Bachelor's Theses

Передня обкладинка
This is a collection of theses completed to fulfill B.S. requirements in the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin from 1895 to 1962.

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Сторінка 93 - For punching, the diameter of the die shall in no case exceed the diameter of the punch by more than -fa of an inch, and all holes must be clean cuts without torn or ragged edges.
Сторінка 118 - ... device is used, which cuts the difference of potential down to less than 300 volts. 10. OUTSIDE CONDUCTORS. All outside overhead conductors (including services) : — a. Must be covered with some approved insulating material, not easily abraded, firmly secured to properly insulated and substantially built supports, all tie wires having an insulation equal to that of the conductors they confine.
Сторінка 91 - Before or after heating to a light yellow heat and quenching in cold water, this steel must stand bending 180 degrees to a curve, whose inner radius is equal to the thickness of the sample, without sign of fracture.
Сторінка 68 - ... by the Engineer. The concrete shall be allowed to set for twelve hours, or more, if so directed, before any work shall be laid upon it; and no walking over or working upon it shall be allowed while it is setting.
Сторінка 72 - ... greater than 3 inches. This is to be known as "No. 1" size. No material is to be used which, in the opinion of the engineer, is unfit for the work. If any such material is put upon the road it shall be removed immediately upon notice from the engineer and replaced by proper material at the contractor's expense. SPREADING No broken stone is to be spread before the roadbed has been made as specified.
Сторінка 106 - ... required by the water commissioner, the contractor shall furnish all tools and labor necessary to make an examination of any work completed or in progress under this contract. If the work so examined is found to be defective in any respect, or not in accordance with this contract and specifications, the contractor shall bear all expenses of such examination and of satisfactory reconstruction. If the work so examined is found to be in accordance with the specifications and contract, the expense...
Сторінка 94 - All rods and hangers with screw ends shall be upset at the ends, so that the diameter at the bottom of the threads shall be T 1 0 r inch larger than any part of the body of the bar.
Сторінка 93 - ... drifts." 9. The rivets when driven must completely fill the holes. 10. The rivet-heads must be hemispherical, and a uniform size for the same sized rivets throughout the work. They must be full and neatly made, and be concentric to the rivethole.
Сторінка 62 - Contractors must provide all necessary safeguards from accidents to persons or property; must keep all passages, entrances, sidewalks, etc., free from debris and incumbrances ; and on the completion of the work must remove from the premises all surplus material of every kind and description.
Сторінка 73 - ... All cement for use on the works shall be kept under cover, thoroughly protected from moisture, raised from the ground — by blocking or otherwise — and dry until used. The contractor shall keep in storage a quantity of accepted cement sufficient to insure the uninterrupted progress of the work.

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