, including Gourmet Cooking on a Shoe Stringand the Travel Especially for Women Series, which was the first of its kind to offer extensive and personal information addressing the problems and interests of female travelers. The multi-talented Bauer has appeared on Phil Donahueand other TV and radio shows nationwide. During a four year period Bauer lived in Africa while living with primitive tribes. She also interviewed Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith, black parliamentary members, and tribal chiefs. The interview was later turned into an in-depth documentary.

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