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"A very convenient little work, especially useful to students of the law." — Chicago Legal News.

«* We have no doubt that the book will be of great use to students in very many important ways.;;Boston Courier.

"Though not so extensive as some works of like character known to the profession, it will be found even better adapted to common use than those more pretentious and exhaustive." — Boston Post.


ELEMENTARY LAW.—By William C. Robinson, LL.D., Professor of Elementary Law in Yale College. 12mo. Leatherette, $2.50 net; lawsheep, $3.00 net.

This work is intended to serve three purposes: (1) To form a text book for the use of students in law schools, and of others who are under competent instruction; (2) To guide private students ii? their investigation of the rules and definitions of the law; (3) To render students familiar with some of the leading treatises upon the principal topics of the law.

It contains a statement of the principles, rules, and definitions of American Common Law, both civil and criminal, arranged in logical order, with references to treatises in which such definitions, rules, and principles are more extensively discussed.

"The principles are admirably stated." — Albany Law Journal.

"It would be a benefit to every law student to put this volume into his hand, and make it his vade mecum throughout the whole of his professional studies." — Boston Advertiser.

"Mr. Robinson has the faculty of stating the law upon a given subject so concisely and in such clear language that his full meaning is grasped by the unprofessional reader." — Cincinnati Commercial.

"It might worthily be adopted as a text-book for every senior class in a male or female college, and will be found an invaluable accession to every public and private library."—New York World.

"The book is convenient to the instructor who will use it as a text to be amplified in his lectures, and valuable to the student who will consult the references." — Professor M. F. Force, LL.D., Cincinnati Law School.


Netv Mdition Just Heady.

A DIGEST OF THE LAW OF EVIDENCE. By Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, K.C.S.L, a Judge of the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division. From the Fourth English Edition. With Notes and Additional Illustrations to the Present Time, chiefly from American Cases, including those of John Wilder May, late Chief Justice of the Municipal Court of the City of Boston, author of "The Law of Insurance/' &c.

One Volume. 12mo. 251 pages. Leatherette, $2.50 net; lavsheep, $3.00 net.

This edition is a full and exact reprint of the Fourth English, revis* by the author in 1881; and in bringing the work down to date (1886) and adding references to American cases it has been found necessary to entirely reset the type, and the present edition is therefore printed from new electrotype plates. Many editions of the work have been published in America, but the present will be found to be the most useful, as it includes the very valuable notes prepared by the late John Wilder May, author of "The Law of Insurance/' &c., for the previous edition, — of which several thousand copies were sold,—Judge May's notes being supplemented by a careful selection of the most important references and decisions to date; and it is hoped that the work — of which its distinguished author said, "Short as it is, I believe it will be found to contain practically the whole of the law on the subject" — may be in its present form more serviceable to the profession than ever before.

LITTLE, BKOWN, & CO., Publishers, 254 Washington Street, Boston.

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