Зображення сторінки

of king and people. They did not like to be shut out when places and pensions, when the critic's praises, and the laurel-wreath were about to be distributed.

They did not stomach being sent to Coventry, and Mr. Coleridge sounded a retreat for them by the help of casuistry, and a musical voice.—“ His words were hollow, but they pleased the ear” of his friends of the Lake School, who turned back disgusted and panic-struck from the dry desert of unpopularity, like Hassan the camel-driver,

“ And curs’d the hour, and curs’d the luckless day,
When first from Shiraz’ walls they bent their way.”

They are safely inclosed there, but Mr. Coleridge did not enter with them; pitching his tent upon the barren waste without, and having no abiding place nor city of refuge!



This gentleman has gained an almost unprecedented, and not an altogether unmerited popularity as a preacher. As he is, perhaps, though a burning and a shining light, not “ one of the fixed,” we shall take this opportunity of discussing his merits, while he is at his meridian height; and in doing so, shall • nothing extenuate, nor set down aught in malice.”

Few circumstances show the prevailing and preposterous rage for novelty in a more striking point of view, than the success of Mr. Irving's oratory: People go to hear him in crowds, and come away with a mixture of delight and astonishment—they go again to see if the effect will continue, and send others to try to find out the mystery-and in the noisy conflict between extravagant encomiums and splenetic objections, the true secret escapes observation, which is, that the whole thing is, nearly from

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